History is Number 1 Founder Chapter 106

History is Number 1 Founder Chapter 106

Jian Chen carefully inspected his body just in case there was any other changes to it other than his skin becoming a red color. However, there were no other changes; everything else was exactly the same as before.

Yullian inspected the items contained in the Space Belt, then gently placed it down on the table as she smiled, "Mister Wu Yun, the total amount of 110,000 purple coins that you earned from selling the Class 5 Magical Beasts is all in there. You can check yourself."

"I appreciate everyone's willingness to lend me a hand, but I alone will be enough to deal with these four. Everyone, please just stay by the side and continue watching. Today, I will slaughter these four myself." Jian Chen spoke to the eight. Only the four Heaven Tier Battle Skills frightened him, but without that, then Jian Chen wouldn't fear these four at all. With his Origin energy helping him, he had nothing else to worry about.

"Heng! Changyang Xian Tian, you actually are a slightly skilled," Ka Di Yun said in a low voice, while angrily gritting his teeth.

Although Jian Chen wanted to go back home now that he was in the Gesun Kingdom, there was a war to fight. Without delay, he knew he had to help the Gesun Kingdom resolve this issue, so he resisted the urge to return home for a moment longer. When everything was stabilized, he would go back home.

Big Yellow said.

Master Blissful looked at the Golden Lion and the rest of the warriors and asked.

"That's right, the Mu Rong family and the Jiang family are mortal enemies, yet this Mu Rong Hao still dared to come to the Jiang family's pill shop££He is just looking for trouble."

The group leader instantly responded. He kept examining this white-clothed youngster with a name in his mind. The white-clothed youngster's clothes and facial features were identical to the legendary Jiang Chen. Furthermore, who would intrude the Black Sect at this moment except for Jiang Chen?

Shao Hua also stood up and spoke.

The man replied.

"Anyways, we would need someone to sacrifice some of them. Sacrificing a few of them is better than sacrificing all of them. It's not that I don't want to save them all, but I need to save as many as I possibly can."

"No, the blood talisman is for the Earth Devil. If I use it before that, the Earth Devil will be able to sense its aura, then it will be scared and go hide itself. If that happens, all our plans and strategies will go to waste. Therefore, we have to depend on ourselves in order to defeat the Combat Soul Evil Devil."

Seven days quickly passed by; it was now the day that the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House would begin its auction. All of the individuals from the city gathered in front of the auction house. Their gathering allowed the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House to witness an unprecedented amount of incredible experts that had never been surpassed in their history.

"Even the Ice Demon King doesn't dare get closer? Perhaps there's something in this deep pond that it fears?"

"A mercenary group kidnapping the lord of a city? What a huge story! But this goes to show how strong the Flame Mercenaries are if even the government of the city is helpless to do anything."

Manager Liu coldly harrumphed with an angry expression on his face. Although the guards weren't important personnel, they still belonged to the Heavenly Tower. So, having their guards beaten was like having the Heavenly Tower's face beaten.

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