JUN LAN Chapter 1136

JUN LAN Chapter 1136

Upon catching sight of his son and daughter with divine sense, Bai Xiaochun smiled. Then he focused his attention on his four Daoist partners, and his gaze eventually came to rest on Hou Xiaomei's swollen belly. Clearly, she was reaching her due date.

"How can we not come to cheer for you when you are facing off against someone today? Could it be that you don't like me and Sister Mingyue coming?" Huoyun Liu-Li said, seemingly sad but the sly look on her face betrayed her true intentions.

For an entire year, Bai Xiaochun was a mission-accomplishing maniac. He swept through all of the missions that involved beasts, and his harvests were always incredible. Each and every time, the Missions Office was left completely shaken. At the same time, countless Inner Sect disciples were driven to madness.

Xiao Si:"......"

Stunned, Bai Xiaochun hurried over, pried open his mouth, and shoved a medicinal pill inside. Then he looked over helplessly at Bai Hao and Zhou Yixing.

Before Qing Shui could think of the amount of supplementary power he would gain from the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, Fire Bird abruptly let out a high-pitched cry, which was followed by a circle of black-colored halo enveloping the entire body of his demonic beast.

Instantly, Bai Xiaochun's mind began to reel. Earlier, before Chen Haosong had made his move, Bai Xiaochun had sensed that he was at least a bit more powerful than the older deva. But now, his attack caused his face to fall.

Feng Youde's expression soon turned serious. He had never seen Bai Xiaochun acting so earnestly. After hearing the situation, he thought for a moment, and then frowned.

Bai Xiaochun was even fairly certainĄ­ that he was now stronger than the Blood Ancestor himself!! Normally speaking, these developments would have elated him. However, at this moment, his heart was as cold as ice. The death of Bai Hao had filled him with pain that couldn't possibly be wiped away.

Lai JiuTian had long felt happy to the point of going up to heaven. His son had great fortune. With this layer of relationship present, Lai Clan would very quickly become the strongest family in Yan City.?

"Make sure to keep a low profile! Keep your head down! It would be really annoying if the Saint-Emperor came back looking for you." With that, he ignored the excited little turtle and headed back into the palace.

The main downside was that it only consisted of the first three levelsĄ­. Furthermore, the third level had been added by a past patriarch, and was therefore a derivative technique, and not authentic. The second level was the highest authentic level in the entire technique.

Bruiser played along perfectly, and worked very hard at it. As Bai Xiaochun sighed, he would wail and wrap himself around Bai Xiaochun's leg, eyes shining with a look of comfort. It was as if he were saying to Bai XiaochunĄ­

"What are you people doing!?!?"

He could finally use the Violet Gold Divine Shield!?

Now that Donggong Taiqing had appeared and there wasn't much time left either, they knew that the battle would start soon. Therefore, everyone looked towards the south and the north of the Martial God Street. They were waiting for that young man to appear.

The faces of the five great Chosen all fell, and the reaction of the other cultivators was exactly the same. In that very instant, all of their magics were locked down and began to tremble on the verge of destruction.

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