THE FALLEN ONE Chapter 2083

THE FALLEN ONE Chapter 2083

"Little bastard, how dare you!"

"Don't get too excited, this was only a small exchange! Ling Ao is the representative of the outer circle disciples from the Burning Sky Pavilion, he must have some even stronger abilities up his sleeve! It's still too early to tell who the last one standing will be! But since Jiang Chen was able to win their first exchange, this proves that he has a demonic talent! After all, he is only an Early Mortal Core warrior, if he was at the peak of the Late Mortal Core realm like Ling Ao, I believe Ling Ao wouldn't even be able to withstand a single attack from him!"

The girl on the magical beast also noticed the azure badge on the man's chest. Her expression changed slightly and groaned softly. She mumbled to herself with a voice only she could hear, "Aren't you just a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master? If you give me enough time, I can reach the same level as well."

The fifth elder slowly opened his eyes. The moment they opened, the rays of light in the room seemed to grow bright. In the next moment, the fifth elder's bright eyes seemed to become the only thing in the room, as if there was a whole, separate world in his eyes.

Big Yellow looked at the skies with a tear in his eyes. All of a sudden, he couldn't find any words to fight back. Yan Chen Yu's transformation was all because of his and Jiang Chen's influence on her. In the end, it was he himself who had taught her to act like she was doing now. Sigh££ served himself right.

Big Yellow swept across the garden and leapt across the herbs he liked, and he didn't care if there was any warriors standing in front of the herb.

"Including Yihong, three Combat Soul warriors, and dozens of Divine Core warriors who had the greatest potential were killed by that Jiang Chen, our losses are too huge! We need to settle this debt at all costs, that Jiang Chen must be killed and torn into a million pieces!"

Big Yellow immediately jumped up. This dog would never allow anyone to look down on him.

"You££ you... you, just wait here! You wait here for me!"

Jiang Chen thought.The most powerful warrior in Fragrant Sky city was only at the peak of Qi Hai level, it will be impossible to find a Mortal Core level tiger demon.He can only ask for a lower grade replacement, using a Tiger demon soul of Qi Hai level.

Big Yellow felt depressed. He angrily walked into a room. However, Jiang Chen could clearly see that when Big Yellow entered the room, his body had started glowing in a golden light.

Shaking his head and calling out to his father, Jiang Chen awakened Jiang Zhen Hai who was lost in his own thoughts.Jiang Zhen Hai was only at the late Qi Hai realm, and had limited talent.He was going too fast with this Saint level cultivation skill.

The floating elder furrowed his eyebrows together in annoyance as he looked at Ming Dong. Just as he was about to send him away, a sudden change in expression could be seen before a black token shoot toward Ming Dong's hand, "Enter then." He spoke softly.

The murmur from the people riding on the magical beasts began to grow louder as they approached the city. Jian Chen could see that there were at least ten Heaven Saint Masters flying together behind them. Aside from that, there was still another Heaven Saint Master riding on a flying magical beast, but he had been harder to discover.

"Patriarch, if you don't believe me, please follow me back to my Changyang Manor to see my mother. My mother will show you proof." Jian Chen spoke.

It wasn't difficult to tell that the Old Great Emperor had used up all his available tricks. Also, fighting desperately just now had brought him a negative impact, and combined with the injuries inflicted onto him by Jiang Chen as well as losing his King Weapon, as well as the fact that Jiang Chen had an incredibly powerful skill, faced with this situation, there was no way the Old Great Emperor could be a match for Jiang Chen any longer.

Jian Chen responded coldly, "Is it wrong to think that I can?"

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