The Vessel of Power Chapter 1377

The Vessel of Power Chapter 1377

"Young master, this is all my fault." Chang Wuji's lips began to tremble as he spoke. After using his Heaven Tier Battle Skill to kill two of the Heaven Saint Masters, the Pingyang Kingdom had taken revenge on Changyang Hu.

The Imperial Emperor said.Chapter 454 Ă¿ The Day of War

"Young Master, should I still strip him?"

"Master, what brother Jiang said is correct. I can go to the Great Leiyin Temple and become a disciple there. After that, I'll leave the Western Region and continue my training. This is a win-win situation, and it can also let you live in peace."

"An Early Heavenly Core devil, it's really weak, and it doesn't have any more effect on me. If we bump into any more devils later on, we'll still gather their devil souls, as I think it will be able to help Brother Yan."

Jian Chen nodded. "The battle outside has stopped. Mother, you should go out to check, I'll treat princess You Yue."

Hearing what the two of them said, the five Imperial Advisors looked at each other in shock. Although Jian Chen was young, they had all thought that Jian Chen's true age was at the very least older than what his appearance portrayed. After all, the appearance of a person was not a true way to determine a person's age. After hearing what Changyang Ba said, the five of them realized that Jian Chen was truly younger than they thought. He was only 21 years old.

While the patriarch was stuck in his moment of confusion, Jian Chen's sword had already flew at him once more. The hazy light emanating from the Light Wind Sword was as clear as day in the night, As fast as lightning, the sword flew through the rain with a matchless speed as it aimed at the patriarch's throat.

Big Yellow nodded his head in agreement. After having spent some time here, he finally understood how dangerous this place was. Since their arrival, they had bumped into three strange creatures; the Evil Devil, the Nine Life Crystal Beast, and the Double Headed Black Crow. They might even bump into weirder and rarer creatures soon. But, no matter how many incredible the demons and devils were, Big Yellow wouldn't feel shocked anymore.

Later on in the night, Jian Chen held two monster cores in his hands as he continued to cultivate on his bed. For the sake of succeeding within the Gathering of the Mercenaries, Jian Chen had to continue cultivating his strength. His goal was to enter the top three and earn a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

"But to infuse Radiant Saint Force into a pill is the same as having a person stick their finger into stone. It isn't easy to do, and not many Radiant Saint Masters can do so. Thus, Radiant Spirit pills aren't easy to make in large quantities."

"He went to the Southern Continent, I don't think he'll come back here anytime soon. Oh right, Little Yu, has that bullshit Crown Prince disturbed you these few days?"

"Oh right, monk, is this Heavenly Tower run by monks as well?"

"The Jialuo clan bids 24,000 purple coins££"

Lee Chang Hong's body started shaking, he sent out his qi and punched forcefully towards Jiang Chen.The punch was so strong that it made a thundering sound in the air.There was a bright light coming from his fist, and it looked like Jiang Chen was about to be defeated by this single punch.

Jian Chen smiled at the group, "Seeing how you don't seem to be such bad people, I won't shame you. Hand over your tokens and I will guarantee that I will not hurt you."

"The president is extremely correct. We definitely cannot let such a prodigy go." The fifth elder said.

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