Some Sexual Energy, please Chapter 715

Some Sexual Energy, please Chapter 715

Stopping his cultivation after a while, he looked outside the window to see the pitch dark skies and helplessly sighed. If the glows in his dantian were to forcibly take his energy each and every time he cultivated, then the variables in his future would only get more difficult. After all, just relying on absorbing the World Essence gave him a tenth of his cultivation speed. Absorbing the energy from the monster core tripled his speed, while also consuming more of his personal energy and focus, something Jian Chen couldn't endure.

"Look, young lady Wu Ningzhu has arrived!"

Guan Yiyun said.

Jiang Zhen Hai responded just like the trio had when they first heard Jiang Chen tell them that he knew how to concoct pills.


The Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill was a pill that only existed in legends. Even the most amazing alchemists in the Saint Origin realm had only heard of it, but never seen it; let alone concocted on themselves. The sole reason for this was because the requirement to concoct this pill were too strict. It was so strict that no alchemist had ever dared try it.

In the midst of the violet and azure light, the faint outline of two mysterious swords could be seen. One was a violet color and the other was a azure color.

Jiang Chen said to the Ice Demon King in a cold manner.

Even the fourth elder had been attracted the tiger cub with extremely serious eyes.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

Yang Meng said.

From within an inn, Hu Xiaotian had been sitting by himself as he enjoyed a cup of fine liquor and a platter of cooked meat. When he sensed the influx of pressure caused by the Heaven Tier Battle Skill, his eyebrows narrowed together as he thought to himself, "There was a Heaven Saint Master following Jian Chen yesterday. And today Jian Chen had only just left the inn, could he be the one fighting?"

"This brat is really strong, let's kill him together!"

Jiang Chen needed to control the temperature of the True Dragon Flames with his Great Soul Derivation skill. If the temperature was too high, all the herbs would turn into ashes in an instant.

Yan Chen Yu said.

Jian Chen's eyes lit up, "En, that is a good proposal. Xiao Yue, call housekeeper Sid over."

"This matter has become extremely huge now. I don't think Little Chen will be back any time soon, so what should we do now?"

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