another fanfic Chapter 2284

another fanfic Chapter 2284


"What is your plan?"

After another few days, Jian Chen continued to find and capture any mercenary group that came across him. The amount of monster cores on him could be said to number up to a high amount, and whenever he saw a group of mercenaries he found interesting, he would let them go. For those who weren't pleasing to talk to, he would kill them. In those few days, the amount of mercenaries killed by Jian Chen couldn't be counted, and the amount of bodies that littered the Magical Beast Mountain Range was enormous. The scent of blood and death wafted throughout the mountain range, almost as if the scent of blood covered the entire area like an ocean.

"I think it's Chen Jiang who bid just now. That man is incredibly overbearing! Not only has he offended the Qingyi Sect and Myriad Sword Sect, he's now going to offend the Shangguan Clan! I wonder how many lives he has!"

Jiang Zhen Hai saw Jiang Chen walking out of the furnace room, and he was so shocked that he fell to the ground.

Even though the Flame Mercenaries still exist, everything was different now.

"Hehe, Big Yellow, you need more practice, you're simply no match for me!"

At this, the two elders immediately grew excited. "Fourth master, if you have nothing important at the moment, then we can go now."

"Yue'er, may your father enter?" The gentle voice of a man could be heard outside her door.

Instead of saying something, Jian Chen continued to glare at them with his cold eyes. The wind blowing around him began to pick up in speed and ferocity before propelling him forward with alarming speed. In a flash, he had arrived at the four Heaven Saint Masters thirty meters away and lashed out with his Origin energy formed sword. As the sword came down, a flash of azure and violet could just barely be seen.

Big Yellow said.

From far away, a loud sound and a large amount of energy could be seen and heard. Even the shaking of the earth continued despite the long distance, and had even cracked the ground slightly.

Smiling, Jian Chen raised both of his hands. Immediately, all of the pebbles within the nearby pond began to fly up as if a strange force was pulling it. Breaking through the water, the pebbles all floated around Jian Chen's body ominously.

Ge Qiu nodded his head solemnly. "They're already outside!"

Firmament Hand vs. True Dragon Palm. It was a tie.

Jiang Chen and the monk shouted out nearly at the same time. A sword wave was emitted from the Heavenly Saint Sword, bringing Jiang Chen into the void to chase after Ling Yi.

"Old man Guo Shan, tell that guy he will have to wait another two days if he wants to challenge Jiang Chen. Two days later, Jiang Chen will beat him so much that his mother will be unable to recognize him."

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