Otaku Card System Chapter 554

Otaku Card System Chapter 554

"Stop there! Leave your life here!"

This disciple was used to interfere in everything within the Black Sect, he simply didn't have good judgment. Poking his nose into Jiang Chen's business right now would only end badly.

Not only Jiang Chen, even Big Yellow who was fighting alongside them was the same. This had completely stunned Yu Tian Long. This man and dog were an eye-opener for all of them.Sponsored by: Quadwarrior, Eric, Pontus and Mathias! Thank you very much!

"No one dares point at me like that, looks like you really have no idea what the consequences of doing so are."

At this, no one made any more objections. Even those who had decent relations with the Huanggu clan and wished to help them had no other choice but to close their mouths shut.

Buzz buzz££

"Chen Gege, if you do this, I'm sure the Imperial Emperor will be alerted, causing us to be put in a disadvantageous position when trying to save our friends."

"This is the place where I found the Black Ice Talisman and subdued the Ice Demon King."

"Yessir!" The guard responded, and quickly left.

Within a secret room located at a secret location, the leaders of the six clans of the Cloud Capital were gathered around a table with serious faces.

Big Yellow said.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He then brought Big Yellow and the old man and left the Center Square. He didn't want to get involved in what happened next. The Lee family and the Yan family were like fire and water, but today would be the day for them to settle everything.

Shortly afterward, everyone returned to the interior of the city. The inhabitants of the city that had been unfortunate enough to fall prey to Nubis' poison were awake once more. The poison of a Golden-Striped Silver Snake was extremely toxic, but they had only ingested the air that was sprinkled with it. Combined with the fact that Nubis had diluted most of it by taking it back into himself, cutting away the source, the poison that the inhabitants of the city ingested wasn't enough to kill them.

"By the heavens, what kind of flames are that?! It was so formidably powerful! An Early Divine Core warrior was just killed by it in an instant!"

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh££

The third brother stared back at Jian Chen evenly, "Jian Chen, I have put up with you long enough. Return the Ruler Armaments back to us immediately or else do not blame us for our actions. Although you are extremely fast, we know you cannot keep it up for long. You cannot escape from us."

Without any more hesitation, Jian Chen flew forward while everyone was stunned in an attempt to escape.

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