My Beautiful Princess: the woman with a lot of secret Chapter 1471

My Beautiful Princess: the woman with a lot of secret Chapter 1471

If that magical law arrived and collided with the magical and natural laws of the Heavenspan Realm, even for the slightest momentĄ­ the resulting detonation could very likely be enough to break the world projection seal!

However, even as the River-Defying Sect Gold Core elder was about to intercept the young man from the Sky River Court, the young man waved his hand, sending a green beam of light shooting backward. Moments later, a huge skybanyan treant emerged from the light!

"Junior Brother Nightcrypt," he said politely, "where might you be headed now? Are you finished concocting our medicine?"

Finally, a vicious expression overtook Bai Xiaochun's face. Gritting his teeth angrily, he ignored Master Cloud Lightning and spun to attack the sandworm with the red aperture.

Stepping up to the 2nd storey, Qing Shui opened the door to find out that the place was very spacious and sufficient for a whole family. Qing Shui recalled seeing some ladies who did not seem like Heavenly Palace's disciples on the way here. Some of whom were holding kids in their arms or, holding their hands and taking a walk. Those were actually the disciples' family members. However, Heavenly Palace encouraged male disciples to get married with female disciples. Not only would the genetics be good, but the children they gave birth to would also have a strong sense of belonging to the Heavenly Palace.

A poison attack that could make the opponent feel dizzy and uneasy. A weak cultivator could immediately die from it.

Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li were shocked as they looked towards Qing Shui!

"Fine. Based on these points alone, I can promise you that. But you have to be careful not to offend those with powerful authority and status, such as the four great clans. After all, my current power is limited." Qing Shui candidly replied.

Despite the fact that the Giant Ghost King wasn't saying anything, Bai Xiaochun found it strange that he was keeping silent. Furthermore, the attacks which found their way to him did nothing more than cause his face to turn a bit pale. He hadn't even coughed up any blood yet, and was clearly not injured in any way.

Although the River-Defying Sect didn't want to tangle with a beast king, if it truly attempted to attack the sect, then they wouldn't hold back in the fighting. They would kill the beast no matter the cost.

And that was what led to the entire situationĄ­. It was also why she had sometimes even protected Bai Xiaochun. Unfortunately, after the labyrinth spell formation was activated, something unexpected happened. She lost track of Bai Xiaochun!

Qing Shui pitched his own tent, while the others also pitched theirs. Qing Shui's actions were very quick, however when he brought out a bed, it made everyone gawkĄ­

He noticed that one elderly man with full white hair is different from the others. Qing Shui could vaguely estimate his power to be about the same or more than Yan Haozheng. There were a few elderly men who were comparable to Yan Haozheng as well.

"Within my Mu Clan, the one you have the deepest relationship with is that girl who calls herself Mu Qing. The smartest choice for you would be to take her away. Given your abilities, it shouldn't be too hard," the Elder laughed.

There was evidence that the demigod could detect on Bai Xiaochun that Bai Xiaochun himself could not. Based on the conclusions that evidence pointed to, and on certain other matters that the demigod patriarch was aware of, he had an inkling that the Celestial had something important planned for him.

"Congratulations, Your Majesty. May I present your son!"

"Yeah, you're totally right! Very strange indeed. Something odd is going on...." Then, in the middle of their conversation, their expressions flickered, and their eyes went wide. Looking down the tunnel, they all snapped their mouths shut. Currently, the terror glimmering in their eyes vastly exceeded that which had come from the hats, and they all began to shiver visibly.

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