Reborn: Legendary Female General is here! Chapter 857

Reborn: Legendary Female General is here! Chapter 857

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. After that, he took a step forwards and arrived in front of Fan Zhong Tang.

Jian Chen gave a mental sigh as he wiped away any emotion on his face. "Aunty, a few years ago, uncle Kendall came across a very profitable mission and had to go to a far away kingdom. It's already been two years, so I'm sure he'll be home soon." Jian Chen didn't wish to worry the mother and quickly came up with an excuse. Although he knew that sooner or later the truth would come out, if he could delay it for now, then the two would come to terms that something had happened to him by themselves. They would at least be prepared, and when the time came for Jian Chen to tell them, they would not be as hurt.

Luo Jian sneered, "Changyang Hu, do you not remember what happened in the forest a few days ago?" His face grew dark as he spoke and glared at him. "Your group dared to steal my three days worth of hard work and caused me to fail. For this slight, I will definitely pay you back an eye for an eye."

Qin Wuming nodded his head, "Correct. Originally when his Majesty ordered half a million of our soldiers to go to the Gesun Kingdom, he hadn't planned on their return. The Gesun Kingdom is far too weak, but with the connection between the Imperial Protector and the royal family of the kingdom, we cannot afford to offend either side. Thus, his Majesty had decided to assist the Gesun Kingdom while also helping out the Imperial Protector himself. With his talent, he will eventually become a Saint Ruler later in his life. So to rope in such an individual without enticement and investments would be foolhardy."

Glaring angrily at Jian Chen, the youth stepped forward and pointed at Jian Chen, yelling, "Smelly brat, what did you say to me? Why don't you try saying it one more time."

The Golden Fur Tiger King was extremely fast, even before Jian Chen could finish his thoughts, he could already faintly hear the tiger run through the forests, bringing a strong gale that flattened the nearby grass.

Jiang Chen said without any hesitation. The Misty Rain Tower was his target, and it was possible that the things he needed were available there.

When someone had decided they wanted to kill him, there was nothing else to talk about. Anyone who wanted to kill him would be his enemy; this was Jiang Chen's principle.

The man walked up to the highest tower before coming to a stop at the closed doors. With a respectful voice, he said, "Descendant Jiang Tao is here with a report for the ancestor."

Jiang Chen bowed toward Nangong Yunfan.

"They can't run, the road ahead of them is blocked off by a Class 4 Magical Beast. Why is there a Class 4 Magical Beast here? Come, let's take a detour around." Jian Chen jumped to a branch nearby.

Before leaving, he left the Flame Mercenaries a thousand purple coins and all the Class 2 Monster Cores he didn't need for the Flame Mercenaries to be able to use for their daily life. Right now in this stage of development, a large amount of money was needed to advance.

After escaping from the poisonous mountain, Jian Chen took in a deep breath of fresh air. He had been chased by the swarm of Godkiller Ants and was forced into a miserable situation, but he had been fortunate enough to escape.

Daoist Black once again warned the three in a serious manner. When they arrived at the Martial Palace, they would represent the Black Sect's honor. If their performance is too lousy, the Black Sect would become a laughing stock.

The might of the palm had caused such devastation. This was the power of a Saint Ruler!

Just as the two sides readied to fight, a loud voice called out. Looking to the source of the voice, both Jian Chen and Zhou Butong realized that it belonged to a heavily armored middle aged man.

This situation caused Jiang Chen to be at a loss. It wouldn't be any fun if it actually judged by the age of one's soul.Sponsored by: Fabian! Thank you very much!

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