NPC Max Rep Mayhem M|M Chapter 618

NPC Max Rep Mayhem M|M Chapter 618

"But, I need to examine your young lady personally and decide after looking at the actual situation."

Two ice-cold beams leaked out from Jiang Chen's eyes. Killing intent was bursting out from his body as he turned into a trail of light and shot toward his opponent. Today, his sole purpose was to wreak havoc; the more the better. He wanted to lure those mighty warriors who were qualified to open up the Freezing Hell Jail to him, as that was the only chance for him to enter.

"My dear son-in-law, this is my daughter, the grand princess: You Yue. This name was personally picked out for her by her mother." As they entered the room, the king introduced his daughter straight away, but when he mentioned You Yue's mother, his face showed a glint of sadness.Chapter 455: Rescinding the Engagement?

Jian Chen could only laugh and say, "If I'm letting it go, then why not let it have its freedom? On such a large continent, whether or not it can survive, it'll be up to its luck." Horses were the most common of animals on the continent as well as the most inferior and abundant type of transportation. Wild animals were also able to absorb the World Essence and eat a few treasures to become magical beasts. Even these horses had the ability to become one. Jian Chen had once read that 100 years ago, there was a horse with the strength of a Class 5 Magical Beast, however, its potential was limited and its innate ability was lacking. Advancing in strength for them was a difficult path as well as a long one.

"Jian Chen, come and eat! Today we shall be hunting, so you need to eat your fill so that you can be full of energy when you're fighting against the magical beasts." Kendall motioned for Jian Chen to sit down next to him at the long table.

"Boom!" There was almost no time given for them to think when yet another explosion rocked the battlefield. Ripples of energy flew across the sky, reshaping the earth around them. Such power was capable of terraforming the earth, mountain peaks within a few kilometers distance crumbled apart.

Just then, an old man wearing a light blue and luxurious chang pao walked up from below. He looked to be in his fifties or sixties. His hair was as white as a crane but his appearance was like that of a young man. He had a mysterious expression that constantly flashed in his eyes.

After walking for six hours within the poisonous cloud, Jian Chen and Ming Dong finally arrived at an area not affected by the cloud. Right in front of their eyes was a graceful looking valley filled with plenty of verdant grasslands. Compared to the barren wasteland outside, this area was filled with the abundant opportunities of life.

"Fellow swordsman, please accept me into your mercenary group as well££"

Nan Bei Chao's eyes were glowing red as he spoke with an indifferent tone. At this point, the four big geniuses had retracted their soul pressure. They realized that this young man in front of them must be cultivating some secret skill that allowed him to ignore all soul pressure. There was no point in continuing what they were doing.

At the same time, all disciples and elders from the Valley of Happiness felt glad they joined forces with the Black Sect. If they chose the strong side, their destinies might not have been any better than the other two big sects.

Tu Yi said.

Cai Doing stared at Jiang Chen with a hint of curiosity. The news about Jiang Chen's death had been told by his senior disciple, and it shouldn't have been wrong. But now, he could see Jiang Chen was alive and standing in front of him. The only explanation for this was that his senior disciple had failed to kill Jiang Chen.

"That patriarch has long since arrived at the pinnacle. After disappearing for ten years, I bet that he is looking for a way to make a breakthrough." Another said.


Seeing his friends standing there, Jian Chen had a pleasantly surprised smile on his face. He had originally thought that everyone was sent to different places, but they were still all here.

"Brother Jian Chen, we've not only managed to secure the tungsten alloy, we've also managed to deter the others with the power of the grand elder. From now on, we won't need to pay as much attention to the tungsten alloy. Now that the biggest headache is gone, what are you so worried about?" Huang Tianba asked Jian Chen.

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