The Meta Chapter 928

The Meta Chapter 928

"This is a high-ranked combat weapon! The power a high-ranked combat weapon can bring out is unimaginable. If I were to use this axe, I can absolutely fight against a Heavenly Core warrior."

"Jian Chen, you're a despicable person that only knows how to use dirty tricks, what qualifications do you have to say something like that? Come and eat uncle's sword!"

Everyone were shocked by what they saw. As the saying went; an expert could always show his might with just the simplest move. Although Jiang Chen and Ling Yi had only exchanged one attack in a very short amount of time, the result was obvious to all. In the fight just now, Jiang Chen had clearly gained the upper hand.

Mao Sheng was really furious right now. A massive amount of energy was rolling around his body. He was preparing to attack with all his strength; he wanted to kill this young man in front of him in an instant!Chapter 284 ÿ Master Blissful

After this attack pierced through, Jian Chen's body began to slowly descend to the ground. Although he could jump up 50 meters in a single bound, he was only able to stay floating in midair for a breath's time.

Guo Shan felt depressed. In the Qi Province, he had never been convinced with any other alchemist's skills. Never in his wildest dreams had he dreamt that one day, he would be completely convinced by an alchemist who was only at the Mortal Core realm.

Han Yan's eyes lit up.

Jian Chen sneered, "Let you go? It won't be that easy."


Right at this moment, four figures suddenly appeared in front of these two men in a ghostly manner. Both men were stunned for a moment, but when they saw the faces of these four figures, a joyful expression immediately emerged onto their faces.

Jian Chen panicked at the sight of her teardrops, but before he could speak, You Yue beat him to the punch. "Jian Chen, tell me. Were your words before about you having no time for women a lie? You were unwilling to wed me before, was it because there was already another woman in your heart, a woman who is far superior than I am?"

Jian Chen's question had been heard by the sensitive ears of everyone in the group. The entire group turned around to look at him as Kendall asked, "Jian Chen, what exactly is wrong here?"


Zhou Bei Zhen said as he looked at Jiang Chen.

Jian Chen wasn't short on money either since he took the purple coins from the Space Rings of the Heaven Saint Masters he killed along with any other valuable item. There was still the money from the treasuries of both the Pingyang Kingdom and the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom that he had not yet exhausted along with the monster cores. These alone were enough to make Jian Chen into a mobile treasury with the raw amount of value he had on him.

Patriarch Shi had heard what the other Saint Ruler said and was equally astounded. "This brat is a freak." He muttered. "Not only can he remove the Imprint of Death, he can even break free from the technique you placed on him. Perhaps there's some sort of treasure on his person?"

"Han Yan is done, he's wounded now. If he still doesn't choose to surrender, then he will only be killed by senior disciple Li!"

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