Itachi with a system Chapter 2015

Itachi with a system Chapter 2015

£ĤAll the emperors are dead, so why are you still alive?'

Little Fatty looked at the tiger cub on Jian Chen's shoulder. "Jian Chen, I can tell that this cub is very strong. Is it a Class 5 Magical Beast already?"

"Ignorant, Whirling Sun Square was built by the four big sects' combined efforts for the sole purpose of the yearly Qi Province competition. Would it work if it was small?"

Looking at them, an uncontrollable anger immediately exploded within Jiang Chen's body. From their wounds, he could easily tell what their opponents had done to them. It required some really cruel and brutal methods to make a Late Mortal Core warrior lose his ability to move.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. This golden egg was definitely an unexpected gain during his trip to Misty Mountain. He was soon going to enter Inferno Hell, and it was a place filled with great dangers. If he was able to break through to the Late Heavenly Core realm and increase his overall combat strength, then that would give him more confidence when entering Inferno Hell.

"Damn it, who did this to brother Ba? What a daring bastard! I'll go look for the prince now, I don't care who this guy is; I'll make sure he dies in the most miserable manner!"

"That's right, one hundred years ago, my grandfather came to the Southern Continent, and with his extraordinary talent, he established a massive foundation for the Nangong family. After that, he decided to make that land his permanent home, then he married and had a lot of children. Also, the Nangong family has an amazing treasure that no outsides know about. My grandfather brought it with him when he arrived at the Southern Continent, and even I have no idea what the treasure looks like, I only that my grandfather hid it in a secret place within the Nangong family and blocked all access to it with the Profound Sun Formation. However, the hidden treasure doesn't have any powerful usages, its only function is to produce a certain amount of Nine Solar Holy Water each years, and because of the Nine Solar Holy Water, the Nangong family has risen abruptly in just a few dozen years, becoming one of the true superpowers in the Southern Continent."

The man trembled. He looked at Jiang Chen with shock. He couldn't understand what Jiang Che meant. How could Jiang Chen let him go just like that and ask him to get lost? How could this be possible?

"The head of the Mu Rong family has appeared!"

Mao Fang struck once again. He unleashed a giant energy web, and figures of Flood Dragons could be found all over the web. This was an incredibly strong combat skill, and if he could obtain the blood essence of a real Flood Dragon, and study how a Flood Dragon fought, his combat skill would see a significant improvement.

Jiang Chen hurriedly changed the focus to Han Yan, Giving Daoist Black an excuse to escape from this embarrassing moment.

Seeing everyone's brilliant expression, Jian Chen shook his head with a bitter smile. To the Flame Mercenaries, a Class 3 Magical Beast was something far beyond their strength. They couldn't kill it in one blow, and if they were hit with one blow, then that would be the end for them. To the mercenaries whose strength was weaker than a Class 3 Magical Beast, this display of strength shocked them to their core.

Hearing Jian Chen's warning, the group paused as each one of them stared up ahead. However, no matter how much they strained their eyes, they could only see an empty plain in front of them with no strange object.

"Earth Tier Battle Skill!" Feeling the pressure beginning to mount up on his body, Jian Chen couldn't help but smirk in disdain. Unless he was going up against a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, anything else, even an Earth Tier Battle Skill, would not pose a threat to him at all.

"Ta!" As if lightning went off within Nubis' body, another burst of sound could be heard. The shock wave from that blast rippled past and out around Nubis' body, cracking the ground beneath. The golden prison that was Nubis' body suddenly spanned across the sky like a long golden rope or a ribbon with a shiny luster.

Jian Chen was quiet for a brief moment before replying, "I wish to find the blue-robed one named Bi Hai. The one that Situ Qing invited. Would either of you three know of a way to find him?"

"Not good!"

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