Demonsong Chapter 732

Demonsong Chapter 732

The old man replied.

At the gates, several soldiers could be seen standing in a line. They were there to make sure every single merchant paid an entrance toll before entry. After paying that entrance toll, entry to the city would be given without trouble. Otherwise, there would be a forceful inspection of the goods being brought in.

"Hmph! Jiang Chen, enough of your bullshit, you're alive and kicking in front of me, how could you say I was the one who tried to kill you? If I really wanted to kill you, would you still be alive right now? Today, you have gone against all your superiors, bullied your fellow disciples, and you even showed disrespect towards the inner circle. I'll represent the inner circle and give you a heavy punishment!"

This youth was Jian Chen.

A single blade on the spine struck against the Light Wind Sword with a crisp sound as a jolting shock was transmitted up into Jian Chen's arm. The Light Wind Sword had almost been knocked out of Jian Chen's arm but he managed to keep hold. The bladed spine on the other hand, even though it was a brief moment of contact between the blade and the azure and violet light on the sword, the sword managed to leave a small crack on one of the blades.

"How is it, buddy? How is my mighty fart?"

Shangguan Yihong asked.

"The Mutian clan offers one hundred twenty thousand five hundred purple coins££"

A disciple begged.

On the other side, a powerful Mid Combat Soul demon suddenly jumped out and transformed into its original form, then dashed toward the gigantic golden sword.

Guo Shan's eyes lit up. As an alchemist himself, he had a good understanding about flames. The frightening flame unleashed by Jiang Chen was something he had never seen or heard of before. After the True Dragon Flame and Heavenly Thunder Flame merged together, the flame controlled by Jiang Chen had reached a maximum level. Not only these dead bodies; even the hardest rocks would instantly be burned to ashes.

"Brother Jiang, where did this dog come from?"

This time, the Harido clan did not announce another bid in response. Although they were a wealthy clan, three hundred thousand purple coins to buy a single Class 5 Monster Core was not worth it in their minds.

The Third Emperor's expression changed dramatically. This combat weapon was given to him by the Old Emperor, and he couldn't afford to lose it.

Jiang Cheng replied with a smile on his face as he grabbed a steel bar and started walking towards Mu Rong Hao.

Big Yellow shook his head. He didn't think that Jiang Chen's idea would work out.

Just as the Tianxiong clan was about to step over the boundary where the tall grass stopped, the figure of a person darted out from the grass, and in a split second, he had stabbed through the hearts and throats of a few mercenaries.

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