Devil Gamer in Remnant Chapter 451

Devil Gamer in Remnant Chapter 451

Qing Tian nodded his head, "Correct, this worries my heart a little. However, no matter if the power standing behind Jian Chen is strong or not, his cultivation talent alone is enough to shock people. The amount of twenty year olds with that type of power on the Tian Yuan Continent can be almost counted on one hand. Given a few more years, then I'm afraid to see what type of expert Jian Chen will become."

Seeing Jian Chen disappear, all of the carefully selected beautiful women had disappointed looks on their faces and walked out with sorrow seen clearly on their faces.

Upon hearing £¦Han Yan of the Black Sect', everyone was startled.

After the third battle, aside from Jian Chen, everyone else was exhausted and could not continue fighting anymore. With no other choice, they spent the rest of the night searching for a secret place to hide and sleep. Although Jian Chen and Tie Ta had wanted to continue, the other 4 weren't in any shape to, and needed the two of them to stay behind and protect them against any surprise attacks.

Jian Chen's eyes flashed dangerously, "What a truly loyal person, but even if you don't tell me, it'll take an hour for me to find him. I'll give you one chance to live. If you don't choose your words carefully, do not blame me for being merciless."

Perfect silence prevailed in the Greenlotus Mountain. It seemed like this place was always like this, and had not once been lively before. Peaceful any lonely; the old monk guarded this place, living a near secluded life. This place was a peaceful paradise, and as long as one lived here, he would always feel tranquil and indifferent.

In the moment the elder had attacked Jian Chen, the weak azure and violet glow flickered as it made contact with the elder's palm before instantly disappearing. Jian Chen on the other hand was sent flying back.

Jian Chen chuckled without a care in the world, "Don't worry. Although I am not an Earth Saint Master, I can still protect my own life. A Heaven Tier Battle Skill is far too tempting to let me pass up on it."

Jiang Chen who was standing beside furrowed his brows. This Lee Shan Yue came here just for him.

However, he still had to kill him even if it didn't seem possible. The Old Great Emperor had nowhere to turn now, and since pretty much all of his descendants had been killed, the Martial Saint Dynasty would be annihilated as well. At that point of time, he would be the only survivor. Could he still stay alive at that point of time and live the life of a refugee?

"Let him go? Hahaha!"

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly. Right after the words left his mouth, Big Yellow immediately attacked. With extreme speed and his head that was as hard as diamonds, he once again rammed into Firethorn Savage's body.

"The Qi Province's inner circle disciple competition has been concluded. Nan Bei Chao from the Burning Sky Pavilion got the first place! I heard that the prize was pretty good, a high-rank combat weapon and a ten thousand year old herb!"

Suddenly, a gleam of light flashed across Jian Chen's eyes. His expression immediately became grim and thought, "Perhaps something has happened at home?" Thinking up to there, Jian Chen's uneasiness became even stronger, causing him to change greatly in expression. A great wave of terror flooded his heart.

Walking straight into the room, the Saint Ruler sat down right in front of the other elder unceremoniously and stared at the tea-drinking elder. "Even after so many years since our last meeting, you're still living a life of pleasure it seems."

Jiang Chen behaved incredibly arrogantly right now, and he was very excited. The ancient mysterious force in this desert was really amazing! In such an environment, he, Jiang Chen was the absolute king! Even a Combat King warrior would have to kneel down in front of him in here!

All of the surrounding kingdoms had quickly received this information, prompting them all to dispatch plenty of Heaven Saint Masters. They were to rapidly respond to the abyss of the Misty Forest in hopes of killing and extracting their monster cores. On the Tian Yuan Continent, Class 6 Magical Beasts were existences that only lived in the Cross Mountains. In the eyes of humanity, the Cross Mountains were a forbidden zone where anyone beneath a Heaven Saint Master was guaranteed to die there. Thus, Class 6 Magical Beasts were very rare to see outside of it. Whenever one did appear, every nearby party would immediately head out to hunt it.

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