Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior Chapter 1224

Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior Chapter 1224

Qing Shui a little attracted to her, yearning to know the level he could reach if he could practise Duo Cultivation with her, but it is impossible for him to say that he was only keen on practising it for his own level! Furthermore, he was afraid that he could not resist her Nine Yin Qi!

"How dare he! Lord Turtle will beat him to death!!" The little turtle hated nothing in life more than people who stole treasure from him.

Hearing Qing Shui's words, Di Chen saw the Nine Palace Pendant he was holding. It was a beautiful and magnificent pendant. She looked at Qing Shui, puzzled, as if she was asking why he was gifting it to her.

His hair whipped about as a mighty wind swirled around him. At the same time, the image of the Heaven-Earth Furnace Cauldron appeared behind him. Clearly, he was far superior to any Qi Condensation cultivator.

Bai Zhentian was equally shaken. He was also well-versed in knowledge of demigods, and thus, was completely terrified by Bai Xiaochun.

"Hmm, connection?"

When he got near to the stall, he noticed that there are about dozen of White Tiger Stone on display!

Although the other party was quite stunned by this outcome, they quickly spread out. They did not have much knowledge of such hidden weapons but still knew a thing or two about them, especially one that covered such a large area. The poison on the hidden weapons were definitely extremely precious and when they had spread out, it wouldn't be possible for him to use the same technique on every single person.

One of them was Little Wolfgod, and another was Li Tiansheng. Miao Lin'er was also present.

The Four Phases Steps must not be underestimated. Its prowess and profoundness were able to strengthen one's battle capabilities by a lot. With Mu Qing's current strength, she would be able to handle an early Martial Emperor cultivator with a strength of over 100 stars.

"Sister Mingyue, let's go together. God-father said that the calligraphy and painting there are pretty good!" Huoyun Liu-Li added happily from the side.

"Hold on, test tube! Try my medicinal pill!"

Qing Shui now knew that the greater the risk, the greater the returns. It was just like the situation now, when Qing Shui's senses had told him that he should leave immediately, there seemed to be another voice calling out for him to fish one more one. This time, he would definitely be able to get hold of even better and more powerful treasures.

However, these three could easily achieve the strength of nine countries through synchronization. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to defeat a martial warrior with the strength of six countries even with their current strength of five countries.

Every time he thought about Hou Xiaomei and Song Junwan, his heart trembled.

Qing Shui smiled happily and retreated from his consciousness very quickly. This was considered good and he was very satisfied. After all, the chances of him being able to attain a breakthrough to the seventh heavenly layer through the Mysterious Fruit was close to zero. Although everything was possible with the Mysterious Fruit, the chances were too low and even if there was a possibility, it was merely a possibility.

One fist... had completely overwhelmed two devas. They vanished without a trace remaining, sucked into a black hole, possibly dead, possibly alive.

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