A step into the past Chapter 883

A step into the past Chapter 883

"The Heavenly Tribulation is really terrifying! Even when we were so far away, we could still feel the mighty Heavenly Pressure! If I had to face the Heavenly Pressure directly, perhaps I wouldn't even be able to gather my will to fight back."

The effect Lord Baoju had for Big Yellow was incredible. Even Jiang Chen was unable to imagine what kind of transformation Big Yellow would experience after fully absorbing Lord Baoju's demon soul and blood essence. Perhaps he'd be able to just break straight through to the Demon King realm.

"Big brother Guo, alchemy is just my hobby, I am not really too much into it. Compared to the excitement from fighting in battles, I prefer the latter."

Right now, many people were starting to feel regret. Only now did they understand Shangguan Yiqing's true character; he was a man who was capable of scheming against his own ally, Xuan Yuzi! He was a cunning and wicked man, as well as an utterly selfish man! Now, in order to kill Jiang Chen and Xuan Yuzi, he just wouldn't waste his time helping these geniuses out.

Qingfeng was quiet and turned to look at Jian Chen.

"I guess he won't be able to block the attack. The Lee family's Heavenly Yellow Finger is a low rank Mortal combat skill, but Lee Chang Hao has practiced it to perfection! Its strength is truly amazing!"

Someone said with a low voice. There were six men who had appeared in the sky, and each of them looked poised and dignified. The leading man was Prince Wu Cong, and the other men were the Seventh Emperor, Tenth Emperor, Shangguan Clan's family chief Shangguan Sheng, Myriad Sword Sect's sect chief Tiangang Yi, and a respectable Late Combat Soul Elder from the Myriad Sword Sect.

"Jiang Chen, you have acted against your superiors! The Sect Chief will punish you for sure!"

Guan Yi Yun let out a cold snort. Anger appeared on his face. But what Nan Bei Chao said was true. He really did surrender in the previous competition.

He looked like he was in his mid-twenties, but the aura leaking from his body wasn't any weak. Although he wasn't a Combat Soul warrior, he was a peak Divine Core warrior.


Jiang Chen was like a demon lord from hell. He gripped the old man's neck with his palm and applied powerful force, breaking his neck and stopping the terrible screams instantly. The old man's body fell to the ground.

After walking for six hours within the poisonous cloud, Jian Chen and Ming Dong finally arrived at an area not affected by the cloud. Right in front of their eyes was a graceful looking valley filled with plenty of verdant grasslands. Compared to the barren wasteland outside, this area was filled with the abundant opportunities of life.

"Jian Chen's status isn't just limited to being the fourth master of the Changyang Manor it seems if he's also a descendant of the Bi. I've never heard of them before due to the distance between us, but they must be a strong one." Huang Tianba spoke.

The Fourth Grade Demon King who claimed it wanted to eat Jiang Chen previously was now holding the edge of its cage tightly, and was furiously roaring at Jiang Chen.

Zhou Bei Zhen felt even more shocked now.The Yuan power and Soul power both drained quickly when an alchemist concocted pills.Although the restoration pill was a basic pill, making it with 100%effectiveness would surely drain a person's power much faster than a regular restoration pill.However, it seemed like Jiang Chen hadn't lost any energy after creating those pills££This was unheard of!

"Oh heavens, something big is happening!"

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