The Dark Demon Lord Chapter 1188

The Dark Demon Lord Chapter 1188

Big Yellow replied with an evil laugh, then he stopped farting. The entire auction hall had become a mess, it was a horrible scene.

Jiang Chen's black hair was dancing in the wind, and he was portraying a cold and indifferent image like a mighty God of Slaughter. He now controlled the Seventh Emperor's fate, leaving this enemy with no alternative.

But Jian Chen had not been disturbed by their appearances at all. Thanks to his presence, Jian Chen had been fully aware of their existences. From the moment he had been in the city to now, there had been no way that someone could hide from him. No matter what they used, they were as visible to him as if it were normal.

The sky was filled with a wide variety of colors as well as pleasant melodies. However, when these melodious tunes fell into Jiang Chen's ears, their tunes immediately changed. As Jiang Chen was Wu Ningzhu's primary target, not only did these tunes possess devastating strength, they could also affect his mind. If he didn't pay enough attention, he might be injured badly by them.

"Jiang Chen, how dare you fight back!?"

"We greet our ancestor." The Moyun clansmen all followed elder Bai's example and knelt down with a reverent pose.

In the sky above the Heavenhawk Island, the monk was fighting in a mighty, yet frightening manner. He unleashed the huge Buddha seal once again, killing another four geniuses. After that, the monk continued launching attacks, killing a few more men and causing huge losses to all four major powers.

"Ka Di Yun has challenged every single one of the top ten students without a single loss. Now that he's challenging Ling Zhengtian, I've no doubts that he'll win."

"Wakaka! Fun, this is so fun! Buddy, you truly are a wicked man!"

Aside from those two, there is still the Sect of Dragon and Tiger from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. They are a powerful sect to contend with, and their patriarch is a Saint Ruler that heavily desires a treasure of mine. Me being an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom has beaten them back temporarily, but they will not stop at that. It remains to be seen just what sort of tricks the Saint Ruler might come up with to harm me."

When they saw what state the four people were in, every disciple was astonished and their faces filled with disbelief.

That mercenary lazily rolled away and dodged the warbeast's foot. When the warbeat strongly slammed its foot into the ground with a seeming endless amount of force, the entire area shook violently once more. But what amazed everyone was the fact that when the warbeast lifted its leg, there was not a single trace of a crater to be seen from the blow.Chapter 208: The Fearful Violet and Azure Sword Qi

The green air shot out like a missile, instantly exploding around the Crown Prince, causing him to be completely covered with a green mist.

After losing track of Jian Chen, Tianxiong Lie and his group of mercenaries could only hope to look for traces left behind by him, but this was a task that was significantly hard.

Big Yellow said as his tail wagged back and forth.

Carrying the tiger cub, Jian Chen arrived at a stone forest where Jian Chen immediately set about carving a hole in the limestone for him to hide in for now. Aside from the outside markings, there was another giant stone that blocked the entrance so that the cave inside would be hidden.

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