The Meta Chapter 1098

The Meta Chapter 1098

"Sect Elder Guo, this is a conflict between disciples! I hope Sect Elder Guo can stop interfering and let us settle this all by ourselves."

Jian Chen laughed as well before saying, "That's right. This place is truly large, after walking for half a day, we've finally come across a lone person."

Obviously, these two men were here to check on the situation, because not longer after this, the inner circle disciples of the Green Sanctuary Sect would come here to attend their training, and both of them were the persons in charge of the inner circle disciples' training.

By now, the battle was over, that intense amount of energy that had rippled across the area for a kilometer had finally receded and many Earth Saint Masters had already returned.

The Demon King Palace was located in an ancient forest within a remote mountain. It was a vast and gloomy mountain range, and powerful demonic energy filled the air. No sunlight could penetrate this thick demonic energy. This place was the heart of the Demon King Palace.

"Look, it looks like the injured Firethorn Savage is transforming!"

Tan Lang cried out in shock upon witnessing this frightening scene. Jiang Chen really killed Ling Yi, a Fourth Grade Combat King! If he hadn't witnessed this himself, he never would have believed it. He knew Jiang Chen had broken through to the Combat King realm. However, killing a Fourth Grade Combat King as just a First Grade Combat King, this was extremely shocking.

Yang Shuo let out a cold snort. He slowly put away his Bloodthirsty Sword, and after that, he slightly shut his eyes. He clasped his palms in front of his chest, and soon after, waves of energy began tumbling around him, causing his clothes to flutter back and forth.

Opening up the third Space Ring, Jian Chen discovered that it was filled with Class 4 Monster Cores. Aside from that, both of the Space Rings had a Purple Card along with some other daily life items.

"By the heavens, what did I just see? What kind of skill is that? It is so strong! Even a high-ranked combat weapon was unable to break it!"

"Simple, aren't they expecting Jiang Ru Long to get married tomorrow?Let's find someone to make a casket."

Just then, the expression on Ge Qiu's face changed. "They've come already. Situ Qing, it's too late for you to even leave it seems."Chapter 664: Fall of a Saint Ruler (Two)

Big Yellow threw his gaze at Han Yan.

"Since this guy is seeking his death, let's see if it really has nine lives, just like you said."

Wu Cong greatly understood the Crown Prince. Jiang Chen alone was not enough to attract his interest, but with Yan Chenyu, Wu Cong believed that she would definitely attract the Crown Prince's interest.

"Sigh! The fish which nibbles at every bait will eventually be caught. Why was that young man so strong? Was he really just a Heavenly Core warrior?"

Big Yellow finally discovered that. A gloomy feeling instantly emerged within.

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