Zone Zone No Mi In One piece world Chapter 1202

Zone Zone No Mi In One piece world Chapter 1202


"30 breaths of time left!" Bai Xiaochun couldn't help but take a few steps closer. However, even as he did, a familiar voice suddenly echoed out.

"He is at the Heavenly Palace after all, and I could even feel his presence inside his own spiritual sense!"

Although there were a few times Qing Shui had felt that Canghai Mingyue was slightly dependent on him, he knew that it was because her mental state was very fragile at those moments. But even so, Qing Shui had not felt that she had feelings of love towards him. The most it would be is that she had treated him like half a kin

However, Bai Xiaochun wasn't finished. His eyes were glowing even more brightly as he buzzed around the plant in circles. Occasionally he even cried out in surprise, as if he had just noticed something very interesting.

After being stunned for a second, Qing Shui felt that he was extremely wretched. He had totally lost control earlier. After coming to his senses, he quickly put the panties back on the bed before he ran away with extreme speed from the pavilion.

The Heavenly Palace was one of the strongest sects in the Greencloud Continent. Moreover, that young man was the youngest Elder of the century. This meant that he had influential support behind his back. Otherwise he wouldn't have dared to cause a ruckus and say all those things.

"Alright!" Qing Shui smiled and replied.

When he broke through from the Third Heavenly Layer to the Fourth Heavenly Layer, his Dantian had liquefied. It was the change from the elementary to the intermediate phase and right now, it was moving from the intermediate to the expert phase.

He knew that if he did, he would be killed beyond the shadow of a doubt!!

Inside the necropolis was a lake of blood, surrounded by forty-nine zombies, all of which radiated murderous auras.

"Thinking of leaving? Did our Young Master Feng agree to let you guys leave?" One of the young man standing behind snided and said.

Their flirtatious exchange caused all of the Foundation Establishment cultivators to grumble bitterly inside. In addition to the hatred they felt for Bai Xiaochun, there was also a bit of envy....

Similar scenes played out on the other two mountains, with the fatties from the Ovens instantly taking the lead.

Bai Xiaochun screamed again, sounding even more anguished than before.

Combat talents! Qing Shui was no stranger to that. Every species of any beasts possessed some kind of combat talent. For example, the bear species, once they had awoken their natural ability, the power and defense will immediately double, or increase more than that.

Qing Shui slowly pressed down on the sole of Di Chen's feet with his thumbs. It was very soft, yet extremely elastic.

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