Multiverse traveler Chapter 1135

Multiverse traveler Chapter 1135

"Could it be that this is the Saint Ruler's cave?" Jian Chen muttered. Using his omnipresence, he began to spread it inside the cave in an attempt to look inside. When his presence reached five meters in the cave, an unknown energy blocked it, preventing him from going any further.

"You are Jiang Chen?"

The three finally came to a stop right in front of the center of the halls. At the same time, plenty of Heaven Saint Masters had already begun to gather here from every corner of the villa. After gathering in the halls, everyone knelt down to the ground and cried out, "We pay our respects to the ancestor!" It seemed that on the way, the ancestor had managed to pass a message to a few of them.

"No one else?" Zhou Yun's eyes instantly grew dark.

Crossing through the Space Gate, Jian Chen found himself in the flower garden once more. Flowers bloomed everywhere within a fifty meter radius, and the pavilion in the center towered over him as if it were bathing within the field of flowers.

"Hehe! It's your honor to be killed by this master dog's teeth!"

Big Yellow said.

The mansion of the city lord was located within the heart of Wake City and was the most magnificent of buildings in the city. It was built over several square kilometers and was also the largest building. Even the Mercenary Union couldn't compare in size to the mansion. Around the building, many squads of men constantly patrolled around it day and night without any corner unsearched, making this building a heavily guarded area.

"I absolutely cannot return to Mercenary City, but if Jian Chen spends the rest of his life in Mercenary City without leaving, what good will that be? With time, even he'll become a Saint Ruler, and when the time comes, he definitely won't be easy to deal with. It seems I have no other choice. Even if I cannot take back the Ruler Armament, I cannot allow Jian Chen to live any longer. Otherwise, he'll bring doom and destruction to the Jiede clan." The patriarch muttered to himself.

The old man said respectfully.

Right at this moment, the Mortal Core had evolved into a Heavenly Core.

Seeing that the other side wasn't willing to divulge their identities, Yulian did not press the issue. She hid her discontent with a smile. "Very well, allow this woman to oversee the transaction."

"You're right, a man should have a great dream! Living an ordinary life is just boring! We don't ask for longevity, we just want to live a glorious life! Even if our lives were like shooting stars which only shine brightly for a short amount of time, we would still leave our own glorious days in this world!"

Yan Zhan Yun said.

Notified of their arrival to the large halls for a discussion within the palace, the king had sat in his throne. On both sides, twenty armored experts stood without moving, looking more like statues than humans. Each one of them was stony-faced, but their eyes emitted a sharp contrast.

The panther's maw bit at empty space before howling angrily and chased after Jian Chen. Despite it being extremely fast, Jian Chen was even faster, so the distance between the two only increased more and more.

Without a sound, the windows began to open before a single figure darted into the room. It landed silently on the ground.

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