Hentai God System Chapter 1648

Hentai God System Chapter 1648

The courtyard here was rather big and there was also a very spacious backyard. However, this did not disturbed Qing Clan's cultivation. Now that everyone was sitting in the living room, they started to discuss some interesting matters.

But nowˇ­ Sigh.. There was no use for regrets..

Gongsun Jianwu was silent. Her eyebrows were slightly knitted, as she frowned!

And thus, his expression flickered slightly.

The Essence of the ferocious Mental State akin to that of Immovable Mountains

"Sit, I knew you would come today. Is this about the matter of Donggong Taiqing's duel with a youth?" The old man said without even raising his head.

"Teacher, can we reach Xiantian with this Tiger Form?" Tian Yuan asked with eyes full of curiosity.

In the formation that surrounded the Mu Clan, only the space before Qing Shui was not sealed up, with the eye of the formation vacated. This was left for the people from the Mu Clan to pass through, and right now, everyone was gathered here.

"Today was an accident, but I already wanted to do this with you a long time ago. I didn't think it would be so fast. I wanted to find a man because I didn't want to be like how I was before. It's just that, once I see a man and think about the things that I have to do with him, I feel unbearable disgust. However, I didn't hate you when I had my first time with you." She said timidly as she enjoyed physical pleasure.

The sky had just turned dark, and the firecrackers were already exploding endlessly. Brilliant fireworks were rising up from every arena of the Heavenly Palace's nine halls.

This feeling made Qing Shui feel like laughing. It was an indescribable feeling. He stretched his hands out to touch this huge fellow, trying to sense its abilities. He was actually unable to tellˇ­ˇ­


"Qing Shui, go get your weapon!"

He strolled down the mountain path, looking around cautiously as he went along to make sure he wasn't being followed. His expression was grave as he pondered how to go about stealing a chicken from the next chicken farm. As the wind blew, it fluttered the silk band tied around his arm.


"But...." The young man stared in shock, then bitterly clasped his hands and bowed. Not daring to say anything further, he left.

"We must stop him!"

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