Trope World Chapter 2974

Trope World Chapter 2974

Qing Shui thought about that woman who had an unsurpassed gift for Medicinal Pills. He felt that she might know what kind of pill this was or maybe the effects of this pill.

"Don't kill him please, the matter today has nothing to do with him. I will bear the consequences myself." Yu He pulled Qing Shui behind her as she took two steps forwards to block the path of the Xiantian cultivator.

Di Chen looked at her elder brother who was considerably older than her. He was a very nice elder brother in her memories. She remembered that it was her big brother who wouldn't let her leave the Di Clan in the past. In the end though, he was taken away by father and grandfather. However, he would visit her at the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord from time to time¡­.

"Greetings, Junior Patriarch of the River-Defying Sect!"

It was a speed type mutated beast and it possessed the unique ability to instantaneously evade attacks. In a fixed amount of time, it could teleport a distance as far as ten thousand meters. It was also incomparably fast in terms of speed. Even the present Fire bird was a bit inferior when it came to that.

"Haha, actually, you don't really have to do that." The old man shook his head and smiled.

After a night of cultivation, Qing Shui felt extremely satisfied. As long as there were improvements, then he would feel happy. The Ancient Strengthening Technique had already broken through to 55 cycles of circulated qi a few days ago, and now he had already reached the 56th cycle. Despite this, he still had a long way to go before reaching the 96th cycle.

and appear exceptionally unique.

"I'm gonna kill you!!" he cried, bursting out of his immortal's cave. However, even as he emerged, he saw the talking rabbit standing on top of a nearby tree, speaking.

"According to the ancient records I've read, every ten thousand years or so, a ruined object from beyond the heavens will fall into the Eternal Immortal Domains. They're always objects of good fortune for us cultivators!"

The long-faced young man began to laugh heartily. Without any further hesitation, he powered up his cultivation base, simultaneously summoning numerous shield layers. He also slapped his bag of holding to produce a long sword.

The spear shot forth with heaven-rending, earth-crushing power, causing a string of sonic booms to echo out. Then it stabbed into the phoenix, unleashing a massive detonation. The resulting shockwave sent Gongsun Yi tumbling backward in the opposite direction.

Li Hongming didn't respond. Instead, he extended his right hand, within which appeared a jade slip that he apparently used to transmit some orders. Next, ten enormous magical cannons suddenly began to power up on the Great Wall, sending powerful fluctuations out in all directions. Moments later, rumbling sounds could be heard as bright beams of light shot out from the cannons out onto the battlefield.

"You better hope I don't find you, Bai Xiaochun, otherwise I'll crush your bones into powder and throw it into the wind!!" All sorts of curses could be heard throughout the Wildlands.

They weren't the only ones who found it hard to hold back from laughing. The crowd which had followed along, as well as the cultivators who had gathered in preparation of entering the ruins, were all roaring with laughter.

"This is a killing move... that I can use to save my own life." After some more thought, he came to the conclusion that the more powerful the killing move, the better it would be for him. Now, the main thing he was worried about was the Undying Live Forever Technique.

Ironically, there was one person who was even more nervous than Bai Xiaochun, and that was Heavenly Marquis Liu, who was still on watch outside of his blessed land.

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