Seven deadly sins Continuation, Meliodas X Elizabeth or melizabeth Chapter 204

Seven deadly sins Continuation, Meliodas X Elizabeth or melizabeth Chapter 204

"You even dare to meddle in my affairs? Who do you work under?" Wang Ruiyuan asked calmly, he had been staring at Qing Shui's back all this time.

It's time to return!

Yiye Jiange was stunned for a moment, but nodded her head. She glanced towards Qing Shui suspiciously, which caused him to develop a guilty conscience. He wasn't sure whether Yiye Jiange knew about his relationship with Zhu Qing or not.

His third eye opened on his forehead, and his view of the world suddenly became brighter and more colorful. Now that he didn't need to conceal his techniques, he performed an incantation gesture and pointed out, drawing on Violet Qi Cauldron Summoning. Heaven and earth shook as he waved his sleeve, causing water vapor to roil about, which was the Waterswamp Kingdom.

"You've been sitting there this whole time. And if I'm close enough to you, it won't be easy to use Archaean Luminescence. It's timeĦ­ for close-quarters fighting!" Gritting his teeth, he closed in, only to see that the Worldly Daoist had frowned slightly. Waving his right hand, the Worldly Daoist summonedĦ­ a mountain!

After a slight hesitation, Qing Shui fed the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee the Saint Jade Poisonous Pearl. Earlier, he was afraid that the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee would not be able to absorb it, and was afraid that some mishap may happen. Qing Shui could not bear for anything bad to befall on it.

"You can stay at wherever you'd like..."

A hopeful expression appeared on Qing Shui's face. If Qing Shui could forge the Big Dipper Sword well, his abilities would be improved by quite a lot. With another good weapon, there should be amazing effects.

"A little." Ye Guyan didn't smile at all. Qing Shui could only rub his nose speechlessly after he heard her words.

"You know, back when I came to the Blood Stream Sect, I used a mask to disguise myself as Nightcrypt. My plan wasn't to snag a Daoist partner; I just needed to get into Junwan's bedchamber to steal some treasure." Chuckling, he rubbed his nose, and then pulled out the little turtle. Before the little turtle could complain, he held him out and said, "This thing! See? He was what I came to steal. Who would have thoughtĦ­ that I would end up stealing the heart of my future Daoist partner too?"?

By now Elder Ge completely believed that Qing Shui would be able to restore him. He was so surprised that he didn't seem to know what to do. Although it would take three years for him to recover, he'd still be extremely delighted even if it would take thirty years.

"Dammit! I'm gonna kill him! I'm gonna exterminate him! He's stained the north bank for all eternity!!" It was easy to imagine how in the future, every time the north bank disciples looked at their own battle beasts, they would think about the tragedy of Beihan Lie.

In the end, the little fellow received so much that he didn't even have enough hands to hold them. Almost everyone in Qing Clan gave him a present and of course, the same went for Luan Luan and Yuchang.

Because of his surge in power and the strengthening of his spiritual energy, the golden lotus the size of a washbasin had become twice as large as before - or even more. The current diameter of the lotus was about two feet wide. It used to be a feet wide at most.

Bai Xiaochun was already scowling on the verge of tears. He knew that Vile-Emperor City was a dangerous place, not because people would attack him openly, but because of the intrigue and scheming that went on there.

The four peak lords exchanged glances, then paid Bai Xiaochun no further heed. An Inner Sect disciple from Ghostfang Peak was assigned to escort him to the Beast Conservatory, whereupon everyone dispersed.

"Heavens! I can't believe it's actually a tier-5 spirit medicine!"

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