The Avalon Of Five Elements Chapter 2507

The Avalon Of Five Elements Chapter 2507

"Play along!" he said with a glare. "You know what that means? From now on, whenever you hear me talking like this, you need to play along. That'll make me like you even more, alright?"


In fact, he could even see himself as being the first general from the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect to actually lead a devastating campaign into the Wildlands!

The Scarlet Flame Flying Heavenly Frogs scattered out and surrounded Qing Shui. Seeing how arrogant these ugly creatures were, Qing Shui couldn't help but want to kill some of them.

"Sealing the furnaces increases their chances of exploding. Does this Bai Xiaochun really know how to concoct medicine?!"

All of the cultivators on the mountain were having a hard time staying on their feet, but as soon as they saw the vast number of items flying up, their eyes began to burn with passion, and they began to shout out loud.

1. Bai Xiaochun created the method to insert toxic elements into soul medicine back in chapter 579

We are only 0 away from the next tier, and if we reached 50 there would be 14 regular chapters per week and an extra of 12 bonus chapters being released!

Looking at these few forms, Qing Shui thought of a lot of things. The most important thing were the murals such as Tiger's Mount, The White Crane Spread it's Wings, as well as those furnitures.

The ¡®Sky Prison Sabre Formation' had the same principles as the ¡®Five Elements Minor Formation' and as long as there was good coordination- the bigger the numbers, the stronger the prowess. With one look, Qing Shui could tell that these people they were currently facing were not what the ¡®Flower Crusher' could be compared with.

But he could still crush any other half-deva!!

"Alright, come with me," he said. Without another word, he turned and headed back toward the whirlpool.

There was an alcove in the statue's forehead within which rested a throne. A cultivator could be seen sitting on the throne, although at this distance, it was difficult to make out his features even with divine sense, which was limited within the level.

He stood there looking up with a smile on his face. Bai Xiaochun! He was the only person in all of the Wildlands who didn't offer formal greetings!

"Just who are you...?" she murmured through clenched teeth. Although she couldn't bear to admit it, she had tried hard on numerous occasions to match the mysterious little turtle in terms of skill with plants and vegetation, but his ability was just too profound. As of this moment, she had no confidence whatsoever in being able to surpass him. By now, that little turtle was completely and utterly branded onto her heart.

Rumbling sounds echoed out that surpassed anything in the battle up to this point, shaking the surrounding void until it shattered. It almost seemed like the entire starry sky would collapse. Down in the Eternal Immortal Domains, mountains toppled over, and the Eternal Sea spilled into the surrounding lands!

Hundreds of figures could be seen streaming through the city streets, completely ignoring the city guards as they descended onto Borough 89!

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