The demonic celestial Chapter 2215

The demonic celestial Chapter 2215

"There probably won't be very many mid-grade spirit medicines at the auction. However, if I really want to cause a stir, I'll have to do better than this. After all... this auction only happens once every few years. There will surely be plenty of rare items up for sale." After some thought, he gritted his teeth and then took out the turtle-wok to perform a spirit enhancement.

It wasn't his first time seeing something like that. He'd seen a rabbit earlier that had ambushed him with raving madness. When he realized that the situation seemed familiar, his scalp suddenly went numb.

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However, what he didn't notice was that there was a shadowy silhouette stalking his movements and monitoring his actions. A strange glow glittered in the eyes of the shadowy silhouette as he informed others about what he had just witnessed.

However, other than the five people in the lead, the others couldn't even escape. The tremendous explosion caused them to be turned into dust, created a deep crater in the ground and dust to be flown all over. Those who were hit had completely disappeared.

When evening came, everyone finally split into their own sects. Each of them returned to their peaks!

Chapter 352 Heartbroken, Kill, Slaughtering Three People .

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun was not very happy. Unaware that Chen Hetian and the generals needed to approve the promotion, he couldn't help but feel a bit irritated that he was listed as only an acting major general.

Bai Xiaochun stood there quietly, and everyone looked on nervously. Nobody said anything. Zhou Zimo and Song Junwan were there, as was Hou Xiaomei, whose belly was now very large. All of them looked very anxious.

Her voice sounded as lovely as ever to Bai Xiaochun, but there also seemed something vaguely sinister about it. Having no other choice, he braced himself, pushed open the door, and entered.

It was a spectacular sight that instantly attracted the attention of Bai Xiaochun, who found the magical technique particularly interesting. However, it was at this point that Ghostfang looked up calmly and then waved his finger.

Qing Shui once again took out the Godly Force Talisman and Divine Shield Talisman, and he stuck them onto himself!

Qing Shui never thought that he would be able to find such an ancient book on the shelf. The room he was in must be one of the best rooms in Four Seas Inn. Qing Shui wouldn't even be surprised if there were any godly training methods here.

Big Fatty Zhang kept counting the spirit stones over and over again, all the way until they were back at the Ovens. The other fatties soon returned, also elated. Everyone exchanged glances, and then looked extremely proud of themselves.

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"Don't hit me, you--"

Qing Luo invited Feng Wuxi into their living room, and suddenly along the way, Feng Wuxi extended her hand to grab Qing Shui's hand and pull him along. Shocked by the sudden movement, Qing Shui could not even react as his mind went numb, blindly following as Feng Wuxi pulled him along. He did not know that Feng Wuxi found him extremely adorable, as she could see the signs of nervousness and excitement mingling on his now beet-red face.

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