Tyrant Chapter 1196

Tyrant Chapter 1196

Upon hearing mention of the fourth master, Yu Fengyan and Bi Yuntian both didn't know how to react. They were both stunned since even the fact that there was a fourth master was an unknown fact to most of the soldiers.

"Alright, let me explain to you all what had happened££"

"Is this the Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master Qin Ji told me about?" Jian Chen thought. Knowing who Xiao Tian was was completely different from actually meeting him. After seeing him just once however, Jian Chen had a feeling that Xiao Tian was an extremely righteous person.

"As the captain decrees!" He Yun spoke respectfully.

The next few days were relatively peaceful as the after effects of the magical beast wave had finally died down in Wake City. The entire city was already back to fully healing and was booming once more.

Clasp! Jiang Chen once again slapped Qiu Tianba, throwing him onto the ground.

The cold stare intensified onto Jian Chen as the man's face froze impassively. In his heart he had felt a strange premonition. Jian Chen's reaction was completely abnormal, letting him feel a bit uneasy.

Yan Yang couldn't hold it in anymore. He was also a genius himself, and every genius had their own pride. It was very rare that a genius would respect another genius, but what Jiang Chen had shown him today had truly gained his respect.

The old man felt shocked. He was surprised to see a young Heavenly Core warrior act like this. He had never met anyone like this in his life before, but the old man did like Jiang Chen's words.

Striding to Bi Yuntian's side and looking left and right, Changyang Ba asked, "Yun'er, Xiang'er has returned hasn't he? Where is he then?"

Many people were instantly shocked. Jiang Chen was like a mighty demon lord, and there was nothing that could cause him to feel fear.

Yan Zhan Yun told him. The young man named Yan Yang was Yan Chen Yu's cousin and the number one genius in the Yan family. He was only 21 years, and he had reached the late Qi Hai realm. He was the one with the highest chance of breaking through to the Mortal Core realm before turning 25.

"Go and apologize to the villagers in person." Jian Chen spoke.

The woman raised the lute in her hand. With a gentle swing of her soft hand, a sound-wave rushed out toward Big Yellow. Many of the disciples felt an irritating feeling when they heard the sound, as if it was some devilish tune that caused those who heard it to feel extremely uncomfortable.

"Auctioneer Xu Neng, the Myriad Sword Sect can also provide all the ingredients and herbs required to concoct a Nine Soul Restoration Pill. Furthermore, we have a powerful Combat Soul alchemist, he can try to concoct this pill."

Jian Chen stood outside the main gate, and observed the branch of the Radiant Saint Master Union. From Lin Bai, not only did he learn that the Radiant Saint Master Union could provide authentication tests for all Radiant Saint Masters, it also provided lodging and food for free to all Radiant Saint Masters. In other words, not exaggerated in the slightest part, the branches of the union were inns to Radiant Saint Masters. An extremely safe, special inn where no one could be harassed.

As he attacked, the space around the two men solidified almost as if it froze over to lock Jian Chen's body into place. For the time being, Jian Chen would be unable to move from his spot, and for the first time since this battle begun, Jian Chen felt that he was at a very good odd of dying to this one strike.Chapter 666: Fall of a Saint Ruler (Four)

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