Quandry Chapter 1831

Quandry Chapter 1831

In the next moment, a truly surprising thing happened as Ka Zhafei's body suddenly split in half before falling to the ground. His inner organs had long since been reduced to a minced mess as blood poured all over the place.

Aw££ aw££

Looking at the departing trio, the people in the crowd all wore the same ugly expression. It wasn't difficult to imagine how angry those Combat Soul warriors from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect would be once they came out from the magma pool.

"Is that so? Turn around and see for yourself."

Jiang Chen casually asked.

"Haha, you're all nothing but tiny shrimps in front of me, and you're trying to kill me? This is too puerile! Let me tell you this, I have the last three bronze plates, and without me, none of you are going to enter this ancient pagoda!"


At the same time, Jiang Ru Long felt relief too. The Yang brothers were dead, so no one would know his secret now. There would be plenty of opportunities to kill Jiang Chen in the future.

Wu Ningzhu hastily asked. There was actually a longing expression on her face.

"A Heaven Tier Battle Skill. Elder Yang, you really did have one!" The grand elder looked at the elder patriarch in utter shock.Chapter 430: Guardian Clan

"At such a young age, Jian Chen was able to defeat the Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master Zhar, his potential is truly unlimited."

"No, I don't. That's all I had with me. I'm in urgent need of Heavenly Yuan Pills. If I did have any more, I would definitely exchange it for what I need."

A figure shot up into the sky, and of course, he was none other than Wu Jiu. Jiang Chen leapt up into the sky and arrived in front of Wu Jiu. He cupped his fist and said, "Congratulations for breaking through to the Combat King realm, brother Jiu."

"A clean slate? How could it be that easy? Today, you three will leave an arm behind, and if there is another time in the future, then it will be your life."

"Extremely fierce! Even the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan couldn't scare him at all!"

4 hours later!


Quandry Chapter 1831 End!

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