Battle For Everblade Chapter 1799

Battle For Everblade Chapter 1799

"Dad, I've got something to tell you."

The moment when the two fists collided against each other, Jian Chen's fist suddenly spread out to become an open palm after the initial contact was made. His hand absorbed the impact so that the blow became as soft as a sponge, as he used Tai Ji Quan to force Ka Di Yun's fist to overextend harmlessly past himself. Ka Di Yun's arm was forced upwards in a weird position as Jian Chen twisted it. In a flash, the strength behind Ka Di Yun's fist dissipated away, as Jian Chen extended his other hand to chop down onto the joint of Ka Di Yun's arm.

"It would appear Jian Chen is no ordinary figure. Let us hope that no strong clan supports him." The other Jiede clan member worriedly spoke.

The men from the Yan family looked at Jiang Chen with mixed emotions. Joy, gratefulness, admiration, fright, respect££ They had witnessed the frightening side of this young man; he was just like a little demon lord. If he became their enemy, their deaths would be awful.

"Stop there, who are you?"

Xuan Yuzi gazed at Shangguan Yiqing as he spoke.

The young man was wide-eyed at this display of strength as well. He didn't think that the strong guards he brought with him would be so easily thrown back. A strength like that was quite unbelievable.

"Senior disciple Jiang, I think we should just stop here, after all, we have had our revenge."

"Rest assured, I will definitely find the other broken pieces and have you completely restored! After that, you will once again follow me and step onto the top of the world!

When someone had given an offer higher than the Harido clan, it basically meant they gave no face to the Harido clan. Such an audacious person like this basically meant they did not fear the Harido clan's strength.

"Little Yu, is that really you?!"

The old man in charge of the inspection obviously knew this young man and after counting the number of Monster Cores on the table, he said appraisingly, "There are a total of 93 Magic Cores. Pretty good, Cheng Mingxiang, your score is exceptionally good."

"Your strength has already reached Saint Master, right?" Jian Chen asked, his gaze fixed on the middle-aged man opposite of him.

"Brilliant, Great Master's plan is truly amazing. Let our disciples handle this guy, then it will have nothing to do with the Heavenly Tower! At that point of time, not only can we get all the Nine Solar Holy Water this man has, we can also force him to tell us where he got it. This is brilliant!"

Guo Shan didn't continue fighting Fan Zhong Tang, because he knew there wouldn't be any results even if he kept fighting with him. Fan Zhong Tang was the acting Sect Chief now, and his cultivation level was stronger than his as well, there was no way he could do anything to both him and his grandson. Besides, what worried Guo Shan the most now was the condition of Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan, his priority now was to try his best to save their lives.

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Jian Chen replied, "Good, you've done well. For your services today, I will reward you nicely in time."

After finishing his words, Jiang Chen and his group entered the portal at the same time. Not long after they entered the portal, Huo Yuner also walked into the same portal. He chose not to return to the Green Sanctuary Sect, he instead decided to follow Jiang Chen to the Qi Province.

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