The Villain¡¯s Bodyguard Chapter 2030

The Villain¡¯s Bodyguard Chapter 2030

Li Wu Shuang raised his head and stared at Jiang Chen who was looking at him with a scornful expression, he couldn't hold himself any longer and scolded out loud, "Jiang Chen! If you're a damn fucking man, then come down right now and fight face to face with your father!"

Suddenly, Jiang Chen shouted and pointed his finger in a direction. A huge golden beam, like a sharp sword, shot out; it was different from before when it was just a golden beam.

On the surface, these three major powers were of the righteous path, making them the Heavenly Devil Palace's natural enemies. So, they naturally wouldn't work with them.

When the other three leaders were stunned by what happened, Big Yellow rammed his head into the last Early Heavenly Core leader, making him scream out in pain and die on the spot.

For a moment, Jian Chen hesitated, but in the end he replied with a smile, "Then I'll be troubling you for a place to stay."

"What? You said that the two of them managed to kill 20+ Blue Wolves by themselves?" Hearing this, Jing Ming Yue could no longer hide her shock. Although she was already a high level Saint, she would still flee if she faced 20+ Class 1 Magical Beasts, let alone kill them.

Jiang Chen instructed.

Without any doubts, the Lion King followed the Wolf King's footsteps. The Heavenly Saint Sword had impaled his body and taken his life away.

Jiang Chen felt surprised.

"Many thanks, senior Ape King!" Jian Chen cried out in joy before quickly putting the bottle into his Space Ring as if afraid that the Ape King would change his mind.

The expressions of the two Saint Rulers changed,, "What if we gift two Ruler Armaments to you? We only need you, Jian Chen, and that brother to stand down and not interfere with what's happening between our Hongfu clan and the Huang family." This time, the two Saint Rulers did not hold back at all. They understood very well that if Jian Chen and Nubis worked together with Huang Tianba, they had no chance of victory even with the Ruler Armaments.

Looking to the door, Jian Chen spoke out, "Come in!"

After the three old men left the hall, one of the Sect Elders spoke.

"I appreciate your help, Miss Xiao Wei.

"That's right. Those seven pirates are known by many. All of them are Combat Kings, and they are all fierce and brutal. They truly are not easy to deal with."

"The Multicolored Stone will attract too much attention for you, who knows if someone will try to kill you for it? The gains do not make up for your loss. You should sell it to my Maple clan, we are willing to buy it for 35,000 purple coins."

Because of their connection to Jian Chen, the Changyang clan instantly leaped over the dragon's gate and transformed into the mighty dragon. The king of the Gesun Kingdom was now the lowest ranking group in terms of power among the people present. However, the king paid no attention to the ranking at all and was instead very happy. He could swear that in his entire life, he had never been as happy as he was now.

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