Eternal Freedom Chapter 1256

Eternal Freedom Chapter 1256

"Let's move together."

Han Yan shouted again. At the same time, the energy of the ancient Divine Devil was hovering around his body. He had been told by Wang Yun and Huang Zheng about the hatred between Jiang Chen and Fan Kun, and this had given him a bad impression towards Fan Kun. What was even worse was that he saw Fan Kun trying to harm Yan Chen Yu. Right now, she had been badly wounded, and he didn't even know if she was dead or alive. Han Yan would never allow Fan Kun to get any closer to Yan Chen Yu. Han Yan knew how important Yan Chen Yu was to Jiang Chen, and with Jiang Chen's character, if anything happened to Yan Chen Yu while she was inside the Black Sect, the trouble would be huge, and he might even pierce a hole in the skies above the Black Sect.

"Where did this idiot come from? Doesn't he know the rules of the Blissful Island?"

"Since I have decided to cultivate the Dragon Transformation skill, it is destined that I will walk a tough cultivation path. It will just get tougher and tougher to level up in the future; the energy needed is simply massive. I have to use whatever methods I can to level up so that I can fight Nan Bei Chao a year from now."

"Kaka, this guy is getting stronger and stronger!"

Jiang Chen gently shouted out. He unleashed nine identical figures of himself at the same time, instantly distracting both Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi. Taking this opportunity, the real Jiang Chen immediately flew away from them, and arrived in front of a Combat Soul warrior.

The genius from the Invincible Sect said.

Seeing Jian Chen's reluctant face, the Eighth Elder couldn't help but laugh, "Jian Chen, are you unhappy to leave the holy lands? Haha, this place is truly a treasured area if even Saint Rulers are attracted to this place so badly. You needn't worry, with you being this time's King of Mercenaries, you'll have an opportunity to enter the holy lands once more at the next Gathering of the Mercenaries after you become a Saint Ruler. Each time the holy land opens every fifty years, you may remain inside for five years."

Jiang Chen struck his palm towards Yang Shuang and his pleading immediately died down.Chapter 2 I won't do it, do it yourself!

Seeing their elder sectmaster caused all of the individuals from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger to be overjoyed. To them, as long as the elder sectmaster came forward, then even the most problematic of problems would be neutralized. After all, a Saint Ruler was something even the Qinhuang Kingdom would have to take seriously.

"Impossible! Yang Yutian is only a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master! How can he obtain the secret manual to practising Judgement's Sword? I heard that it's impossible to obtain it without being Class 7, and also impossible to practise!"

"Xiao Yu, have you really made up your mind?"

"Begin!" The announcer called out, but not a single person made a move.

"Get lost."

"Don't get mad, dad, let me talk to him."

Wu Ningzhu felt like coughing up blood. Her Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes had never failed her. In fact, the most frightening part of the skill wasn't the destructive power it possessed, but the ability to distract her opponent's mind. With her current strength, even those elders from the older generation of the Profound River Palace would be affected by this skill. However, it seemed like this skill had no effect on this young man in front of her. This really shocked Wu Ningzhu.

"Fellow disciples, please help me spread these words! From now on, whichever Heavenly Sword Sect disciple dares provoke me, I will kill him!"

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