SATAN 4: SATAN will be with us Chapter 2397

SATAN 4: SATAN will be with us Chapter 2397

A grin emerged on Jiang Chen's face, and in the next second, a massive amount of killing intent emerged from his body. With a sway of his body, Jiang Chen caught up with Yun Can using his extreme speed.

Georgien's face took on the color of green and white as he listened to Jian Chen's words. His chest began to rise and fall as his breathe became ragged. This was the very first time he had someone from the younger generation look down on him. Such a fact made him extremely angry, but Georgien did not act upon his emotions. He had already seen Jian Chen's strength for himself back in the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom. He knew he was no match for Jian Chen, so if he were to recklessly charge now, it would be to only invite disaster upon himself.

A big sturdy person cursed as he lifted his gigantic two handed sword up to swing down at Jian Chen.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen did help them against those six Pirate Lords, saving the lives of many geniuses from the Asura Palace. But now, these Tycoons and elders were simply ignoring that fact. Not only this, there was one thing that made Tan Lang feel even more disgusted. After failing to find Jiang Chen, they actually vented their anger at their own disciple. From the way they managed this matter, it showed that they had never considered him a part of the Asura Palace.

The elder had let out a sigh in relief. Because of the injuries he sustained while evading Jian Chen along with the constant paranoia of being hit by the Origin energy, he had felt like his arms and feet had been shackled. His true strength couldn't be used and had made him feel rather sullen.

While saying that, Jiang Chen released his Qi.A powerful force of Yuan power radiated from his body, the force being so strong that it forced Jiang Ru Long to take a step back.

Was he asking Wu Yan to get lost? Was that what he really just said?

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed. At this point of time, Jiang Chen had completely vanished from the Liang Province, and he had been completely silent for two whole months. During these two months, not only had Jiang Chen's name been spoken of in every single corner of the Liang Province, even the entire Xuan Region had heard his name. All those superpowers in the Xuan Region had learned about this young abnormal genius who attracted Heavenly Tribulation. There were even some superpowers who were trying to contact Jiang Chen in order to recruit him. However, Jiang Chen had truly disappeared from everyone's sights. Many people were guessing that he was dead, and pitied the fall of this peerless genius. If a man like that was still alive, he would definitely become a big shot in the future.

"What incredible combat strength! I think this attack carries at least a few million jins of force! Buddy is just an abnormal monster!"

"Xiu Houston!" Jian Chen muttered. A gleam of light exploded in his eyes while in his mind, he could not help but think of uncle Xiu's old but straight body.

Wu Ningzhu shook her head. She didn't wear her veil today, so her peerless beauty was revealed to everyone.

"It's the fourth young master's voice. The fourth young master has returned!"


Jiang Chen thought to himself with bright eyes. This was the most powerful part of the Dragon Transformation skill, merging numerous special bloodlines into one and possessing special god given abilities by absorbing bloodlines. The future potential of the Dragon Transformation skill was beyond Jiang Chen's imagination.

The yellow robed person held his sword perpendicular to Jian Chen's. In an instant, the two charged to exchange several blows before retreating.

"Ancient Devil? I never expected that this kind of inheritance would still exist in this world££ But, I'm not sure if it's genuine or not." Jiang Chen mumbled to himself. He had some understanding towards the Ancient Devil. The Ancient Devil was the king amongst all demons in ancient times, and it was a royal rank amongst demons. Its bloodline was very precious, much stronger than ordinary Divine Bodies.

Jian Chen, who was slowly enjoying his food, smiled bitterly and shook his head at the actions of the people in the restaurant. At the moment, he was currently wondering whether bringing the two Class 5 Magical Beasts to a Class 2 City like Phoenix City to auction them off was a wise choice.

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