Demons and Gods Chapter 2771

Demons and Gods Chapter 2771

The number Bai Xiaochun had just spoken left Chen Xiong teetering on the verge of passing out. Gasps could be heard among the other soul cultivators looking on. After all, there was a huge difference between a fourteenfold spirit enhancement and a fifteenfold one.

"Good job killing them!"

Even still, he was unable to unleash the powers of gravity and repulsion. If he managed to succeed in the future, he would finally be able to make contact with true protomagnetic power.

But then he realized that this might be the case because of how close this prefecture was to Mistysea Prefecture. Perhaps people in other immortal domains didn't feel this way at all.

She was not an exceptional beauty who could cause the fall of cities and countries. She gave out a very genuine feeling, as if she was really a person right before you. At first glance, one would feel that she was beautiful but it wouldn't make others be in awe. It wouldn't make one fall head over heels for her. However, she had her own unique aura and charm, one would only feel her feminine charms as the time passes.

The place had been like this ever since Bai Xiaochun was promoted to colonel, and in fact, the troops under the command of the other colonels all trembled in fear when they passed by it.

"Soul Convergence Pills leave evidence behind. If people look into it too closely, they might guess who I really am.... I need to get rid of the evidence. Even if they see me, it won't matter as long as my true identity isn't revealed." He quickly pulled out a twelve-colored flame that he had conjured earlier in preparation for another attempt at thirteen-colored flame. Instantly, one of his clones stepped out, and furthered the conjuring process!

One of the Blood Stream Sect's prime elders winked knowingly and said, "Xuemei was seriously injured during the fighting. Although she'll recover, she needs to spend some time in secluded meditation. Since she's an important disciple of the Blood Stream Sect, she'll definitely be in the eastern section of the city, where the least damage was sustained. Head over there, you should be able to find her."

"What if I am concerned?" If Third Master couldn't be concerned, then he naturally wouldn't need to be. If he was powerful enough, he would've already snatched those girls from the Duanmu Clan long ago.

"Those four powerful ancient sects control the four major rivers, as well as all of the subsequent branches of those rivers, all the way down to the delta regions.

"Majordomo, sir, you absolutely mustn't do anything of the sort. There are myriad affairs of state for you to deal with. With your position, you are responsible for the prosperity of all of Giant Ghost City!"


However, whether it was Zheng Yuandong, Li Qinghou, or the disciples of the three mountain peaks, all of them... had clearly underestimated Bai Xiaochun....

His Godkiller technique had ended as soon as he entered, and he had recovered his senses. Furthermore, the ghost face's sealing technique had been dispelled. The first thing he did was find a place to hide, after which he began to carefully explore the area. However, after two days, he was already beginning to understand what this world was like, and it left him with a very bad feeling.

"I'm a Wildlands soul cultivator, and probably do have some of the aura of Giant Ghost City on me. Those souls didn't want to chase me, but as for that monkey of a cultivator, he's definitely dead!" Actually, the old man had no idea why the souls had abandoned the chase, but was relatively convinced that his own analysis was correct. Even if it wasn't, he was still sure that the souls would consume Bai Xiaochun the instant he got too close.

Gritting his teeth as the inner whirlpool sucked in massive amounts of earthstring energy, he managed to reach over with his right hand and slap his bag of holding, producing a stack of over a thousand paper talismans, which he sent flying out around him.

"Sect Niece Xinqi, come on, have a chat with your Sect Uncle about life!" He was actually bursting with excitement; he had been looking for Zhou Xinqi for quite some time, and having finally run into her, there was no way he would simply give up.

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