In Marvel Live As An Ultra-Saiyan Chapter 2812

In Marvel Live As An Ultra-Saiyan Chapter 2812

"Fourth master, it's getting late. We should go on our way." At that moment, the housekeeper Chang Bai that was standing on the side, spoke up.

The Old Great Emperor was furious! With all his strength, he unleashed the Heavenly Imperial Finger, revealing a gigantic golden finger that ripped the space apart as if crashed down toward the blood red dragon claw.

Smiling sweetly, she spoke with a gentle voice, "I thank the lord for his praise."

Ahh ahhh ahhhh££..

"Yes, leader!"

Under such mighty pressure, Yang Shuo had temporarily lost his mind, and fear had filled his mind, causing him to lose control. The Great Illusion Realm shattered in an instant.

"Ah, is the Imperial Protector truly from the Gesun Kingdom? Why is such a strong person like the Imperial Protector so unknown within the Gesun Kingdom? This is far too outrageous." Qing Shaofan spoke questioningly.


The sudden introduction of a younger cousin made Jian Chen feel quite complex. He wasn't sure if he was happy or worried.

Yu Zi Han said.

"Hurry up and attack it, don't let it escape into the ground!"

Looking at the direction those six mighty warriors disappearing into, Han Yan spoke with mixed emotions.

Jiang Chen had the ability to remain calm under any emergency. And since the blood red lights didn't harm him, it was actually good news.

"Teacher, now that we know this Jian Chen is not willing to sell his Class 5 Monster Core, what shall we do?" The bald headed Qing Mu said.

"Oh and, if this guy leaves without notifying everyone, his dad will definitely scold him for three days and nights."

"Yes, my lord!" The elder bowed once more respectfully before departing, leaving Jian Chen and Ming Dong not knowing what to do next.

"Young master Chen Jiang, please come here and meet me."

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