Ze Tian Ji Chapter 2129

Ze Tian Ji Chapter 2129

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone.

The disciple bowed deeply toward Jiang Chen. After that, he took out a sharp dagger. Without saying anything, he simply stabbed it into the guy's chest.

"In that case, this one will be troubling you for a while." Jian Chen accepted with cupped hands before following them into the sect.

Jian Chen fought an intense battle against those three Tianxiong Xiong clan bodyguards in the forest. A lot of the surrounding fauna was affected by the battle, and soon, the entire area had become a mess. Quite a few thick and sturdy trees had even been cut in half.

Soon enough, Jian Chen had brought the coffin back to the inn. Upon entering the inn, he had frightened one of the waiters who wailed straight away, "Customer, how could you bring a coffin into this establishment? Our city has forbidden the possession of one, please put it away, or you'll scare away the other customers."

"Hold on, miss! This was just a misunderstanding, I had no intentions on peeking on the miss taking a bath!" Jian Chen laughed, the power of the lady's strength had amazed him.

Han Yan roared out loudly. This trick did work. Hearing that Han Yan was going to fart, Big Yellow immediately let go of his butt and dashed aside. Then, he transformed back into his original form.

On the other side, Ye Hui and the other two men had finally stepped onto the desolate island where the monk was located, and they were quickly able to find the monk. Right now, the monk was hovering in mid-air cross-legged, and golden Sanskrit were floating around his body, causing him to look like Buddha.

Xuan Ye walked into the room. Daoist Black didn't follow, he just closed the door for them. He was extremely excited right now, he had no idea who this Xuan Ye was, but he knew that this man was a powerful Combat Soul warrior, and he was Jiang Chen's friend. If the Black Sect could have a Combat Soul warrior as a friend, it would be incredibly advantageous.

The black lines on Jiang Chen's forehead became thicker. He now knew that it was impossible to get something from this stupid dog.


Using his spirit to let him perceive what was in the tent, he could sense three men inside still sleeping. Without hesitation, he flashed his sword and stabbed the three of them before immediately leaving.

[TL: Any move made by him would cause the entire city to tremble, basically.]

The big yellow dog immediately felt unhappy. He raised his dog head high up into the air and started arguing with Jiang Chen.

Besides, these hundreds of thousands of foul spirits were to escape from the banner, even if they could only survive for a short period of time after leaving the Blood Banner, with such a huge amount of them, a huge amount of lives would definitely be sacrificed.

Big Yellow walked up to Yan Chenyu and spoke. He just couldn't hold down his excitement. He and Yan Chenyu both came from the other side of the Origin Mountain Range, just like Jiang Chen. He had established a deep friendship with her, that's why he was worried about her when she was in a coma.

But what really attracted Jiang Chen was the Earth Fruit. This kind of natural treasure was rare. The Earth Essence contained within the Thousand Year Old Earth Fruit wasn't much, but it was still enough for him as he was right now. With Earth Fruit combined with the benefits he received earlier, Jiang Chen was now 100% confident that he could break through to the Mid Mortal Core realm, and even go further.

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