My Husband Is The Demon King Chapter 867

My Husband Is The Demon King Chapter 867

Jiang Chen said. The smile on his face was becoming brighter and the intelligent look in his eyes more visible.

Jiang Chen saw their panicked and nervous expression, and he couldn't help but furrow his brows once again. He had guessed they would feel happy and want to celebrate with him after he had accomplished the mission. Even if their expressions weren't happy, they shouldn't have such panicked and nervous expression either. Jiang Chen didn't see Yan Chen Yu amongst them either.

With his black hair aggressively fluttering in the wind, Jiang Chen merciless swung the Heavenly Saint Sword, slicing the Imperial Emperor's head off and sending blood all over the place. The emperor of a great dynasty had fallen. After today's war, the entire Eastern Continent would be in huge turmoil.

This time, Jian Chen had only spent two hours before his body was fully recovered since the healing effect was far stronger than before.

It was an incredibly terrifying True Dragon Skill. Every step he took would pull down the sky and sink the earth.

This time, they were up against the experts of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, so Jian Chen and the other powerful individuals had already gathered here. There were only one hundred Earth Saint Masters to reduce the casualty count because of the fact that they would be more of a liability than helpful.

The bloody scene could not stop the excitement these humans were feeling, especially that of those who had previously been captured. It was as if each of them had just been given a new life. The only expression that could be found on their faces was that of enthusiasm and joy. The battle was now over, and everyone were resting their eyes on this white-clothed youngster who was hovering in the sky. Aside from looking at him with worship and respect, a strong sense of gratitude was also present.

"To save Han Yan?"

Knowing that the fact that he could remove the Imprint of Death was now discovered, Jian Chen was not discouraged. He knew that in Mercenary City, there was nothing the two could do even with that knowledge.

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In the far distance, four figures were flying at great speed. While flying, Han Yan asked Jiang Chen about their next destination.

After a brief period of time, Jian Chen finally put down his hands and stopped the Radiant Saint Force from flowing. Experiencing the comfortable bubble of Radiant Saint Force, Changyang Hu's previously pale face had some semblance of color to it. Even the wounds around his limbs had healed. In such a small amount of time, Jian Chen had accomplished something none of the other Radiant Saint Masters had been able to do.

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The only strange thing about this tiger cub was that there was a pair of wings on its back. This was something a tiger based magical beast should not have, so this feature was noticed by everyone straight away.

The young lady slowly stood up with Jian Chen's help. Her eyes were pooled with tears and looked emotionally at the handsome face filled with righteousness. Other than endless gratitude, something else seemed to be present in her eyes.

After going into consideration for a long period of time, Jian Chen had finally reached a verdict on what to do next before finally settling into a state of meditation to recover his strength.

This was inspirational news, but no one could feel excited about it, because everyone knew that the Black Sect was going to enter a chaotic state once again. With Jiang Chen's character, once he returned to the Black Sect and was informed about what happened to Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan, no one could imagine what Jiang Chen would do.

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