Planet Creation System Chapter 2778

Planet Creation System Chapter 2778

"Fuck! Don't tell me that Li Wu Shuang is really going to lose?! My 300 Mortal Restoration Pills££ That dog really cheated me!"

The intelligent tiger cub understood what Jian Chen said. The bright glint in the tiger cub's eyes began to dim, and its energetic expression became depressed.

Looking through the hazy layer, Jian Chen could vaguely see that the Dragon Slaying Sword was two fingers wide and there was an image of a seemingly-living dragon on it. He did not know how it appeared on it.

Jiang Chen let out a grim laughter.

Jian Chen nodded his head without a word. The effects of the Hundred Grass Wine were something he was all too familiar with.

"This place looks like an isolated dimension. It also seems like someone designed these glaciers, they are so amazingly crafted! I just came through the Gate of Void, I wonder what kinds of dangers I am going to face."


Jiang Chen smiled and accepted the bow. It was Guo Shan's honor to be able to receive guidance from Jiang Chen. Besides, Jiang Chen knew that Guo Shan had devoted all his energy into alchemy, his persistency was not something that ordinary people could understand. The answers given to him, none of them could be purchased with money. Guo Shan's bow signified his gratitude.

"Everyone should rest up for today so that we will be at the peak of our power. Tomorrow, we will set out."

"Little Chen, did you really see another gate?"

"That's right, the Mayor is a Heavenly Core warrior! I wonder how he will settle this££"

"You bet! Young master Qi is a famous man amongst the Heavenly Sect disciples, a man possessing a bag full of extremely powerful abilities. Since we're only going to enter the first level of the Devil Realm, as long as lady luck is on our side, with young master Qi's overall strength, we'll be able to sweep across the entire first level without meeting any resistance."

The fuck? Did this guy just eat some gunpowder?

When it came to his dantian, Jian Chen couldn't do much since it wasn't under his control. Although the two glows within his dantian were taking up all of the energy, what made Jian Chen happy was that his absorption speed was much faster than before. Even his cultivation rate was slightly faster, which comforted Jian Chen just a bit.

"That's enough, Xuan Ye, you are talking too much tonight. I am not interested in becoming the Imperial Emperor."

"Chen'er, now that the Mu Rong family is destroyed, what are you going to do with these people?"

It was less than two hours since the tragedy had occurred.

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