Skyfire Avenue Chapter 1414

Skyfire Avenue Chapter 1414

"Qing Shui, wait for me here for a while!" Shi Qingzhuang quickly rushed back to Shi Clan.

"Return your earthstring energy to the world around you," Fang Lin said. "Maybe I can't continue with my Tideflow, but at least some of my fellow Pill Stream Sect disciples will reach Earthstring Foundation Establishment!"

At that moment, Qing Shui felt wonderful as he gazed at Canghai Mingyue who emanated a gentle aura around her. She was also emanating an extra dainty womanly aura on top of her usual alluring air.

Shocked, Bai Xiaochun also ran out in similar fashion, and in the end, no one was completely sure who had caused the entire disaster.

It was also possible to refuse the challenge. If that happened, then half a year later, the challenge would be nullified, and the merit points would be returned to the challenger. However, during that half year time period, the challenger could not retract the challenge.

The expression on his face caused Wu-shuang to burst out laughing.

"Daddy, you're dumb. You're daddy and she's mommy. What else are you going to call her if you're not calling her wife?" she deadpanned.

Petal Rain Under the Skies!

Hai Dongqing had clearly felt it too. Perhaps she had let out a shy yelp when Qing Shui suddenly flipped her over, but Qing Shui was already kissing those red lips the very next moment.

"My cultivation base. It's all about my cultivation base!! If only I were an archaeanĄ­." Eyes bloodshot, he clenched his hands into fists, his determination to become stronger rapidly turning into full-on madness!

There was no way that Yiye Jiange would go out alone with Qing Shui. When she saw Qing Shui, that scene that would make her panic would appear in her mind. Therefore, Qing Shui ended up going alone.

"Our Liu-li will not get fat no matter how much she eats!" Qing Shui laughed as he handed each of them a cooked mountain rabbit hindleg. He did not really feel confident saying that, as this was not usually how he spoke even if it were true.?

"I refuse to accept this!!" he howled bitterly. Moments before, he had been only a step away from succeeding, and becoming Eternal. But nowĄ­ it was in completely unexpected fashion that he found himself crushed in defeat.

As before, the way she walked was still as gentle as ever. Every step she took embodied an uncontrollably magnetic charm.?

The other thing was that his other techniques were also circulating to the limits and also initiated his expert level Focused Concentration.

"Look at this, the seal has moved!"

The crude youngster did not retaliate, but gave the crowd a smile without moving an inch. He looked down on the crowd like he was looking at a bunch of ants. Then, he turned around and left.

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