Against The Gods: Chapter 1435

Against The Gods: Chapter 1435

Cultivators from the south were adept at shapeshifting, and at the moment, the green-skinned Sun Wu was using that ability to full effect. Occasionally, he would change into the shape of a vicious, brown centipede that would weave in and out of the attacking wolves.

As to why there was a need to separate the flame into two components was because all ingredients, also either had a Yin or Yang nature. Yin ingredients naturally needed a Yin-type flame to refine, while using the Yang-flame to provide minimal support for simulation purposes. While as for Yang ingredients, one had to use the tyrannical fiery energy of Yang-type flame to refine the essence within.


Intelligence was originally the unique trait of the Rapid Solitary Fist. The effects from the combination of moves with the Tiger Form and the Rapid Solitary Fist made Qing Shui give a loud and long roar!

AST 249 - A Lousy Blacksmith is still better than you who hugs the pig daily.

"Are you the leaders of the Blackmountain Tribe?" he said coldly. "Step forward and offer greetings!" From his tone of voice, he seemed like the ultimate ruler of this area, as if his mere presence was good fortune for the Blackmountain Tribe.

"Make love to me one more time! Don't hold back!" Hai Dongqing's voice was very soft.

"Throat Crushing Grasp!" The only thing that could be seen see was flickering, silver light. Then, two fingers appeared directly in front of Ghostfang, filling him with an intense sensation of deadly crisis, the likes of which he had never felt before. He let out a hoarse shout, causing mist to surge up around him in the form of a defensive shield. At the same time, he fell back in retreat.

Xuemei snorted coldly. Completely ignoring Bai Xiaochun, she glared at Song Junwan and said, "Oh yeah? Well your good looks are probably why you're so easy! The only way you got to be grand elder of Middle Peak was by losing your virtue in 10,000 affairs! Everybody in the sect knows it! I wouldn't be surprised if you'd sleep with 100,000 people to become a blood master! Wouldn't you?!"

Thinking of this, Qing Shui rubbed his nose. He was not in that kind of relationship with them. It was his own freedom to be with whichever lady he wished to be with. Having thought of this, Qing Shui felt a little less burdened.

Even as Chen Su, Gu Tianjun and the other celestials gave voice to expressions of shock, the Saint-Emperor floated out of his imperial palace and up into the air, looking extremely solemn.

With the hammer swinging out at full force, even the Four-headed Red Jiao could not help but let out a horrified cry. It shot upward and once again spewed crimson colored flames toward Qing Shui. The four streams of crimson colored flames pounced toward Qing Shui like four huge fire pythons.

The entire time that Gongsun Wan'er had been in the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, she had been in seclusion. Although she had fully absorbed Ghostmother, that was only the first step. And despite the fact that Ghostmother's consciousness was gone, there were still parts of her that remained.

According to the peak lord from Irispetal Peak, if it was his destiny, he might be able to gain enlightenment of a divine ability that had to do with gravitational repulsion.

The battle ended after only the space of a few breaths. Qing Shui's Sword of Sixth Wave had completely eliminated his opponents this time. The moment the Sixth Wave was executed, it would instantly kill opponents of a similar level on the spot. The Sixth Wave was much more formidable compared to the Fifth Wave.

The problem of his own longevity swirled in Bai Xiaochun's mind as he asked: "Elder Brother, one of the missions is to go search for some medicinal plants. The reward is an Age-Prolonging Longevity-Enhancing Pill. Might I ask whether or not that pill is useful for extending longevity?"

Misty Hall's Palace Mistress looked at Qing Shui curiously with her beautiful, illuminating eyes. They were similar to that to the moon, yet pitch black and profound. When Qing Shui came into contact with her gaze, he quickly looked away. He was afraid that he would lose his ease. However, his obvious shun was noticed by the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress, who revealed a faint smile. It was a pity that Qing Shui had not seend that beautiful eyes which had on a hint of smile.

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