Irregular Chapter 539

Irregular Chapter 539

Currently, a grand banquet was being held in the Changyang Manor. The entire manor was in jubilation, creating an extremely lively atmosphere. As soon as Jian Chen walked into the building, his ears were flooded by the hubbub from the front yard.

On the other hand, his opponent was fighting with the utmost ease as if there was no pressure at all. Each Heavenly Layer that separated a Saint Ruler from another was extremely massive. A deficit like that couldn't be made up easily, unless one was an ancient beast like Nubis.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta, as well as Changyang Hu's group of three, bid each other farewell, and returned to their own dorms to treat their injuries as well.

Guan Yi Yun also wouldn't give up. At this moment, if he didn't protect Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen would not be able to leave the Whirling Sun Square today.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and restrained the excitement in his mind, and continued following the Ice Demon King. However, the excitement was going from the depths of his soul, he just couldn't restrain it.

"Back in Inferno Hell, Jiang Chen also killed my fellow disciples from the Ming Sect. I think I should inform them about what I saw here, we should just give up on revenge. With Jiang Chen's current strength, we've simply lost the ability to so."

The Mid Mortal Core warrior said arrogantly.

When they arrived back at the courtyard, Jiang Chen still hadn't been able to have his wish to obtain the broken sword from Big Yellow granted. In the end, he could only give it up. This dog was not only smart, he also had an evil mind. It was very difficult.

"His life doesn't belong to you alone, he is mine as well!"

"This is an Advanced Earth Tier Cultivation Method, it suits me perfectly!" Another person cried out with the book in hand.

"Good, perfect! I don't care if you're Jiang Chen or Chen Jiang, you're certainly going to die today! None of those who challenges the Shangguan Clan ends up well!"

The old man was screaming in pain, his eyes filled with fear.He was terrified, if he had reacted any slower, and had not turned his body around, that finger attack wouldn't have just taken his armÿit would have killed him.

"I would think not. Wu Yun is a Peak Saint Master with a strength that you've personally witnessed. We've had 3 Great Saint Masters fight together and that still wasn't enough to defeat him. If we were to go down this well, then our ability to fight as a group would be greatly hindered as well as our line of sight being deeply affected. So entering this well would not only make it impossible for us to grab him, but we would lose many men that way." A middle aged man said. He wore expensive looking clothes with a golden outline, signifying him as a noble.

"I've fed them Revival Pills. Wang Da Niu, and you two, stay here and take care of them. You know where to find me if something urgent happens."

Tan Lang said.

Just as Jian Chen closed his eyes to focus on healing, Little Spirit suddenly materialized within the middle of the room. When she saw the horrifying wound on Jian Chen's chest, Little Spirit had a pained look in her eyes. Reaching out with a finger, a small burst of energy emanated from her before entering into Jian Chen's body.

"Jian Chen looks even younger than I thought. With one look, I could tell he is from a large family with a strong potential. Not only is he young and promising, but he is quite handsome too."

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