Stardom- Logan Williams Chapter 1058

Stardom- Logan Williams Chapter 1058

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"I won't be going down. Don't worry. Senior Martial Uncle won't try to harm you." Fei Wuji laughed. He found that Qing Shui was too apprehensive.?

Although the two parties were separated by the formation, they were involved in a very strange and unique showdown!

"Do you remember the Old Master's words? When you learn to put things down, you may discover to truly pick things up, or rather, you had not really put things down."

Qing Shui taught her the method to use it, causing Luan Luan to jump around happily!

As he looked out of the cage at Bai Xiaochun, his eyes shone with indescribable terror, as though Bai Xiaochun were an evil ghost the likes of which could strike fear deep into the heart. No one had ever seen Old Devil Zhou with an expression like that in his eyes. It was as if Bai Xiaochun was so terrifying to him that he was a nightmare eternally branded into the man's mind.

Eyes still flickering with the gleam of reminiscence, Bai Xiaochun began to speak in a voice so soft it seemed that he had forgotten about Zhao Tianjiao's presence. "You have to take your time. Make it seem like you are slowly coming to accept her....

Back when he had parted ways with Bai Xiaochun, he had immediately gone outside the sect to start working on missions. Lots of them. Nearly a year had passed, and he had faced many potentially fatal situations. However, he had gone all out to complete most of his missions, and had only a few more to go, all of them inside of the necropolis ruins. After accomplishing those missions, he would have a savings of tens of thousands of merit points.

The audience gaped, and some people's vision started to turn black as they realized they had underestimated the true depth of Bai Xiaochun's shamelessness....

Entering into his spatial realm, the first thing he wanted to do, was to level up his soulshake bell. After which, he cultivated the Ancient Strengthening Technique as well as his hidden weapon techniques. He knew that to fight someone of a higher level, it would be almost impossible to win without hidden tricks. His eyes suddenly shone with a luster as he thought of something.

"When you are outside, its best to not let people see it, disguising the exterior would save you some trouble." Qing Shui reminded the three girls.

Qing Shui did not lack perseverance or determination. He understood well that he was akin to metal. Metal needs to suffer blows from the smith's hammer and be refined in fire before it can be forged into a good sword. In addition to that, the Yin-Yang Symbol in his sea of consciousness, was also enhancing his spirit and mind, granting him a high level of comprehension. That, when coupled with his unyielding personality as well as the aiding effects of his spatial realm meant that nothing would be impossible for him!

The amount of items couldn't be considered too much or little. There were many demonic beast cores, perhaps the leftovers of the demonic spider's meals, but there wasn't anything in particular that piqued Qing Shui's interest. His Five-Headed Demonic Spider did not have a fearsome level of strength before its breakthrough and he doubted that just one demonic beast could keep anything special. With this in mind, he didn't feel any disappointment.

It wasn't a very large pill furnace, but neither was it small. When it thumped down onto the ground in front of Zhou Yixing, his jaw dropped.

Then Bai Xiaochun wasn't sure if that meant they had six devas or fiveĦ­. Either way, he would be completely dominated. And that wasn't even mentioning the fact that there was a demigod in that crystal coffin up above.

In the following days, the crew tried to keep a low profile, and even avoided going out alone. One evening several days later, Bai Xiaochun was ladling soup out into one thick-bottomed bowl after another. Suddenly, he heard the sounds of footsteps coming from the path outside.

Qing Shui accompanied Qing Luo and Lin Zhanhan in Qing Village for almost half a day. After that, the three of them rode the Fire Bird back to Hundred Miles City.

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