I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 1258

I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 1258

"It's not worth it!" He suddenly shot backward in the face of Bai Xiaochun's next attack. Although it was a big loss of face, the danger was too great. Just like Reverend Devourer, he chose to flee, and even regretted having gotten involved to begin with.

He studied the medicinal plants down to the tiniest detail, until he could close his eyes and recall an image of each and every one.

Although Qing Shui knew that there were many medicinal herbs in the Sacred Land of Panacea, especially valuable and precious ones, one would only have one day to come in each time and it was extremely dangerous. This was also why people who came in here seldom managed to get their hands on good items.

"And as for the three great clans, either they're not fully prepared, or they're hesitating. Well, regardless of which it is, this is a good opportunity for me!" With that, he checked his bag of holding to see how many souls he had left from when he had robbed the Cai Clan's soulgrounds. After performing fourteenfold spirit enhancements on all of his magical items, he had been left with a bit less than half the original amount. Later, he had done some experimentation with fifteen-colored flame, which left him running very low.

"Unfortunately for the Giant Ghost King, he was just unlucky enough to run into Lord Turtle. Hahaha! I wouldn't dare to speak about any other spell formation, but this is a turtle spell formation. Lord Turtle can't control it, but I can nullify its effects, at least temporarily. In fact, I already did! Come on, let's clean him out. We'll definitely succeed!

As the Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion began to invade the Chen Clan, the power of teleportation suddenly sprang up from pagoda in the middle of the clan. However, as it did, a cold harrumph also filled the air.

"I, Sievepill, offer greetings to the presiding sect!"

"So strong...." he thought, retracting his divine sense. As of this point, he felt much more powerful in all aspects. However, what got him even more excited than everything so far was that when he probed his own life force.... It pulsed with a boundlessness of shocking nature, which immediately pushed him to the brink of losing control of his emotions.

Qinghan Ye filtered through Qing Shui's words directly. However, she had never been able to understand Qing Shui. It was just that now Qing Shui had appeared even more unfamiliar. She did not know which side of him was the real him.

"Something big is coming¡­." It was hard to say who came to this conclusion first, but soon, everyone was talking about it.

Qing Shui was shocked, this was the longest that he had heard Di Chen spoke. It was the truth, when he thought carefully about her words, he thought about how he met Shi Qingzhuang, Huoyun Liu-Li, Canghai Mingyue, Wenren Wu-shuang¡­...

"Chat with you. I'm also tired, so I'll lie down for a while." After saying that, Qing Shui lifted up the blankets and went in, giving himself a little bit of satisfaction to use the blankets used by a goddess while an unparalleled beauty laid beside him!

The power of the Undying Hex could pierce through both spell formations and land alike, and although it hadn't worked in the labyrinth, considering that everything was collapsing, he had to give it a shot here.

"Are you going alone? Could you bring me along with you?"

"Do you know them, Dongqing?" Qing Shui calmly stared at the people across from them. Every single one of them were cultivators of Martial Saint Grade, yet couldn't withstand a single blow from him.

All creation began to tremble. The air around the evil ghost then began to collapse, creating what appeared to be the shape of an enormous mouth, which instantly gobbled up the ghost!

"Hahaha, who said that she's alone? Am I not here now?" The sound of loud laughter resounded from the distance, as an old man mounted on a two meter tall Purple Liondeer appeared with speed as fast as lightning. The speed of that mount was not much slower compared to the Immortal Crane, or maybe, it was because that Immortal Crane didn't go all out when it was flying earlier.

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