Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1573

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1573

The cultivators from the other mountain peaks didn't kowtow, but they did clasp hands and bow. Although Nightcrypt wasn't the blood master of those other mountain peaks, he was still a blood master, and was thus a figure deserving of respect, someone that no one in the sect could possibly dare to offend.

At one point, the clan chief suddenly reached up and hit the top of his head, causing a violet stream of light to emerge from his forehead.

"You will be destroyed!" he shouted. Fist after fist struck, causing the starry sky to tremble violently. Inside, Patriarch Starry Sky's divine soul was rapidly reaching a point of instability. Gritting his teeth, he rotated his cultivation base to try to hang on, causing destructive power to surge out to meet Bai Xiaochun. However, no matter how badly Bai Xiaochun was injured, his Undying Blood made him terrifyingly resilient!

270 meters¡­. 300 meters¡­. 330 meters¡­.

Immediately, the Chen Clan cultivators who had gone into hiding here began to fight back with desperate looks on their faces. After the fighting went on for a bit, a voice suddenly rang out from a tent in the middle of the tribe.

Therefore, this palace with its blue light seemed almost like a bright star, and was eye-catching to the extreme!

After they were sucked away into nothing more than dried up corpses, however, their agony was not yet over. The foul liquid that resulted would be filtered and turned into the primary medicinal ingredient that the Chen Clan used to refine life force!

The airship didn't slow down at all. It slammed into the three Nascent Soul experts, a destructive force that didn't even allow them to cry out in pain. They were engulfed by flame and force, and transformed into nothing more than ash!

Shi Qingzhuang sat quietly on one side of Qing Shui, while Yiye Jiange and Luanluan sat on the other, followed by Mingyue Gelou and Yuchang. However, Yuchang would frequently run over to the area where Qing Shui was.

Eventually, he got them calmed down. At that point, he returned to his residence and angrily grumbled to himself, "I can't believe the little brat knocked up two at the same time¡­."

Chapter 380: I'm Hungry

Bai Xiaochun's expression softened, and it was with heartfelt sincerity that he continued, "Elder Brother Zhao....

Zhu Qing finished her sword practice. Right now, her figure was even more well-rounded than before, but just at her chest and her hips. Every time night fell and when she was free, she would think of a man.

Once the group left, the woman sky-walked over to Qing Shui. Her outfit was about the same as Yu He and the others, but she was slightly older. Yet, she was still very sexy and was at the age where women have a sexy appeal.

Beat the dogs first before beating the master! This was something he had always believed in.

Another few years passed and Yan Zhongyue had become even thinner than before, but he had great relief within his heart when he saw that his daughter had grown to be more and more like Qing Yi. She was very clever and witty, much like her.


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