Bore-Dom Chapter 2752

Bore-Dom Chapter 2752

At this moment, the Origin Energy of the Sword Spirits had already flew at the four men once more in an attempt to ruthlessly cut off their heads.

Shangguan Yilei was furious. Just as the crowds thought Jiang Chen was going to get killed, or at least severely wounded, a sudden change suddenly happened.

Wu Jiu's expression changed. Neither he nor Xuan Ye expected that the Blood Talisman would be this powerful, causing the Earth Devil to instantly flee in fear.


£ĤEast Continent, 128 provinces, I have a long way to go.'

"I wonder, how strong will Little Yu become when she awakens?"

Big Yellow let out a long sigh. What happened today was unavoidable.



Jian Chen and Changyang Hu returned to their respective mothers' side and walked with the others towards the main hall of the Changyang Mansion.

"Quan Youcai, I know your intentions are for the three Radiant Artes. Though, you should give up on that notion. You should know the rules of the union. Those three artes can only be obtained by yourself. I won't tell you about them." Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes and no longer said anymore. He knew that the reason why Quan Youcai followed him was most probably for the three Radiant Artes that could only be practised by Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters.

Seeing the badge, Kendall's face didn't change at all. "Then our Flame Mercenaries have just added another Saint to our ranks. With this increase in strength, hunting magical beasts will be that much easier."

"Patriarch, I'll take you to my Changyang Manor. If my mother knows that the patriarch still lives, she'll definitely be overjoyed." Jian Chen stood back up on his feet. Joy was evident in his own voice as well.

The battle did not last for very long, only for around ten minutes. Old man Situ and the other four Saint Rulers were all injured by the old woman, spitting out blood as they fell from the sky. They were all heavily-wounded.

Right at the front gates, several loud echoes could be heard as another dozen Earth Saint Masters were sent flying. They flew away from Jian Chen, blood spurting from their mouths. Slamming into the nearby buildings, they flew through the walls, creating holes.

"There are mighty warriors guarding the Mayor's Mansion, let's go there together! These creatures are too brutal!"

This was Jiang Chen's current combat strength, and those ordinary Late Heavenly Core warriors were not his match at all. Perhaps only a genius like Fan Kun might be able to withstand Jiang Chen's mighty strength, or maybe Guan Yi Yun or Liang Xiao.

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