Rolf the Barbarian Battlemage Chapter 1313

Rolf the Barbarian Battlemage Chapter 1313

However, such methods would be useless against Bai Xiaochun! He could use his fleshly body to teleport!

However, Qing Shui wasn't the type to give up that easily. He continued on because he also felt that the technique wasn't as simple as it seemed. He wasn't sure about its potential yet. After all, this was the legendary Upper Dantian most people were talking about.

"Old man, what should I do?" in the end, Qing Shui really didn't know what to do. He didn't know how he could completely loosen himself up.

In this moment, he finally realized that this guy was very powerful and the rumors should be true. After all, they were but rumors; however, given that his young man could suppress him with just his spirit energy alone, it showed that the young man was much much stronger than he was.

Lastly, Ji Yunlang invited Qing Shui to the General Manor. However, Qing Shui declined politely. Ji Yunlang didn't force him either since he knew that Qing Shui still had other matters to attend to. Thus, he took his leave and left.

Either way, it didn't seem logical. It almost seemed like the mysterious sect hadn't considered what to do after Nightcrypt acquired the relic of eternal indestructibility. Perhaps they didn't really care about the relic at all, and simply wanted him to open the door. Or was it that they didn't believe Nightcrypt to be capable of actually acquiring the relic after opening the door?

"Haha, grandpa can have all you want. Now, there's even the turtle which is tastier than the black fish. They are both reared in the pond over there. Later, we'll cook up a feast for you to enjoy and have a good meal." Qing Shui and company chatted happily next to the water, and entered the lounge after taking a look at the pond!

? ?

Soon, his second bottle went up, and ended up selling for a slightly higher price, 200 spirit stones. Bai Xiaochun was very pleased.

As soon as Bai Xiaochun got near, he noticed the strangeness of the clan, and couldn't help but exclaim, "Eee?!"

Duanmu Lingshuang and Hu Yanlin greeted Lady Duanmu. Compared to Duanmu Lingshuang's joy, Hu Yanlin's greeting was more of a form of respect.

"I have confidence, you all just watch from below. Don't worry, I'm very afraid of dying," Qing Shui declined with a smile.

Looking at the effects but unable to refine it, Qing Shui felt very disappointed and depressed. He did not even want to accumulate experience to get the next prescription and the Heaven Defining Pill.

"You're lying!!" Bai Xiaochun said angrily.

Qing Shui was suspicious, what kind of condition could cause such a reaction in this kind of woman?

? ?

Bai Xiaochun was convinced that he was so marvelous, no one would ever truly be able to comprehend the full extent of it.

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