Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 1292

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 1292

Energy ripples swept across the place, and flames locked up the entire space in front of them. The bright sword energy and the axe energy cut forwards in a seemingly invincible manner, killing 5-6 Evil Devils in an instant. After that, as if their devils souls were summoned by Jiang Chen, without any delay, they were already in Jiang Chen's storage ring.

"Haha, you two are going to die today!"

Aside from this, the Gesun Kingdom also had a strange youth that was unbelievably strong. He had first appeared at the Pingyang Kingdom's imperial palace and taken the king himself captive. After that, he had gone to the Qiangan Kingdom and killed two experts over there before finally destroying the kingdom's Yangji Sect. He had also killed over a dozen Heaven Saint Masters from three different kingdoms, such an achievement was astounding.

Finally, under the spectator's anticipation, two vigorous combat skills clashed together. The waves caused by the massive impact spread up to a mile in diameter. If it wasn't for the barrier that had been set up by some great warrior, underneath such impact, the fighting stage below their feet would have already been destroyed.

Yan Chen Yu said with a smile on her face.

Jiang Chen quickly changed the topic to his purpose here. He really didn't want to watch the monk drinking wine.

"Yeah, if we want to finish the mission quickly and easily, we can only defeat this old woman, and then control this place to threaten Jian Chen. As long as we have the Flame Mercenaries as a bargaining chip, Jian Chen'll obediently hand over what we want." Old man Mateng sneered.

"Fellow friend, where might Jian Chen be this one asks." A mercenary asked impatiently. To him, Jian Chen was like a mountain of gold, and so he didn't bother to think if he had the strength to fight him.

"That's right. We'll be leaving now. We are after all disciples of the Black Sect now, we have to go there."

"Mu Tian!" The youth replied in an indifferent tone.

A few of the inn residents continued to talk among each other, even the busy waitresses hurriedly spoke to each other, "Hurry up and report to the shopkeeper! The King of Mercenaries, Jian Chen is in our inn, this is a great event!"

"I don't think so, I think Jiang Chen will win the fight. You guys clearly saw that they were both fighting a battle where none of them were able to get any advantages, but the sword Jiang Chen is using is clearly stronger than the halberd used by Wu Cong. At this final moment, I don't see how Wu Cong is going to defeat Jiang Chen."

Not long after Jian Chen made a few steps into the cave, a series of footsteps could be heard from the other side. The footsteps drew closer and closer as a blue-robed elder came walking out from the darkness with his hands behind his back. It was Bi Hai.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. The nobility in Nanbei Chao's aura had surprised him. If he wasn't the reincarnation of a Great Saint, the once most supreme existence that sat high above all with the aura of a true king, he might have been defeated by Nanbei Chao's noble aura in an instant.

Big Yellow was charging back and forth within the enemy army, but when he saw Lord Baoju nearly getting ripped apart by Jiang Chen, he immediately turned into a beam and rushed over. With incredible speed, he devoured all the blood that had burst out from Lord Baoju's body.

Jiang Chen reminded.


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