We Are a Family Chapter 1170

We Are a Family Chapter 1170

"I££ I said££ tha££ that person was££ Changyang££ Changyang Hu. He££ he was captured by a Heaven££ Heaven Saint Master in the Pingyang Kingdom. Al££ All four limbs were cut££ cut off££ and then££ and then strung up on the wall££ for an entire da££ day." The man stammered.Chapter 401: Advent of the Furious

"Carry on, once you reach the deeper area of sector two, the dangers will be greater! Even that big yellow dog will probably die in there, and if that really happens, then their bodies will get buried in there. Jiang Chen will disappear without anyone knowing what happened."

Jiang Chen nodded his head, agreeing with what Tyrant said. With their current overall strength, if a Devil Emperor was attracted to them, they would be killed without question, and running away would be impossible.

Although Jian Chen had been fast in his movements, the Peak Saint Master strength leader had only been forced to dodge to the side. Although, at the same time, looking at the shoulder plate of the man, Jian Chen could see the white scar traces from where the Light Wind Sword had grazed by.

"That's the carriage of the Zhou family, one of the eight great clans of the City of God. Who would've thought that they've come too££" Some people recognised the identity of the group of people and immediately cried out softly in surprise.

Jiang Chen turned around and looked at the four people, then he asked with a smile on his face, "Where did you guys come from? How long has it been since the Blood Devils appeared?"

The Radiant Saint Force began to gather slowly and illuminated the dark cave in an instant. The Radiant Saint Force began to condense into a milky white light that made the inside of the cave seem as if it was daytime. Within this previously dark cave, the Radiant Saint Force would have caused anyone that noticed it to instantly become awake. The bright light was as fierce as the sun itself, but while it continued to shine brightly, the sight was not intense on the eyes.

"Tiangang Yi greets the Ninth Emperor."

Right at this moment, a spatial crack suddenly opened up in front of them. A devil fully covered with black scales dashed out from the crack. It was a First Grade Devil King.

Seeing the yellow glow on the axe, Jian Chen's heavy expression couldn't help but sink even further. He then immediately retracted his Light Wind Sword to dodge Tianxiong Lie's attack. With a flash, he appeared next to Tianxiong Lie's side, and the Light Wind Sword pierced toward his waist.

Jian Chen was at this moment sitting on top of his bed within the inn of the Cloud Capital. As he was trying to cultivate, Xiao Bai continued to roll around on the covers of the bed for amusement. It had been fortunate that the cover was a very simple and inexpensive one, for it had already been torn to shreds by the claws of the tiger cub.

Forcing out a smile, Qing Shaofan laughed in embarrassment, "I'm just very curious."

This was a beautiful young girl with a near devastating beauty. Her skin was like pure white jade and her eyes seemed as if they were capable of enrapturing any soul that gazed into them. From her appearances, she looked to be around 22 years old and had a scholarly look to her.

However, now they had unexpectedly offended an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom. This was no longer a small matter, an Imperial Protector held a status that wasn't lower than the king in the Qinhuang Kingdom. With a few Imperial Protectors, they could even remove the current ruling king. The situation was starting to grow worse. The Sect of Dragon and Tiger watched the small matter in front of them grow bigger and bigger. It wouldn't be long before both powers would end up clashing against each other.

After entering the guest room, Jian Chen saw the manager of the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, Yullian who was sitting calmly by one of the tables; it looked as if she had been sitting there for some time already.

All four of the great guardians felt an urge to vomit blood. Even Wu Ningzhu was unable to take her eyes off of this young man. As the number one genius of the Profound River Palace, she never acknowledged herself inferior regarding talent to anybody else, but she had never met any super genius who had to face Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm.

Hearing this, Jian Chen let loose a strange smile. Without wasting words, he dashed towards Ka Di Yun, and used his Saint Force to amplify his strength as his fist flew at Ka Di Yun's head, cutting a sharp whistle through the air.

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