The Rise of Xueyue Chapter 503

The Rise of Xueyue Chapter 503

Seeing the shocked expression on the Grand Elder's face, Ming Dong laughed giddily, "The Grand Elder is quite keen to be able to see through my strength, but the Grand Elder needn't lose his manners."

Jiang Chen was shocked, and he even started shivering.During the construction of the ninth Yin meridian, its chilling cold would be at its strongest.Jiang Chen didn't want to feel that even with the protection of the Dragon Transformation skill.

Jian Chen didn't bother to hold his Light Wind Sword at the Zhou Mercenary. Instead, he slowly walked behind him with a calm look as the two flowed through the streets. Although he wasn't paying much attention to the mercenary in front of him, if the mercenary wanted to run away, Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword would instantly pierce through his neck.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. A distance of three hundred miles took him just an instant to travel.

"En, just go and do your things, don't worry about us here."

Jiang Chen gave Wang Ting a smile and continued killing with his sword.

"Sect Chief, Firethorn Savage has turned his hatred towards us, and he's even forbidding anyone from our sect entry to Misty Mountain. This will cause us to lose an excellent training ground for the lower rank disciples."

Jian Chen continued to survey the sight around him only to see the miserable environment that had been reduced to dust thanks to the Sword Qi he had emitted. Internally, he couldn't help but to gasp in shock. With the azure and violet Sword Spirits being so strong, the little amount of Sword Qi they had released from his body could only make him tremble with shock. An endless amount of shock to be accurate. For only a small amount of Sword Qi to bring about such a large impact on an Earth Saint Master, that was unbelievable.

Fast! The sword was extremely fast! No one could see anything but a trail of light streaking across the sky, leaving behind a trace in the ocean of tunes.

"Hurry up and assemble it for me. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can leave." Jian Chen spoke impatiently.

Jian Chen let loose a big smile, "Everyone doesn't need to worry, I've read up about a lot about the continent, so I'm sure that I can keep away from the Hua Yun Sect's grasp."

Hearing that, Jian Chen raised his head and looked at the four red-clothed men. The icy-cold killing intent in his eyes slowly dispersed, and even the presence he gave off was slowly withdrawn. Without a single word, he carried uncle Chang's body into the manor.

Walking to the higher levels of one of the nearby restaurants, Jian Chen could only see a large amount of soldiers guarding the city gates with several large vats of water. With each person that tried to enter or leave, the soldiers would use a wet rag to scrub at their faces. Even the rich and powerful were not exempt from this treatment, much to their anger.

"Inferno City is a unique existence. Demons and devils will not enter the city no matter what, that's why it had become a gathering place for all humans. Supposedly, this Inferno City is the safest place in Inferno Hell, and as long as you stay within the city, you won't have to worry about being attacked by demons or devils, and your safety will be guaranteed. The tunnel leading to the outside world only opens once a year, therefore, Inferno City has become the most important place to protect. But now, it has become the most dangerous area in Inferno Hell, no different than the deepest area of Inferno Hell."

Seeing the shock on Ming Dong's face, Jian Chen revealed a smile, "I've long since accomplished the Thousand Immunity, there are very few poisons in this world that can injure me now."

"We'll follow young master Jiang's words."

A layer of golden armor emerged onto Lord Zhanlang's body, and numerous golden beams shot into all directions. With just the slightest movement, he was able to rip space apart. Without hesitating, he initiated the attack and forcefully clashed toward Jiang Chen.

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