Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 662

Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 662

The reason for that was that the plants and vegetation in the Wildlands were not suitable for use in medicines. It was for a similar reason that spirit enhanced magical devices were much more rare in the Heavenspan River region.

Those who could afford to open a highly profitable business such as an auction house would not be a commoner. Rather, they all had a powerful influence behind their back as support. In most circumstances, these businessmen would not consider themselves to be a part of the aristocratic clans. As with all things, there were still a few exceptions.

As Bai Xiaochun arrived at the Chen Clan, the glowing shield sprang up, preventing him from entering. Then, a voice echoed out loud and clear.

Qing Shui knew that the guy was reminding him. It seemed like the Gongsun Clan had some status in the Heavenly Palace, but Qing Shui thought of his own pillar of support. In the Starmoon Hall, Fei Wuji and Cang Wuya should have even more status when compared to the Gongsun Clan by right, so Qing Shui wasn't too worried.

"I brought you here with me! You're supposed to take care of me...." Despite his protestations, Song Que simply snorted coldly, then turned and left. His plan was to go on some missions to earn the resources he needed to take care of himself.

Both Qing Ming and Qing Yan were nine months old and starting to walk wobbly. Occasionally, they were able to say words and the one they said the most was fight...

"1st place... 50 portions!!"

"If he formed that sea of fire back down into tongues of flame, then he would haveбн ten tongues of sixteen-colored flame! Heavens! How is this even possible!?!?"

"Since Elder Jiang knows you, please proceed." the middle age woman said courteously.

Qing Shui brought out the fish soup as he walked out, surprising the two ladies. He simply avoided their gaze for fear that they might question him. After all, there were some things which could not be explained without telling the truth. However, thank goodness for him there were many strange things in the world of the nine continents.

The Grand Heavenmaster's voice quavered in almost completely undetectable fashion as he spoke, as though the matter of which he spoke was of the most weighty significance. Feeling more alarmed than ever, Bai Xiaochun waved his hand, causing the door of the hall to open. When the Grand Heavenmaster rushed in, he was so anxious that he completely forgot to clasp hands in greeting.

None of them were very polite at all, three of them even attacked him with completely murderous auras. If he hadn't fled fast enough, it seemed likely that he would have been killed.

Yin Yuanjiao's departure stunned everyone. On the other hand, Qing Shui was wondering if this Young Master Yin would go crazy.

This young man was not in the Nascent Soul stage, only in the great circle of Core Formation. However, because of his status as an aristocratic necromancer, he was the type of person who commanded respect no matter where he went in the Wildlands.

Taking a deep breath, he stepped out into the wind blade zone and prepared to pick up speed. But then, a blast of wind could be heard behind him.

Including his first month, that meant four months had gone by, and it was time for Sky Quarter Rainbow's yearly Hall Selection Forum.

Countless Dark Concocters poured out into the open, excited looks on their faces as they clamored at the tops of their lungs.

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