Ancient God and Alchemist Chapter 911

Ancient God and Alchemist Chapter 911

The others looked at him similarly frowning, but didn't say anything.

"What about the other 8 halls? Do you know what those halls are?" Qing Shui asked, embarrassed, after he had regained his senses.

The surprise today was unintended. Initially he had only wanted to repair the armor because it had a dent on it. He didn't expect the attributes to be further increased and even discovered that it was not a standalone equipment but rather, was a part of ?a complete set.

Qing Shui looked outside!

With this sorted out, everyone was not worried anymore. At the same time, they also thought to themselves how lucky Qing Shui was. However, since it was someone they were close to, everyone was happier than Qing Shui himself for his strength.

Booms echoed out, and the brilliant light of divine abilities and magical techniques rose up into the air.

But then, Bai Xiaochun spun to face Madam Cai and said, "The only impudent one here is you!

As soon as the young man sensed Bai Xiaochun, he looked over, and their gazes locked. Bai Xiaochun immediately recognized who this cold and vicious young man was.

"Half a year ago, Lord Bai told you that I would show you how awesome I am. Don't forget. You forced me to do this!" With that, he waved his hand, sending the medicinal pill shooting out of the spell formation to land in the middle of all the snakes.

Ding ding...

Everyone in the main hall had an excited expression. Even Cang Wuya did not know about this beforehand. Qing Shui saw that Elder Jin's and Elder Jiang's expression had turned pale immediately!

Was this the ability of the Chieftain?

The mere thought of Bai Xiaochun's act that day got their blood boiling, and they immediately rushed out of their shops and headed toward Bai Xiaochun's.

20% of that!

The truth was that the patriarch was taking advantage of this situation to see if the Giant Ghost King really was as clueless as he was acting.

"What a formidable diversion cultivation art!"

"Oh my lovely lady, of course you fully deserve my attention. Please let me feast my eyes on you for all eternity of time, even after the oceans have dried up and the rocks crumbled away, I would still want to gaze upon your enchanting visage. Your beauty is akin to an work of art, a beautiful scenery!" Qing Shui seriously replied.

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