Closing the Gap Chapter 1328

Closing the Gap Chapter 1328

Guan Yiyun strengthened his spirit.


Night quickly gave way to day. In the morning, Jian Chen said his farewells to Changyang Ba before taking Bi Yuntian and Bi Lian into the air. They headed away from the manor toward the Blue Wind Kingdom.

The richly dressed Qin Ji walked to the stone door and raised his hand to touch it with a calm expression. "Breaking open this door will allow us entry into the immortal's cave, let us have all of those with a Ruler Armament strike at it at the same time. I doubt this door will be able to withstand the might of six Ruler Armaments."

Without any hesitation, Yan Zhan Yun walked out from the courtyard. The disciples from the Heavenly Blade Clan, he didn't dare neglect them even slightly.

"Could it be we are to sit on top of a flying magical beast? I've never rode on one before." Upon seeing the four magical beasts, Ming Dong cried out with some excitement.Chapter 286: Grand Elder

Smiling widely, Xiao Tian spoke, "You are too modest, to be able to accompany an Imperial Protector is a great honor to me."

"That isn't something we should worry about. In the face of absolute power, any machinations become as threatening as a paper tiger. The men with brains will see the strength of our group and know what they ought to do. To follow us would be to further their paths and reach a new height. If they stay within the mercenary group for long enough, they will become to come to love and cherish the group. Just like a civilian that lives in a kingdom, they will come to love the kingdom and cherish it as their family." The princess spoke. "Moreover, Jian Chen is a Heaven Saint Master and a very strong one at that. The amount of individuals like him in any single kingdom is known to be scarce no matter where you are. To have a Heaven Saint Master as your patron is something every single person hopes for. To have a Heaven Saint Master as their patron is to have their statuses elevated even if they themselves are not strong. Needless to say they will not fear some other force swallowing their power whole. Thus, they have no reason to decline joining us."

The peaceful days for the city were now gone, and everyone in the Jiang family felt worried. It was a bright, sunny day, but the whole city was covered in clouds.

Jian Chen followed Jamie to a counter. Behind the counter sat an old man who also wore an azure badge.

Elder Feng shook his head before taking out a letter from his Space Ring to give to the head, "Lord Jiang, please take a look."

Changyang Hu grabbed Jian Chen's arm, his expression downtrodden as he spoke with concern, "Fourth brother, you'd better be careful in the outside world, understand?"

After Jiang Chen reincarnated, his biggest goal was to return to the Divine Continent, and once again reach the top of the world. After that, he would enter the legendary Immortal Realm! One of the most important parts along this journey was to find and retrieve the Heavenly Saint Sword.

"Adv££ advanced££ Earth Tier Battle Skill! Good heavens££ I'm££ I'm rich!" The person cried out as he looked at the book with joy and unable to restrain his emotions. At this sound, many people turned around to look.

Since the other party had not been rude to him, Jian Chen returned the smile, "Senior is too polite. For such a small matter, I, Jian Chen, have already forgotten about it. As long as no one else looks for trouble with me, then I will not recklessly declare anyone as my enemy."


Wu Cong told Wu Jiu while holding the Imperial Decree in hand.

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