How Much For Your Soul? Chapter 2879

How Much For Your Soul? Chapter 2879

Unperturbed by the patriarch's attitude, Jian Chen continued to smile, "Then I'll be calling you that from now on. You may leave now to handle your clan. Meet me in Mercenary City half a month from now and we'll leave together."

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Yan Hong Tai furrowed his brows.

Following the series of explosions, the walls of the stronghold could be seen with several holes and plumes of smoke coming out of it. Several of the more unfortunate soldiers had been struck through the chest with the arrow, and the structural foundation of several buildings had been compromised.

On the second day, the Changyang clan used a healthy sum of money to hire several Radiant Saint Masters from the nearby cities. Specializing in healing the injuries of others, these Radiant Saint Masters also had plenty of medicines that were powerful in aiding the healing process of the servants and soldiers.

"Right! The waiting rule does not apply to Combat Soul warriors, they can enter the Blissful Manor whenever they want. Not only that, the master of the manor will personally greet them. We just can't compare ourselves to them."

"Daoist Profound River, I never thought you'd have such great courage! You actually dare launch an attack against the Demon King Palace? I really don't know where you've found your confidence."

Jian Chen and Tynes quickly descended down into the rather shallow and narrow ravine. It was more of a gully rather than ravine due to the fact that there had been grass growing here and there in large quantities.

Xuan Yuzi's counter attack was instantly destroyed by it, and the longsword in his hand was nearly knocked out from his hand. In this split second, a deadly feeling rose from the bottom of his heart. Xuan Yuzi was pale with fright, and he immediately fell back. However, even with such quick response, he was still hit by the attack, and was badly wounded. One of his arms nearly shattered, and blood was pouring out from his wounds.

This was truly mysterious. How could a dying man have such strong lightning energy within his body?

Yan Hongtai was trembling with excitement, he almost couldn't believe what he was seeing. He thought the Yan family was done for, but unexpectedly, the young miss who had left them suddenly returned, and not only that, she killed all those Dimensional Creatures with such a mighty attack!

"Wait until we have the chance to explore. I'll do my best to go and find if there are any heavenly resources that fit the description." Jian Chen laughed. As of right now, the amount of gold Jian Chen had could rival a kingdom, the loss of money for the sake of a heavenly resource would not bother him at all.

The monster kept roaring and attacking. It looked at the trio who hurriedly retreated, and it didn't return to its original peaceful state until it saw that they had completely exited the pond.

"Master, you don't need to worry. We don't know what the future calamity, but since the laws of the world have given birth to a Primordial God Silkworm, which has left behind the godsilk, we'll definitely be able to survive it peacefully. Once the godsilk fulfills its mission, it'll become master's treasure, which can be forged into a spiritual treasure of the world. With a spiritual treasure of the world forged from the godsilk, master can travel through the chaotic streams of space at will." Zi Ying said.Chapter 707: Destruction of the Flood Dragon Bandits

Because Wake City was so close to the Magical Beast Mountain Range, the number of mercenaries that stopped to rest here were much greater than any other city. The majority of the mercenaries had their eyes set on the favorable living conditions here, and tended to stay around for a long term period. It was extremely convenient to enter the Magical Beast Mountain Range and hunt magical beasts in exchange for money.

Jiang Chen touched the biggest dot. Then, in an instant, a spatial tunnel was revealed to them. The group felt a powerful suction force, and were pulled into the spatial tunnel.

Jiang Chen replied with a smile. As long as he got the heart of the energy vein, not only would Guo Shan fully recover, he would also obtain great advantages.

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