System Of Twin Daggers Chapter 301

System Of Twin Daggers Chapter 301

After exiting the tower, Jian Chen looked at the school medal in his hands. Aside from it being proof of him being a student, it also contained his dorm address.

Several Black Armor soldiers stood right outside the palace gates in a single line with stone expressions. They radiated a fierce spirit ready to kill. The head soldier spoke in a polite voice, "Your Highness the second prince and honored prime minister, this is the imperial palace of the fourth master of the Changyang clan. Without his permission, you cannot go inside."

"Yes. Those golden rays have the same aura as that treasure. That monk must be hiding on this island."

Sighing, Jian Chen held out a purple coin and gave it to him. Leaving the room, Jian Chen thought about the Jiede clan. It had been unfortunate that he felt helpless in trying to find where the Jiede clan was.

Jian Chen gave a casual smile as he said, "It was nothing major. A mysterious black robed man attacked me last night, but brother Qin Xiao shouldn't concern himself with the matter."


"What abundant energy of the world. The energy of the world here is actually twice as dense as other places. If you cultivate here, it may not be as fast as directly absorbing Monster Core, but it'll definitely be much faster than outside." Jian Chen stared at the top of the mountain, "And the closer you get to the peak, the more abundant the energy of the world becomes. This Coiled Dragon Mountain is a spirit mountain where energy of the world naturally gathers. It's a great place to found a sect, but too bad it's taken up by a bunch of thugs. What a pity."

After changing his clothes for a clean pair, Jian Chen took the five Space Rings from under the tree nearby and began to inspect the items within. One of the five Space Rings was from the patriarch of the Xia clan while the other four were from the recently deceased commanders.


"Seniors are definitely welcome, please, come in." Jian Chen smiled cordially and led the two elders into the manor.

A battle between Heaven Saint Masters was usually filled with an enormous amount of energy. Victory would not be so easily determined in such a short amount of time, but Jian Chen had managed to inflict two severe wounds on a Heaven Saint Master within a brief two breaths worth of time. A strength this strong was far too shocking for anyone.

Of course, this was not the most important reason.His main purpose was not to deal with the Lee family, but to heal his soul.The reason he wanted to go to Red city was to find a precious item and rare pills that could heal his soul.Since Misty Rain Tower was one of the most powerful families in Red city, he would definitely use them to his advantage.

His normally pale skin was no longer white anymore. It had once more turned a red colored like when the Thousand Immunity had first advanced a step. It was a strange sight to behold.

Who knew if anyone went back and committed suicide because of depression?

Big Yellow joyfully laughed out.

"Let's find a place to hide. We'll wait until the Firethorn Savage becomes enrage, then we'll followed behind and watch the big show!"

The Earth Saint Master was only a single step away from the Great Saint Master, but this seemingly small gap blocked millions of people from progressing. There were many people on the Tian Yuan Continent who had lost their lives in attempt to break through and become an Earth Saint Master.

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