The Chronicles of The Compensator Chapter 1819

The Chronicles of The Compensator Chapter 1819

"I didn't think there'd be another Ruler Armament here, let alone a longbow modeled one." The two meter fire sword wielding man spoke with amazement toward the longbow.

"Grand master?What grand master?"

After that, Rosco brought Jian Chen to another house by the side of the village. Inside the house, there was no furniture at all, not even a bed.

Everyone were feeling depressed, they were completely done for this time, even the Black Hawk was severely injured. They had lost their biggest support, and now, they could only look at death approaching.

Despite becoming a Heaven Saint Master as well as becoming an Imperial Protector for the Gesun Kingdom, Jian Chen hadn't the slightest air of arrogance to him. Hurriedly lifting Bai En up, they began to speak several words of conversation.

"Han Yan, don't waster your effort, the Jail of One is not something you can break. Today, I'll kill an evil man like you in front of everybody!"

Jiang Chen smiled. What he said was correct. The Nine Solar Holy Water in that jade bottle was all he had. After all, although he could use the Nine Solar Energies to draw out as much Nine Solar Holy Water as he wanted, it would still take him some time to do it. It didn't mean he had an unlimited supply of Nine Solar Holy Water, and could get it any time he wanted. In fact, after finding the third part of the Heavenly Saint Sword, he had been drawing Nine Solar Holy Water at a constant pace. However, as he had used up quite a lot of it while he was concocting the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills, those 100 drops were all that remained, and he had exchanged them all for Heavenly Yuan Pills.

"Yes, this slave servant will now depart!" The maid bowed before the door and left the area with light footsteps.

"That's right. Those seven pirates are known by many. All of them are Combat Kings, and they are all fierce and brutal. They truly are not easy to deal with."

The ice cold water splashed against Jian Chen's head as the remaining filth flowed away from his body. When the water hit the ground, it made a splashing sound as it scattered in every direction with a sharp and loud sound.

"Uncle Lin Bai, I haven't seen you in three months. I hope you've been well," said Jian Chen with a smile.

A fearsome glint entered Jian Chen's eyes as he took in this information. "If someone else knows the answer, what use is there for you?" He spoke. With a single burst of Sword Qi, he stabbed it straight into the last man's head.

Yunzhong He who held a feather fan in his hand threw his glance over at Wu Ningzhu and spoke with an indifferent voice.

In the Saint Origin universe, this kind of talisman is incredibly rare. It was considered extremely precious since no one would be willing to sacrifice their life source.

Mercenary City was situated at the very center of the entire continent as if to serve as the heart of the land. Although there were no walls, the territory that the city spanned over was no less than the seven Capital Cities. In name, it was the most well known city in the continent.

"Could this be the magic of your golden blood?" Ming Dong was astonished as well.

"Stop right now!"

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