Silent Chapter 2085

Silent Chapter 2085

Jiang Chen said out loudly. He had his own dao, his own set of principles. Although he was cruel and brutal, and used ferocious approaches towards his enemies; he was a man that could clearly distinguish kindness and hatred. In this world, there was no cause if there was no reason. These teenage girls in front of him were so weak and innocent, and these Blood Devils had violated the most basic human rules; they had to be killed.

Xuan Ye asked in a worried manner.

Big Yellow looked at the black hawk, and suddenly a smile appeared on his face for some unknown reason.


"Brother Jiang Chen, I know you're afraid that Lee Shan Yue will send someone to attack the Jiang family, but I thought there was a Heavenly Core warrior residing in your Jiang family?"

Jiang Chen waved at the townspeople of Redsun Town, then he flew straight towards his mansion.

Jiang Chen predicted that if Big Yellow could stimulate the transformation of his bloodline with the Flaming Stallion's blood essence, it was highly possible for him to break through to the Demon King realm.



At the same time, a single machete appeared within the third elder's hand. With an explosive bang, the air around the machete began to distort from the energy being gathered within it. Then, with a grunt, the third elder brought the machete smashing down upon Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword.

"The Winged Tiger God is a divine beast, but if the king of the Gilligan clan is chasing after it, it seems this situation is extremely complicated.

"Senior disciple Cai Dong is from the inner circle, we were ordered by him to do all of this! The news about you dying in the Myriad Demon Mountain also came from his mouth!"

"What did you just say? What is that Chen Shuang doing?! Why hasn't he killed him yet?!"

"Who are you guys?"

Two hours had past before Jian Chen had realized he had been pondering to himself within his room. It was only when a knock on the door was heard that Jian Chen was snapped out from his thoughts.

"No, we'll wait here without giving that guy any chance to come out. The training of the outer circle disciples and the inner circle disciples will take another seven days. After seven days, we'll leave with them, and if that guy still hasn't come out by then, that means he has been killed by the Firethorn Savage and won't come out again. Nobody can stay in sector three unharmed for more than seven days."

"Perfect, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil has gone berserk and is going to lose its senses soon, this is my chance; Nine Phantom Wolves!"

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