The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 2340

The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 2340

Yullian laughed gently, "Honored Wu Yun, please wait for a moment. While the Class 5 Magical Beast was indeed sold, the actual transaction will still need some time."

Everyone looked at Tianmu Ling with a strange look as they all thought to themselves with some shock. None of them had imagined that Tianmu Ling would be a charming girl and was at the same time a little unconventional in her attitude.

"Men! Come and take away this sharp-tongued fool. Then carve out his tongue!" The man barked out for his soldiers to hear.

Two blood-curdling screeches sounded out within the Fiery Magma Dragon, and just a split second afterwards, the screams came to a complete stop. With great speed, the Fiery Magma Dragon passed both men and continued flying forward, leaving bits of ashes in the air. Both Combat Soul warriors had completely vanished!Chapter sponsored by: Jakov! Thank you very much!

Jian Chen's eyes swept past the items one by one until it landed upon a fist sized white stone. It was in a particularly peculiar shape and was completely white, but other than that, it was unremarkable. Compared to other white stones, this one didn't seem to be any different.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows and shouted to the man in a cold manner.

Daoist Black's expression turned stern. As the Sect Chief, he needed to maintain dignity that no one could challenge. No one could question his decision, even if that person was a highly acclaimed Sect Elder.

"We must save Brother Yan, but it's extremely dangerous to kill the Earth Devil."


"What poison is this for it to be so strong?"

"There are many fantastics things to be found in there, but what truly interests the Saint Rulers are the Saint Tier Battle Skills." Jian Chen had spoken honestly to Hu Xiaotian. Mercenary City was a strong place to be in, and there was no need for him to hide or worry about the secret at all. It was something that he believed all Saint Rulers already knew and wasn't a secret at all.

"It looks like the Skynet Formation has been divided into two parts by you. They I destroyed just now wasn't the real Skynet Formation."

The elderly man informed the boss very quickly. Not long after, the boss of the Flood Dragon Bandits walked out of the manor with a great group behind him.

"Get lost!"

With the speed of the Judgement's Sword, it had killed another three assassin in less than a second. Afterwards, it continued to pursue the other with no change in speed.

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed as killing intent began leaking out from his eyes. It was destined for Jiang Chen and the Asura Palace to have a life and death relationship. He had to seek revenge for Big Yellow, and he also had to retrieve that broken sword no matter what, as it belonged to Big Yellow.

However, Jiang Chen did indeed want to participate in this competition.

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