Carriage of Immortality Chapter 430

Carriage of Immortality Chapter 430

Immediately the sound of bones could be heard breaking as Jian Chen's Saint Force enhanced fist struck against the man's stomach. Straight away, a dent could be seen in his chest.

"There are a lot of demon beasts in the Myriad Demon Mountain, and as long you have the ability, there won't be any problems for you to continue training here. But, by absorbing demon souls repeatedly, trying to force yourself to break through in such hurried ways, won't it affect your foundation?"

A few miserable shrieks resounded. Under the frightened gazes from the crowd, six men from the group who just entered exploded like balloons, instantly turning into blood mists. After that, the bloody mist just disappeared into nowhere.

Tan Lang let out an emotional sigh. It was nothing worth mentioning when someone was capable of killing a Second Grade Demon King, as there were many geniuses from the Asura Palace who were capable of doing that. However, killing a Second Grade Demon King as a Combat Soul warrior, that was a completely different matter.

Jiang Chen didn't let them off easily. He moved in a ghostly manner, and in an instant, he arrived in front of Zhuge Yun. After arriving in front of Zhuge Yun, he forcefully slapped his face.

Having a matured energy vein was the same as having a huge treasure, and Jiang Chen was now occupying it alone. The speed in which you could cultivate by using the energy vein was extremely fast, and now, he already had 96 Dragon Marks, and he just needed another four to reach the Heavenly Core realm.

Mu Rong Zhan looked refreshed and relaxed, he seemed very confident in this fight.Next to him stood a handsome young man wearing white clothes, Lee Chang Hong.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan exchanged a glance and smiled together. They knew Big Yellow was in a bad mood right now, so they didn't want to provoke him anymore. Soon, they resumed their journey and flew toward the inner territory of the Qing Province.

If any of the Black Sect disciples knew about this, they would be extremely envious.

"Jiang Chen brat! Let go of the Combat Weapon!"

"Honored grand elders and master, he is the one that cut off the arm of my son, Changyang Xiangtian." The patriarch Cheng Fei spoke with gnashed teeth. Now that the three Heaven Saint Masters were here, he was filled with confidence and no longer feared Jian Chen.

Right as everyone at the scene were panicking, a gigantic blood-red dragon claw suddenly descended from the sky and hit the raging lion, crushing it to meat paste.

Yan Zhan Yun turned around and told Yan Meng.Although Jiang Chen asked for something for himself before he could start healing Yan Chen Yu, everyone here including Yan Zhan Yun didn't have a single complaint about that.There weren't scared Jiang Chen would run away after getting the items.

"Then that's that. These items will be taken by our Gesun Kingdom." Jian Chen wasn't one to argue. He knew that Qin Wuming truly felt the money was not worth his notice, but the Gesun Kingdom and Changyang clan were a different matter altogether. Neither of the two were as wealthy as the Qinhuang Kingdom. Several hundred thousand purple coins was not a small sum of wealth to them. Furthermore, if the Gesun Kingdom and Changyang clan wished to expand, the support of the Qinhuang Kingdom wouldn't be enough and they would need money to expand.

Practically lifeless where he stood, Yun Li found no words to say. Although he wanted to avoid this subject entirely, Yun Li couldn't find the words to quibble to avoid trouble, especially when he thought about the words he had spoken to Jian Chen earlier before the Class 5 Magical Beast cub came back to bite him.

"Precisely! If it could be used multiple times, with this guy's approach, he would have already killed us!"

"You are Jiang Chen?"

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