Stellar transformation Chapter 628

Stellar transformation Chapter 628


Liu Hong said in a vicious manner.


"What? You're going to break through to the Heavenly Core realm?!"

£¦I can't practice the Nine Solar Energies combat skill for now, but I can practice the Six Solar Fingers combat skill, which is derived from the Solar Energies skill.It is also the foundation for the Nine Solar Energies skill, and its power is comparable to a High Earth Combat Skill.'

Looking at their Mayor, the manager and the rest immediately felt relaxed. They hurriedly moved aside. The Mayor's mansion wasn't far away from the Silver Moon Restaurant, so right after Yin Zhong Cheng felt the talisman being broken, he immediately rushed over. A Heavenly Core warrior was able to fly, so the distance between the Mayor's mansion and the Silver Moon Restaurant could be crossed by the time an ordinary man blinked his eyes a couple of times.

Pausing for a moment, Jian Chen stared seriously at everyone. "I still have something to give to everyone when we arrive at the Magical Beast Mountain Range. It'll lend a hand in improving your strength, do you all understand now?"

"Grrrrr, Jiang Chen, fuck your grandfather!"

Now at least a dozen times stronger than before, Jian Chen's Saint Force continued to wash over his skin before assimilating into each part of his body.

He knew that using the Space Gate to transport an army would require a huge sum of Class 5 Monster Cores, but he had killed many Heaven Saint Masters and obtained plenty of Class 5 and Class 6 Monster Cores from their Space Rings. In total, it had been a plentiful harvest of Class 5 Monster Cores and there were a decent amount of Class 6 Monster Cores now. Right now, Jian Chen was thinking about just how many people could be transported. Although it didn't need to be a large number, their strength had to be high enough in order for them to destroy the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom without the help of the Gesun Kingdom while also inspiring fear.

Hearing this, Jian Chen turned pale with fright from what the elder said, could he possibly want to eliminate the tiger cub here and now in order to avoid any future trouble?

Jian Chen hadn't disturbed the second lady and instead stood very still. Soon enough, the ballad the second lady was playing on her zither finished, allowing her to turn around. "Lord Jian Chen, please sit." There was a faint layer of muslin covering her face so that her appearance could not be seen.

"Tie Ta has returned, he's returned££"

"What a beautiful woman."

"That can't be. Right now the Zhou Mercenaries have a Great Saint Master and also have the close support of the Zhou Clan. Who could possible be looking for trouble with the Zhou Mercenaries?"

Seeing Jian Chen's hesitation, the king instantly knew what he was thinking about and grew anxious. Whether he could protect the Qiangan Kingdom or not depended on if Jian Chen was interested enough in this Saint Ruler's cave.

"But, in order to concoct the Profound Six Solar Pill or even the Profound Nine Solar Pill, aside from the Holy Water, we need another very important ingredient. The Firethorn Savage's demon soul. It is a beast of pure Yang which will provide the pill with lots of benefits. Anyone of you know where I can find this Firethorn Savage in the Qi Province?"

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