Trial Marriage Husband Need to Work Hard Chapter 1951

Trial Marriage Husband Need to Work Hard Chapter 1951

Yan Chen Yu was in a bad mood, and the first person she thought about was Big Bro Jiang Chen.

"Who are you?"

"Chen Gege, I'm a Combat Soul warrior now! From now on, I can help you beat those bad guys!"

Presently, the situation within the northern stronghold had been resolved, but with the four united kingdoms still against them, danger was still imminent.

"I'm fine. The Earth Devil is done for."

"We're done for, even the mayor is going to get killed by them! Fragrant Sky City is done for, we're all doomed!"

Jiang Chen asked.

"What's going on?"

At this stage between life and death, Tianxiong Lie had an alarmed face as he immediately turned his face away so that his neck would not be completely speared through.

The headmaster turned towards Bai En and casually waved his hand, "Forget it, let them handle it by themselves. As long as they don't make a big deal out of it, we won't interfere. Besides, this should be a test for them; if they can't take everything thrown at them, then they won't mature into fine warriors."Chapter 25: Instructing Big Brother

Only a meager few words had been scrawled on the letter, causing Jian Chen's expression to become very grim.

Jian Chen swung his hand and the four corpses blocking the path immediately disappeared into the thicket on the both sides. At the same time, four Space Rings flew into Jian Chen's hand with great speed.

The pressure on Jian Chen had noticeably decreased with one Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master short in the battle. He was able to unleash an endless amount of refined sword moves one after another by using the Origin energy as his sword. With his attainments in the path of the sword, he quickly inflicted serious damage on both Hu Ba and the other, causing them both to spit out blood.

"Besides, his movements aren't bad. If he wanted to run away, then he has a good chance of succeeding. To him, this might just be a test; after all, if he only cultivated quickly, it would only bring him so far. One must undergo a trial of blood and fire in order to truly be tested. Only when one walks the line in between life or death can one truly be called a genius. Otherwise, it would disgrace the very word of a genius."

"Seems like you'll have to taste some pain before you turn obedient." Saiya's eyes grew cold as he extended both of his hands. All of the fire elements in the world began to gather around him as an indication that he was about to attack.

"Jiang Zhen Hai, you are carrying your joke too far."

The surrounding disciples' discussions became heated. Although people were communicating privately with quiet voices, Jiang Chen had good hearing, so he heard every single word spoken. He couldn't help but laugh and shake his head. He had never expected that even before coming to the Black Sect, he would already become so famous.

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