My Offers For You Chapter 205

My Offers For You Chapter 205

As for Fire Bird, there were too many mythical beasts that were gorgeous looking, yet very useless. As soon as he saw Cang Wuya and the rest, he had opted to disregard the Fire Bird as well as Qing Shui.

"He's crushing the trials even more than Gongsun Wan'er. This is crazy!"

He was now half a step into the Deva Realm!!

"Alright!" Di Chen nodded!

The clan chief's eyes snapped open, and he shouted, "Patriarch!!"

"You rascal. Such a flirt at such a young age. But you're my son, so I support you. If you have the ability to bring back all the beauties in the world, mother would be happier." Qing Yi smiled and rubbed Qing Shui on the head.

"What's happened? It looks like a soulground spell formation is flaring up. No wait, two soulgrounds!!" Even the Cai Clan patriarch flew out and hurried in the direction of the soulgrounds.

"Old Master Ying, you're too kind." Qing Shui replied courteously.

Over the course of the past week, Bai Xiaochun had given them 700 pills, but they had turned that into over 20,000 pills to sell. Furthermore, they didn't just sell them in the east district, they also sent them to the west, south, and north districts. As for Bai Xiaochun, there was no way for him to catch wind of that in the short time which had passed.

They even began to magically seal the entire area, including the soul cultivators, regardless of the level of their cultivation base, their background, or their status.

He failed levels numerous times, but didn't give up. He would analyze the reasons for his failures, perform tests, and then continue challenging the levels. Roughly two months flew by, during which time he would frequently go back to Mistysea Prefecture to make sure nothing unexpected had occurred.

Seeing everyone looking at him, Bai Xiaochun blinked. How could he not know the location of his own immortal's cave? Furthermore, it wouldn't hurt at all to take everyone over to see it; there was nothing inside to look at anyway, considering it had long since been reduced to ruins.

Chen Hetian couldn't control his panting, and Mistress Red-Dust's eyes were wide. Down below, savages and cultivators alike were stunned, standing there motionless as blood oozed out of their orifices.

"Du Lingfei¡­ left the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect quite a few years ago. She went back¡­ to Heavenspan Island." Bai Xiaochun currently held a jade slip of information in his hand. By now, he had some speculations regarding why Du Lingfei was the Heavenspan emissary.

"Very soon, this daughter of mine will be able to share my troubles with me." Qing Shui felt consoled.

The lake was about a hundred meters deep. There were only a few fresh-water fish in the lake and the occasional middle or large sized aquatic species like crocodiles. At a less noticeable spot, when Elder Ge took out a one foot long silver-colored key and moved a few enormous stones, a smooth surface that was about the size of a ruler showed up. There was a shallow dark groove on top of it which was almost unnoticeable unless one looked at it carefully.

Time passed by and soon it was noon. Qing Shui planned to wait here for a while and set off for Greencloud City before the sky had turned dark.

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