The Special Mentor Chapter 2364

The Special Mentor Chapter 2364

"Honorable teachers, so it was you." Tie Ta finally recognized the four people and cried out in surprise.


As soon as the Imprint of Death was gone from him, Jian Chen had been able to let out a sigh in relief. With the Imprint of Death on him, Jian Chen had felt as if there was always someone constantly watching him from the dark. Up until now, he had not felt as free as before and could not relax.

Just then, a knock on the door made itself known. The door had been bolted shut with an iron lock, but it had been knocked off its hinges and thrown to the floor unceremoniously to reveal the two Saint Rulers walking in.

A moment later, an elderly housekeeper walked forward and watched the man in the rose garden practice his martial arts, "My lord, some news just came in. There will be two Class 5 Magical Beasts auctioned off at the annual Heavenly Phoenix Auction House."

Jiang Chen said.

"Stop right there!"

Those watching from far away were so shocked that their mouths were wide open, and their faces were filled with fear. Such a scene was beyond their wildest dreams.

Bursting with killing intent, Xiao Nanfeng forcefully pushed his palm toward Jiang Chen. The extremely powerful force turned into an invisible wall and crushed into Jiang Chen. It was a frightening strike of a Ninth Grade Combat King, and with Jiang Chen's current shape, there no way he could withstand it. If this attack hit his body, even if he didn't explode into thousands of pieces, he would still die.

Fury! This was a completely unprecedented fury! As disciples from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, their positions had always been prominent, no one had ever dared do anything like this!

"Then this city must be Lore City. The rumors are true then. The Qinhuang Kingdom and the Changyang clan have a connection between the two if the army is stationed here." Yun Lian muttered with admiration. The Qinhuang Kingdom was one of the Eight Great Powers on the continent, and with their support, the name of the Gesun Kingdom had been established as the dominant power over this area with no other equal.

Jiang Chen had a calm expression. His black hair was fluttering backwards, and his eyes were brimming with vigor like a pair of dark gemstones. With all his focus, he kept staring at the sea of flames in front of him. Within the flames, all 48 herbs were floating in different positions, and were being burned with different temperatures that suited them individually.

"Senior Tian Jian already knows about the Winged Tiger God." Jian Chen replied.

"Could he have made a miracle somehow while cultivating££?"

A voice sounded out from the mountain peak, it was Guo Shan's voice.

The barrier shook for a moment before regaining a tranquil state almost instantly. While the barrier looked weak, the defenses were actually absurdly strong so even Jian Chen's sword was unable to shatter it.

The brethren who had been fighting at their sides grew startled before falling to the ground after being slashed.

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