Tokens of Sleep Chapter 2165

Tokens of Sleep Chapter 2165

It was true that he had occasionally come back to spend time with Xiaoxiao, Dabao, and the rest of his family. However, most of his time was spent on his research, and his travels in the void. Sometimes, he would only come back once in an entire year, and wouldn't stay for very long when he did.

Qing Shui wiped the remaining trace of blood from the corner of his mouth. His body was already bathed in blood and the horrible slanting scar on his rib was still gushing blood.

A fourth whirlpool appeared inside of him, even larger and more shocking than the third. Up above in the sky, the third vortex had grown still, but now a fourth, even larger vortex could be seen!

Qing Shui shook his head, "Maybe it's a coincidence? It must be!"

"Big Sis Red-Dust," he cried, "Just take the deva soul, alright? Why don't we just talk things--"

"Hahahaha!" The man from Zheng Clan laughed loudly instead on the stage.

"Junior Brother Bai, ai, look there's still one more left. He's more reasonable than the others, we should definitely be able to succeed!! Don't get angry. This is just how Chosen are! They fought their way through a crowd of tens of thousands to get to where they are now. Think of the danger involved in that! It's only natural that they would be a bit proud and arrogant...." Master Cloud-Dao had been cajoling Bai Xiaochun in this way the entire day. Although he did feel slightly embarrassed about what had occurred, he was also a bit derisive of Bai Xiaochun for relying on Feng Youde to do everything for him. If he had true skill, why didn't he just take the challenge himself instead of going around begging for help?

When dealing with a clan like this, Qing Shui felt that it was especially justified for him to launch sneak attacks.

"Boss, how about this stone?" Qing Shui absent-mindedly asked as he pointed to the White Tiger Stone.

Qing Shui only shifted his gaze away from her after a long time. He recalled everything about the first Portrait of Beauty and the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress, especially the incident that took place in the sea of flowers, up until their subsequent meeting that seemed like a miracle.

In the first battle region, Ghostfang was up against Gongsun Wan'er. As soon as she stepped into the battle region and faced the expressionless Ghostfang, she conceded. She couldn't afford to be injured, lest it affect her subsequent matches.

Qing Shui stopped himself before he delved into his thoughts too much. He took the rolled up portrait and slowly opened it up. What he saw stunned him for a few moments.

She gave a charming smile upon seeing Qing Shui, causing his heart to turn numb as he secretly envied the man who could hold her at night and do as he wished. She was a not a lady of overwhelming beauty that one would give up a country or city for. However, she was a lady whom one would be willing to die in the arms of.

Qing Shui hesitated for a while before keeping the items in the Realm Of The Violet Jade Immortal. Following her out of the inner hall, he saw the lady standing at the cave entrance. As if nothing had just happened, she said, "Let's go to another place to search. There just might be Sky Penetrating Grass there."

The main thing he needed to do was make sure nobody realized what he had done.

"The main ingredient for the Violet Qi Pellet is out. I can refine it now." Qing Shui had a surprised smile on his face. This was a great surprise. As expected of a Sacred Land of Panacea.

"What a miraculous flower, how perverse. If it's not for the time-dilation effects of the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, all of this would be totally impossible."

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