Martial God Asura Chapter 103

Martial God Asura Chapter 103

Yan Chenyu emerged from her room after sensing the powerful energies. When she saw that Big Yellow and Han Yan had both broken through to the Combat Soul realm, a joyful expression immediately emerged on her face.

Jian Chen hadn't cared at all when the whole of Wake City went into an uproar over this sudden development, since he had long since anticipated a reaction like this.

"He has passed through the gate."

"Alright, let's begin our journey in Inferno Hell. I suppose this place is only the outer perimeter, so let's move out from this abyss and start going towards the depths of Inferno Hell. It's better if we could bump into someone so we can learn more about this place."

"Zhao Chongyang, just give up, the Burning Sky Pavilion is already done for! From today and onwards, there will be no Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect in the Qi Province!"

Suddenly, a strong wind appeared, and powerful energies swept across the quiet sky. Numerous golden beams appeared in the sky, and soon, a few dozen formidable figures were revealed in the sky above the Jiang family.

On the Tian Yuan Continent, there were not many Heaven Tier Battle Skills. Each time one appeared, countless of Earth Saint Masters and Heaven Saint Masters would fight each other for it. Some Heaven Saint Masters fell to their deaths because of this.

Looking at the slowly fading away Changyang Ke, Jian Chen couldn't help but shake his head. As he walked out from the gardens by himself, he felt a small bit of fear in his heart. What type of strict punishment would he receive for this?

"That Combat King warrior seems to have just mastered the dimensional forces. He was using an advanced portal to construct this dimensional tunnel, therefore, it isn't stable. We better be careful. Do not unleash any energy here, if we drift into some dimensional turbulence, it will be huge trouble!"

Jiang Chen suddenly started laughing, "All of you are so innocent; do you honestly believe you can kill me today? Let me tell you this, you do not understand the survival rules of Inferno Hell! The reason I killed your friends and family was because they were trying to kill me! In order to survive, I have to fight back, it's the heaven's law and earth's principle! Just like now, you guys are trying to kill me, and you might just end up dying by my hands!"

Nangong Yunzheng said.


Finally, Saiya could take it no longer and roared, "What an intolerant bully! Changyang Xiangtian, you are far too arrogant! What do you take our Hua Yun Sect, without Chang Wuji here, what can you do?"

At this sight, the king of the Qinhuang Kingdom began to laugh without holding back. On the contrary, the crowd contained to look on in shock as if trying to comprehend what had just happened.

The magical beast paused for a moment, as if it were hesitating before it decided if it wanted to attack the group Jian Chen was in. In the end, it silently retreated.

Jiang Chen didn't leave the city in a rush. He asked someone to build a grave in the backyard of the Jiang family, then buried Jiang Cheng and the alchemist who had worked restlessly for the Jiang family together.

Absorbing his Light Wind Sword into his body once more, he looked at the elderly figure on the floor. With a small sigh, he muttered, "To have dozens of years of cultivation destroyed in a single day, ai, there was no need for that. If only you didn't have greed seduce your heart into attacking me, you wouldn't have ended up like that." With that said, Jian Chen bent over to pick up the Space Belt on the elder and began to take out every item from within.

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