Kingdom Creation System Chapter 1993

Kingdom Creation System Chapter 1993

Among the crowd, Chang Qing and the other two disciples wore awkward expressions on their faces. They remembered how they started a conflict with Jiang Chen and Big Yellow back in the Golden Tower. Thinking back on that situation, if Jiang Chen and Big Yellow didn't show any mercy, none of them would've been able to stand here unhurt.

Jiang Chen said with a hint of concern. At the same time, he was astonished by her Divine Body's cultivation speed. Ever since Yan Chen Yu's Nine Yin Meridians had awoken, her cultivation realm had advanced swiftly and vigorously, and now she was going to use the ten thousand year old Freezing Crystal to break through to the Late Mortal Core realm. This kind of speed, ordinary people could only feel envy and shame.

"Don't be reckless. The venom of a Golden-Striped Silver Snake is extremely potent. Not a single antidote in this world would be able to cure it. You might have a strong body, but you haven't even grasped the powers of space. If you met a Class 6 Magical Beast, there's no way you'll be able to deal with the venom it spits out. If that venom hits you, that'll be trouble." Jiede Tai spoke in a grim manner.

"Stop there, who are you?"

"Nubis, you come with Senior Huang and me this time. Jiede Tai, you can stay here to keep watch." Jian Chen quickly allocated the positions of his subordinates. He did not get Jiede Tai to go along because it was completely unnecessary. Also, against an opponent with a Ruler Armement, if Jiede Tai fought, he would just be more of a hindrance than help, unable to use his strength to the fullest.

A battle between five Heaven Saint Masters was far too intense. Even the giant ten meter long sword Jian Chen was wielding crumbled apart under the four Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom.

"Correct, we are from the Gesun Kingdom." Chang Wuji spoke. Although their kingdom was on the verge of destruction, he did not wish to offend anyone.

"What, you actually did such a thing?" Qian Yun was aghast. Clearly he had not known about the Qiangan Kingdom's actions toward the Gesun Kingdom. His face contorted into anger, "Troublesome, how troublesome! Why did you not discuss such a matter with me first?"

"Eight thousand. Good. Now, I want you to pay ten times that amount, give me 80,000 Mortal Restoration Pills now as a token of your apology. I won't accept even one less."

Zhou Bei Zhen said in a scolding manner.

"They have no right to do this, none of these herbs belong to anyone! Those capable will get what they deserve! If Shangguan Yilei is so strong, he should just break all defense mechanisms and take the herbs for himself! Declaring the sky garden belonging to them is just too much!"


Many people showed disappointed expressions on their faces. Jiang Chen was leaving, and Jiang Zhenhai didn't want to be the new Emperor. No matter what, they still needed someone to be their leader.

The cyan colored light lit up the night as the man's Guan Dao cut through the night air towards Jian Chen.

"What a brave man! How can he be talented at such a young age? I wonder what this Jiang Chen looks like."

"This is a Heaven Tier Battle Skill! Only those can cause such a tremendous amount of pressure; a Heaven Saint Master must be doing battle somewhere!"

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. He did indeed have some interest for this Qi Province competition.

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