Strange Love Chapter 1858

Strange Love Chapter 1858

"Young master Nanbei, what do you mean by that?"

After some men from the Tianqin clan came by the restore the broken door, Jian Chen closed the door once more and began to cultivate earnestly. Before the Gathering of the Mercenaries, he had to increase his strength as much as possible.

"Can the goods be saved?" The weak looking man asked.

Flying out from the water, Jian Chen hovered over the surface of the chilly water with his eyebrows narrowed in concentration. He had originally thought that with his omnipresence, nothing would be able to escape his grasp and he would be able to pinpoint the Saint Ruler's cave without fail. But now that he had searched the entire place, Jian Chen had finally realized that the level of concealment the cave had was far stronger than he initially thought.

Jiang Chen's voice was loud and clear, and it sounded out within every part of Redsun Town. He kept striking with his battle axe, and each strike would take away the lives of a few Blood Devils. They were all shattered into ashes by Jiang Chen's attack.

Jiang Chen asked with a laugh.


In the Magical Beast Mountain Range, a group of 20-40 year old worried mercenaries sat in a circle around each other.

"Take this sword attack!"

Ye Wuyou was really angry, and he immediately followed up the attack with another palm strike, crushing its way toward Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen glared at Nangong Yunzheng disdainfully. The Heavenly Saint Sword was his! And now, it had returned to its rightful master! No one; not even the father of the Heavens could even think about taking it away from him!

The four men were all grinning as they blocked Jiang Chen's path. With a cold voice, the leading man said, "Bald donkey, being impolite to senior disciple Qi and the rest of our disciples is no different from courting death. Also, you two, do you really think you're distinguished guests of the Heavenly Tower? You have no idea what your own status is! Now, I'll give you all a chance to stay alive. Give me all your devils souls."

"Wentian, can he do it?"

The cub didn't even bother to look up as it continued to eat the platter of food in front him with gusto. The rate at which the food was devoured was almost as if the tiger cub had been starved for several days.

Following that, the roars didn't seem to stop, and they were getting more violent each time. The furious roars had caused a tremendous storm to sweep across Misty Mountain.

After all the Nine Solar Holy Water entered Yan Chenyu's body, she started violently trembling, and a buzzing sound could be heard from within her body.

Suddenly, an azure and violet glow of light flashed in the room before the crisp sound of metal hitting metal could be heard. The forward momentum of the dark figure came to a grinding halt before his legs staggered back several steps. With each step he made, the clear, distinct sounds of footsteps could be heard.

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