My Wife Is Dominant Chapter 1883

My Wife Is Dominant Chapter 1883

In fact, when it was time to leave the Devil Realm, there would often be robberies in this place. After all, those who could survive up until this point of time must have obtained quite a lot of devil souls. Thus, it was the perfect time to rob others.

Jiang Zhen Hai looked at Jiang Chen. A wave of terror swept through his mind, but soon his eyes regained their firmness. He turned around and looked at those men from the Mu Rong family who were under his control and said, "Do as young master commanded. Those with the Mu Rong name will have their cultivation base destroyed and one arm cut off, then chased out of the city."


"So it was the young lord, Tian Jue££"

When the other three leaders were stunned by what happened, Big Yellow rammed his head into the last Early Heavenly Core leader, making him scream out in pain and die on the spot.

Jian Chen sneered, and as he condensed all his Saint Force onto his palms as well, he suddenly threw his own hands towards Ka Di Liang's, resulting in a collision between both pairs of hands.

By now, Jian Chen had already plundered the entirety of the treasury. The Pingyang Kingdom was not financially unstable now nor had the entire economy halted, and this was better than killing every single high ranking official and able bodied person. After all, these officials were still the strongest in the kingdom and without them, there would be no one to supervise the fallout from the looting. In such a politically, financially, and physically unstable state, it was truly a terrifying situation to be in, especially in a world that revered strength as power.

Jian Chen walked up to the wall and gently pushed away the tall grass to reveal a hole. This cavern had been discovered by Jian Chen 2 days ago.

Finally, Lee Chang Ming fell onto the ground with his face looking up towards the skies. He died with his eyes open. Before he died, all he could feel was regret about his defeat.

Jian Chen's mind suddenly thought back to several years ago right in front of Wake City. He had been washing himself carelessly when he had come across Huang Luan. Afterward, he had fought with the two strong individuals Huang Luan had called uncle Feng and uncle Yun. Weren't these two men right in front of him the same men from long ago? Despite the time that had passed since then, Jian Chen could still recognize them.

As the distance between them was so short, bundled together with Jiang Chen's speed, the lion had no chance to react. The punch connected with the lion, and its body was sent flying through the air. The powerful punch had caused the lion to spit out huge amounts of blood in the sky, and its body could barely stay in the air.

"When will you be leaving?"

Wu Jiu glared at Wu Lang.

Changyang Hu unconsciously turned around to look at the crowd before nodding his head, "Alright, fourth brother, let's go to your room first. You definitely have to tell me how you beat Ka Di Yun, and then later tonight, I'll grab a few friends to come and celebrate!"

"The lord is truly wise, this old man was completely muddled." The elder cupped his hands together in respect, and sat back down.

The arena became quiet, as everyone stared at the lone figure standing on top of the arena. At this moment, everyone showed incomprehensible expressions. This had already exceeded anyone's wildest guess, and no one had thought that Jian Chen would win against a Saint. Most importantly, he had defeated a Saint while coming out almost unharmed. Even though the Saint didn't use a Saint Weapon, this outcome was no less surprising nor predictable.

As the two walked to the eating hall, Jian Chen could only think about the memories of back then. Every day he had followed his mother to eat breakfast as well, this feeling he was having felt extremely consoling.

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