Path of the Tyrant King Chapter 1319

Path of the Tyrant King Chapter 1319

Hearing that, Jian Chen pondered for a while before speaking, "Since Coiled Dragon Mountain is so valuable, has your Tianqin clan ever thought of taking over it?"

After understanding the situation with Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba, Bi Lian and You Yue became extremely sad, especially Bi Lian. She became so stricken with grief that she fainted. As for Bi Hai, the founder of the Bi family, he struggled to suppress his rage and declared on the spot that he would personally tear the five murders to pieces. After all, Bi Yuntian was one of the few descendants of the Bi family. Her departure caused great sorrow to Bi Hai.

But, Jiang Chen wanted to enjoy the moment of talking to Yan Chenyu, continue feeling that he had been longing for.

Jiang Chen said. If the Profound River Palace didn't go for a proactive attack at this moment, they would have to be stupid.

Right now, the way these two men looked at Jiang Chen had completely changed. They felt as if Jiang Chen slaughtering all the enemies just now was a dream. It was simply too frightening. When the news about today's battle spread out, Jiang Chen's reputation would definitely reach new unimaginable heights.

Granny Feng gazed at Nanbei Chao with a grin. All of them knew what Duan Jianhong's plan was.

This blank white canvas now had a strange power to it. It was awakened by the fragments of the mysteries of the world from Jian Chen's mind. And these fragments were seemingly undergoing some sort of strange evolution.

Jiang Chen asked.


After seeing the Light Wind Sword fly by itself in mid air, everyone had a shocked expression on their faces as they watched this inconceivable event.

Big Yellow was laying on a huge green rock in the courtyard and sleeping without a single worry. The old man was standing outside the main door, acting as Jiang Chen's loyal guardian while at the same time studying the Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill silently.

"You dare say your bones are strong as iron and skin hard as copper with this weak strength?"

"Lee Long, you can't run today."

Yan Zhan Yun was walking back and forth within the courtyard.He had an anxious and worried expression on his face, and he kept looking towards the door leading to the room where Yan Chan Yu was located.Every single second was filled with suffering for him.

They were trying their best to hold their breath. Jiang Chen was extremely frightening to them. In their eyes, he was already an existence equal to the devil.

"This must be the first area where time goes ten times as fast." Jian Chen thought to himself as his feet continued onwards and took him to the abyss where he could feel the energy density grow even heavier.

This time, the Second Grade Combat King took out his King Weapon. It was a sword that shone brightly. With a swing, he tore a large crack in the space, causing ice-cold wind to blow out from the crack. Without hesitating further, he swung it toward Jiang Chen's head.

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