chance to change the future Chapter 374

chance to change the future Chapter 374

"Haha, the holy lands is truly a great place to be. However, when I made my breakthrough, it was not due to the benefits of the holy land, but of another event." Jian Chen spoke vaguely without going into details.

Slowly bringing himself back to a calm, Jian Chen stared at the nearly-touching Huang Luan with a complex stare. Hesitantly, he opened his mouth to ask, "Miss Huang Luan, are you alright?"

"Why does everyone from the Shangguan Clan wear the same shitty expression on their faces? And why can they only talk bullshit?"

"Mr Cheng?" Jian Chen's interest was piqued. He looked towards the bald man and asked, "Are you from the Cheng family, one of the eight great clans who only stand below the Zaar family?"Chapter 735: Radiant Artes (Three)

"Captain Jasmine, allow me to tell you a benefit to joining my Flame Mercenaries. For every person that joins my Flame Mercenaries, then they will be given a Primary Earth Tier Battle Skill to learn free of charge as long as they are an Earth Saint Master." Jian Chen smiled.

Jian Chen began to grow solemn by this point, but he was not frantic just yet. Although the tiger cub was lost, he still had a method of finding the tiger cub.

At the same time, in the Martial Saint Palace, invisible Great Saint Laws shot into Jiang Chen's body. None of the great warriors on the spot noticed anything happening, even Wu Jiu who stood right next to Jiang Chen wasn't aware of anything.

Lee Shan Yue looked at Jiang Chen with a malicious smile.

The old man replied.

"Disciple Zhang, go and take a few people to see what happened to the Xia clan." The man sitting on the Class 3 Magical Beast spoke with a serious expression.

The Persian Kingdom had long since been informed of the news of the Qinhuang Kingdom by the Andreas Kingdom. So the king had led a branch of nobles and chancellors to the stronghold in preparation to welcome the army in an even grander manner than the Andreas Kingdom. The stronghold walls were decorated with their lanterns and banners with thousands beating their drums loudly by the side to form a single wide path for the army to enter.

Unfortunately, their opponent was Jiang Chen.

Four Dragon Marks, this was Jiang Chen's biggest reward from this trip. Unfortunately, they didn't encounter any demon beasts with any rare bloodlines. If they did, Jiang Chen would have been able to obtain some new innate abilities.

At the same time, the Flame Mercenaries were now 600 members strong. Aside from Jian Chen, there were seven Great Saint Masters and six Saint Masters. Although this number wasn't big, they could already be considered the strongest power in Wake City. At this point, only the city lord of Wake City with his troops of 200,000 soldiers would be able to contend against the Flame Mercenaries.

In mid-air, Jiang Chen place one hand behind his back, then he walked step by step toward Shangguan Wei. With each step he took, Shangguan Wei would take a step back. This young man in front of him had allowed him to feel true terror.

"Fine, we'll take them out now, we'll take them out now!"

His daughter said nothing, and the father no longer wished to remain in this orchid-smelling room any longer. "Huang'er, your father doesn't wish to bother you. Do calm yourself well and properly."

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