The Torch Chapter 1865

The Torch Chapter 1865

"Fuck you!"

"Your ideas of justice is nothing but a joke to me. Jiang Chen, I'm going to attack with my full strength now, if you don't have any stronger skills, you're going to be killed by me."

Jiang Chen stood high in the skies with his domineering attitude, portraying an overwhelming image as he looked down on his enemies in front of him, he was challenging the world.

Jiang Chen said.

Heaven Saint Masters were able to fly through the air with the use of their inner Saint Force to levitate. With the world's energy, they could fly through the air without much of a drain to themselves. So, if one wanted to be a Heaven Saint Master, it was necessary to have a grasp on the vital energy of the world.

The Old Emperor sensed an extremely dangerous aura, instantly sending a chill down his spine. However, he was still a peak First Grade Combat King, so his reaction speed was naturally incredible. Hence, he was able to dodge to his side.

Jiang Chen had no interest in sector one. Doesn't matter if it was the demon beasts of the disciples of the Green Sanctuary Sect, he had no interest at all. As long as the Green Sanctuary Sect didn't come provoke him, he couldn't go cause problems with their disciples. After all, his target this time was the Firethorn Savage, the conflict with the Green Sanctuary Sect was just an accident.

"Pa!" The crisp sound of the palm striking the sword could be heard. In front of Ming Dong, the amount of accumulated energy in the sword had been like an ant to him that could effortlessly be displaced with a single palm strike. Furthermore, the energy transmitted to the Saint Weapon from the strike forced Ka Di Yun to stagger back several meters while the arms holding his sword began to shake and go numb.


The time Jian Chen had spent waiting was not short. After an hour of waiting, a luxuriously dressed youth came walking out of the palace in a hurry. Right behind him were two beautiful looking women.

"I heard that senior disciple Guan Yiyun has entered Inferno Hell as well, but he was looking for an opportunity to break through to the Divine Core realm, therefore he made up his mind and entered. He vowed he would either successfully break through, or die in there. However, senior disciple Jiang's potential is much better than senior disciple Guan Yiyun's, I don't see why it's necessary for him to risk his life in Inferno Hell.

This scene sent chills down everyone's spines. The four men from the Lee family no longer had any color in their face, their mind was filled with hopelessness. Gone, there were no more chances for them today. Even Lee Chang Ming was defeated by Jiang Chen, their biggest pillar was going to die. There's no need to even mention what was waiting for them.

"The four middle-aged men from before should be people of the Bloodsword Sect." Jian Chen replied.

"You and what army?" The youth's face had a look of disdain on it. Such a look of disdain caused the second prince to burst into a furious storm. If it weren't for the fact that he had no idea who this youth was, he would have long since ordered his soldiers to attack.

Jiang Chen didn't care about his image anymore. Half his face was inside the pool, and he started drinking the Energy Spring Water. If the way this man and dog drank the Energy Spring Water. If this was known by anyone else, they would surely start screaming and start desiring to kill them. This was some fucking Energy Spring Water, not some plain water.

One voice in particular stood out to Jian Chen, and the moment the words registered in his head, Jian Chen immediately froze in place as he was reaching out with his chopsticks to pick up a slice of meat. Slowly raising his head, he looked out the door of the restaurant only to see a group of four armored mercenaries with an impressive design walk into the building.

Within the isolated room, Master Blissful was laughing. Even the man in black was laughing so much that his shoulders were trembling.

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