Virtual World: Close Combat Mage Chapter 1303

Virtual World: Close Combat Mage Chapter 1303

One could only see his head separate from his body in a high arc. Spinning two meters into the air, it came flying down with blood sprinkling the entire area.

After the food was eaten and the wine exhausted, everyone began to sprinkle some powder around themselves and the campsite to prevent their Qi from escaping and being detected by the surrounding magical beasts. Then, they extinguished the camp fire and dug into their tents to rest for the night. - Light Novels Translations from Chinese

"Don't bother with him. Not coming here would be for his own good. If he does come, hmph! I don't care what prince he is."

While the streets of the city were protected by a mysterious power to such an extent that the Origin energy couldn't even leave a dent in them, the buildings were not covered by such a power. The very moment the bursts of Origin energy had crushed the buildings like it was tofu and reduced it to scraps of metal.

"The Bloodsword Sect!" Jian Chen muttered with a low voice. A sliver of doubt flashed across his eyes. He was extremely unfamiliar with the name of the sect.

Yunzhong He couldn't help but curse. It looked like a heavenly-defying object had appeared in the city, and the heavens was sending forth its Heavenly Tribulation to this place. If the lightning tribulation truly took place here, many people were going to be caught in the crossfire.

Saiya's eyes grew cold for a moment before snorting. A large amount of power began to radiate from his body and pressure the men from the Changyang clan mercilessly. Against such power, the Changyang Clan's Saint Masters and Great Saint Masters grew deathly pale in the face. Unable to even take a step back, they began to cough blood from their lips. The strength of a Heaven Saint Master was simply something they could not endure.

The kindly envoy nodded his head with yet another smile before increasing his output even more. In a moment's notice, the perilous situation Jian Chen was in had suddenly intensified.

"With my current cultivation level, it will take at least two and a half months to create the Spiraling Defense Mechanism."

"What are you on about? Jian Chen is only a Heaven Saint Master. How could he fight a Saint Ruler?" Jian Chen questioned.

"Xiang'er, your return was just in time! Come, come, your mother has some things I wish to talk about." Bi Yuntian took Jian Chen by the hand and dragged him to sit down. Before he could even say anything, Bi Yuntian spoke first, "Xiang'er, today your mother wants to talk to you about your third aunt. She has done you wrong in the past, but in the end we are still family. I hope that you'll forgive your third aunt and won't begrudge her for before."

"Run where? We still haven't found the exit, so there's no way we can get out from here. You guys just stand aside, let me deal with him."

"Kasa!" The other mercenary reached out in shock, but at the moment he saw his leader's throat pierced through, his eyes bulged out of his eye sockets as he roared. A large amount of Saint Force began to condense within his Saint Weapon as he slashed at Jian Chen with it.

The Black Ice Talisman was not an ordinary talisman. An item capable of creating a world of glaciers, and even give birth to Ice Demons, how could it be something ordinary?

"It seems that something is happening within the Hua Yun Sect. Stay here and continue to teach Saiya, I'll go see what has happened." The grand elder spoke.

"That's the reason why we need to use this Green Sanctuary Sect to fight with the Firethorn Savage. With our current strength, killing the Firethorn Savage and obtaining his demon soul is just impossible." Jiang Chen sat back on the cloud and spoke with an indifferent voice.

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