A Guest in a Ghost House Chapter 2267

A Guest in a Ghost House Chapter 2267


Silver Moon City suffered unprecedented losses,. The Mayor's mansion was now in ruins, and the young master had died a horrible death within the tower. Most of the city's Mortal Core warriors were now dead. The Mayor, Yin Zhong Cheng, had pursued for quite some time but to no avail. He had lost all his face. The Mayor was the top existence in Silver Moon City, and he was beaten in his own territory. He couldn't release his anger anywhere, and this really pissed him off.

The Ice Demon King simply stood outside the dimensional crack. Whenever a new Dimensional Creature came out, it would just deliver it a punch. Although it was just a simple punch, it was more than enough to instantly cause those foul monsters to explode.

Far away from the scene, Nangong Wentian shook his body with his Yuan energy and got rid of all dirt. After that, he took out another set of green clothes from his storage rings and quickly changed into it. Only now had he recovered from the messy fall.

Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before he spoke, "Father, we should speak about this in the hall."

Nangong Wenyang coldly harrumphed. After that, he made a welcoming gesture toward Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian, then led both men into the city. All the guards were kneeling down with heads lowered, so none of them were able to see that Nangong Wentian was one of the men that came. If not, they might even be terrified, because the Nangong family's young master was an existence who could do anything he wanted in Nangong City.

A tremendous cyclone speared through the sky into the clouds before turning the sky into a surging sea of clouds for all of Wake City to see. The furious waves of wind let out a wailing screech that kicked up dust everywhere within the proximity of the city. Dust covered the sky and sun, forming a dusky sight.

Crown Prince asked.

Yan Tai Hong whispered to Yan Zhan Yun through his Divine Sense.

The pain lasted for about half an hour. During this time, Jiang Chen had stood next to Yan Chenyu without moving a bit. However, he had circulated the Great Soul Derivation skill to the maximum, so if there were any signs of danger, he would be able to immediately react.

Jiang Chen told the Ice Demon King.

In front of the Heavenly Tower's main entrance, two extremely burly men could be seen standing; one on each side. They were both Combat Soul warriors. Upon seeing Jiang Chen and the other two approaching the entrance, one of the two burly men stretched out his arm and stopped them.

The Qiangan Kingdom had been in a glorious era of prosperity. Despite being far from being called one of the Eight Great Powers, they were still an extremely strong nation with a majestic status and a rich history that spanned a thousand year. That was several hundred years difference compared to the Gesun Kingdom.

"How dare I?I will crush him now and let you be a witness."

Lord Nether had been killed. At this moment, everyone were looking at Jiang Chen; staring at this white-clothed youngster hovering in the sky, especially those human geniuses. Every single one of them stared at him with mouths wide open in shock. Unlike Wu Ningzhu and those from the Nangong Family, they had never seen Jiang Chen kill a Combat King, and that's why they were deeply shaken.

The sword Qi was immediately dispersed by the four awls. However, the Baleful Yin Force surrounding the awls also grew much dimmer, before flying back into the four people's hands simultaneously.

"According to the Dragon Transformation skill, if I want to reach the Late Mortal Core realm, I will need to form a total of 60 Dragon Marks. Now, I have managed to form 40 of them. The distance to the Late Mortal Core realm is not far away."

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