Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world Chapter 2269

Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world Chapter 2269

However, when Shi Xiangran had attacked her, she had fallen into a predicament. At that moment, she had no other choice but to cry for help to Jian Chen for the sake of protecting her Ruler Armament. Though she didn't believe that Jian Chen would help her from her problem, and escape was hopeless for her since there had been many experts aligned with Shi Xiangran. With no other option to choose from, she could only resign herself to feeding the dead horse some medicine.

Dong dong dong!"

Placing another mouthful of food into his mouth, elder Xiu said, "Little Fatty, if you want to leave, then your grandfather won't stop you, but you must have the strength of an Earth Saint Master before you can go!"

The Crown Prince stood beside the Imperial Emperor and said.

Ten years, day by day, year by year, he had been suffering from constant pain. For ordinary people, suffering such severe pain for ten years would definitely make that person crazy.

"I don't care who you are, but if you want me to give you the Winged Tiger God, it won't happen." Jian Chen replied without any additional thought. Afterwards, he sandwiched the Winged Tiger God in his left armpit and drew the Dragon Slaying Sword from his Space Ring with his right hand.

Bending to Jian Chen's will, the tree branch looked as if it was alive, and flew from his hands. Flying at incredible speeds towards Changyang Ke, the tree branch was enveloped by a faint white glow of light. A strong yet acute amount of Sword Qi was emitted from the tree branch, making it look like a bolt of lightning. With a brilliant flash of light, the branch had already reached Changyang Ke's stomach.

Daoist Black was stunned by Jiang Chen's incredible progress in his cultivation. This was the most abnormal guy he had every met or heard about, and he was also the Black Sect's biggest pride. This was supposedly something one should be excited over, and something that deserved a grand celebration, but Daoist Black just couldn't happy, because the enemies Jiang Chen had were extremely powerful. How were they going to face these formidable foes?

Huang Tianba, Nubis, and Jiede Tai were all still in quite a flummox even after Tian Jian left.

"Alright, prepare the ingredients."

"This place is not suitable for cultivating."

When Jiang Chen finally took the fourth step, Ling Yi was knocked back. The huge Dharma Wheel was violently trembling, and cracks had even started appearing on it as a result of the enormous force. This truly frightened Ling Yi. When he looked at the damaged Dharma Wheel, a tremendous storm began raging across his mind. Using a combat skill and attacking with pure fleshly strength, Jiang Chen could actually destroy a King Weapon! This was absurd!

After the third battle, aside from Jian Chen, everyone else was exhausted and could not continue fighting anymore. With no other choice, they spent the rest of the night searching for a secret place to hide and sleep. Although Jian Chen and Tie Ta had wanted to continue, the other 4 weren't in any shape to, and needed the two of them to stay behind and protect them against any surprise attacks.

The Old Great Emperor pushed his palms upward and unleashed a mountain-like golden seal. This seal that vaguely resembled a golden mountain carried a tremendous weight, and was forcefully tossed toward the True Dragon Palm by the Old Great Emperor.

Right now, Jian Chen's dantian didn't have a single trace of Saint Force remaining inside it. The only thing left was the condensed sword, which acted as the new energy source. The sword seemed extremely tiny; from its width and length, it didn't seem very different from an embroidery needle.

The scorpion headed straight towards Jian Chen. Only after it was 5 meters away from Jian Chen did it stop its advance. Its bright eyes flashed with a strange glint as it locked its gaze onto Jian Chen,brandishing its pincers at Jian Chen as a "zhi zhi" sound came from its mouth.

"Ai yo, little sister has a large temper! This can't do, girl, you must be gentle, or else no man will like you." Tianmu Ling beamed.

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