Mafia Girl Chapter 2518

Mafia Girl Chapter 2518

"Hahaha! I love this type of cultivation! This is how things should be done!" The nascent soul Bai Xiaochun's eyes twinkled, and his aura surged with excitement.

ED: ^ His cousin was the one that got the neuter-kick, so it sounds like a personal problem for him. Maybe that aphrodisiac Shi Qingzhuang got poisoned with was meant for him?

The gigantic emberlion horse closed it's eyes and stood still, seemingly enjoying Shi Qing Zhuang stroking it.

Medicine King clan was considered a powerful glory to Xinan Country. Medicine King clan was also able to step up to the next level because of Xinan Country's formidable influence. So this was why the nicely dressed man was especially bitter by Qing Shui's words because everyone knows that Medicine King clan is considered very famous across the Greencloud Continent. ?

"Are all of those animals connected to the Blood Ancestor somehow?" All of a sudden, he realized that there was some profound mystery wrapped up in that matter from years ago.


People didn't even know what to think! This was completely overturning all previous traditions; this was a new page in the history of flame conjuring!

From a distance, he saw Elder Ge practicing his sword under the summer sun. The last time he came, it had just become spring, now summer was almost over.

After all, he wasn't sure how many Soul Convergence Pills his subordinates would be able to get, and wanted to be fully prepared on his next trip to the pit.

Even the sect leader had a very serious expression on his face.

Qing Shui could heard the discussions around before he had even reached. They were all reprimanding Immortal Sword Sect for their barbarous acts of bullying.

He didn't like fighting and killing. He only wanted to figure out a way to resolve all of the issues everyone had with each other¡­.

"Go lie down, there are other ways to relieve yourself, you know¡­...." Huoyun Liu-Li blushed.

Apparently, Master God-Diviner was worried he might forget what he was hearing, and had pulled out a jade slip to inscribe the information permanently. As for Zhao Tianjiao's two followers, they were staring at Bai Xiaochun with looks of awe and reverence.

"This won't do," he thought. "If I start getting nervous every time I think about them, how am I supposed to stay in a good mood?" All of a sudden, his eyes lit up.

The legend in his previous world had it that there were three powerful types of monkeys. One of them was the Six-eared Macaque. They were extremely knowledgeable and had exceptional abilities. Although it was just a legend, this had also proven that this type of monkey was the most powerful. But he wasn't really entirely certain if this monkey was of the macaque species.

As for the cultivators from the three allied sects, they were trembling in despair, especially those from the Dao River Court.

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