She Was Not As UGLY As You Thought Chapter 2766

She Was Not As UGLY As You Thought Chapter 2766

Although the Yan family had defeated the Lee family, everyone was focusing on Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. This man and dog were the keys to the elimination of the Lee family.

Huo Yuner roared out loudly. The insulting look in Jiang Chen's eyes was an insult to him.

The color on Mao Sheng's face kept changing between black and red. At the same time, his heart was pounding extremely fast. It wasn't difficult to imagine how angry he was right now, his trip to the Blissful Island had caused him to lose a lot of face. Not only had he lost a lot of disciples, he even received a huge blow to his face; he had now become the laughing stock for all the bystanders.

"How can you be so rude, can't you see we are in the middle of a discussion?"

"This brother here doesn't know what to call you." Jian Chen said.

"This is a middle tier Mortal level combat skill, and it's truly powerful! That Jiang Chen is only an Early Qi Hai warrior, he has no hope of defending against this attack! We are safe this time!"

Becoming an emperor; a man who ruled millions of people and brought glory to the ancestors of the Jiang family, this was an absolute honor, and no one could withstand such an enormous temptation. It was the power and status that he had never even dreamt about. But now, everything was place in front of him. As long as he agreed, the entire continent would belong to him.

Lee Shan Yue said.

Casting an eye behind them, Ming Dong's eyebrows furrowed together with an impatient look, "Jian Chen, shouldn't we get rid of those annoying gnats behind us?"

Just as Jian Chen had entered the auction house, a female worker had called out to him sweetly.

"Outrageous! To even strike at my guard? You are truly asking for trouble." Tian Jue boomed with a furious anger.

"Let's go. We'll leave the mountain as well. The men from the Lee family are all dead. The only candidates for joining the Heavenly Blade Sect are you guys."

The two fists struck against each other in midair, and the impact created a loud sound. It was so loud, that everyone in the crowd below the arena could hear it as clear as day.

Surrender, kneel down and apologize.

The bloodline of a Divine Beast might not look special in the beginning, but following the rise in cultivation realms, the power of the bloodline would slowly start revealing itself. Just like Big Yellow, his strength would soon become really terrifying.

After all that time Jian Chen had spent in the cask, the blood within had already been reduced by a quarter. Even the previously bloody smell had dissipated and the color of the blood had started to darken a bit.

Even now, she could clearly remember these memories. Her own heart felt as if she had lost something when she had first parted from Jian Chen. At the same time, she had felt happy when Jian Chen had been with her.

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