12 Hours After Chapter 161

12 Hours After Chapter 161

Immediately reassigning her target, the girl shot a single arrow that flew at one of the men with a golden light. Following an explosive bang, the man flew away with blood coming out from his mouth.

Chen Jiang's name had become completely famous in today's auction. Regardless of who it was, Shangguan Clan or Myriad Sword Sect, he didn't take any of them seriously. Since the beginning of the auction, he had repeatedly fought both these superpowers.

Right now, a group of men from Lianyun Castle stood opposite of these men in black. All of them were angrily gnashing their teeth. Furious expressions filled their faces, because they could only watch their people bringing brought away by these evil men with no ability whatsoever to stop them. It hard for ordinary people to understand how they felt right now.

Very soon, over twenty of the thousand-year heavenly resources were all consumed by the cub. After eating it all, the tiger cub gave a satisfied burp before closing its eyes. It lay down on the bed without moving, falling asleep to digest the heavenly resources again.

"What Brother Yan said is correct. What you all saw today was not everything the Martial Saint Dynasty had to offer. Although the Old Emperor and Imperial Emperor have both been killed by Jiang Chen, there is still a Second Grade Combat King warrior hiding in the Martial Saint Dynasty, my Great Imperial Uncle. He has been living in seclusion, cut off from all worldly matters, and I am afraid he has reached the peak of the Second Grade Combat King realm, and is only one step away from the Third Grade Combat King realm. It's going to be really difficult to deal with him, and I don't think it will take long before the Old Great Emperor strikes."

By now, Jian Chen had already plundered the entirety of the treasury. The Pingyang Kingdom was not financially unstable now nor had the entire economy halted, and this was better than killing every single high ranking official and able bodied person. After all, these officials were still the strongest in the kingdom and without them, there would be no one to supervise the fallout from the looting. In such a politically, financially, and physically unstable state, it was truly a terrifying situation to be in, especially in a world that revered strength as power.

"With my current strength, these Mid Divine Core demon souls can barely provide me any benefits, and the Early Divine Core demon souls are even worse. As for those Heavenly Core demon souls, they're just worthless, absorbing one of those is like a tiger eating an ant; worthless. But, since I can't find any way to use them, I might as well just absorb them all."

Situ Qing let out a mouthful of blood; his entire body came hurtling down to the ground at great speed. As it were, his life was already at an end, and using his own lifeforce to temporarily boost his own strength left him with practically no lifeforce left. Combined with the poison from Nubis invading his body and devouring his innards, he was already an arrow at the end of its trajectory, a candle with its wick almost burnt away.

Jian Chen sat down right in front of the king with a slightly surprised look. "Despite it only being several days since I last saw your Majesty, his Highness still looks as well as ever. Living to the age of 500 will be of no problem."


"Despicable! This Nangong Yunzheng is a truly despicable man! He is also from the Nangong family, so why does he use such despicable tactics?!"

Feeling the numbness on his arm because of the backlash, Shangguan Chong was startled.

"Little Chen, why did you accept the challenge?"

Cai Dong was starting to act aggressively.

At this moment, a white light appeared in the distant horizon, illuminating the pitch-black sky. It created a unique scene, which attracted the attention of countless people on the distant riverbanks. The white rays of light were all Radiant Saint Force, that gathered towards Jian Chen from five kilometers away.

The barbarian elephant unleashed by Nangong Wentian raised its huge feet and immediately stepped onto the illusionary gigantic fist. With a loud explosive sound, the fist was instantly shattered, and the energy ripples shooting out from the energy whirlpool disappeared as well. But now, the illusionary image of the barbarian elephant had started fading.

Jiang Chen asked.

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