SpaceTime Magister Reborn Chapter 2404

SpaceTime Magister Reborn Chapter 2404

To think that someone actually successfully sneaked in. Not only that, but that someone actually saw them in such an embarrassing position. Initially, Wenren Wu-shuang was angered. But upon discovering that it was Qing Shui, Wenren Wu-shuang panicked and screamed at him to get out.

The will of death that suffused the corpse allowed him to identify its Dao!

Of course, Bai Xiaochun was too thoroughly engrossed in his work to have any idea that all of that was happening. His face was gaunt, but filled with excitement as he worked to make every type of pill he could think of that had something to do with life force. As he became more familiar with the various formulas, his skill in the Dao of medicine increased.

To one's surprise, Yiye Jiange smiled: "Do you want to know who set up the restrictions on me?"

Chapter 198 A word, Love. Wondrous Fruit.

If Long Lingyun were to know what Qing Shui was thinking, she would definitely go crazy with anger.

Fearing that the situation might turn sour if he didn't end things quickly, Qing Shui decisively used his strongest Hidden Weapon Technique. He was confident in this technique and did not forget to additionally imbue the attack with poison. These opponents were not inferior to strong demonic beasts, especially because they were backed by Sky Prison Sect.

Three days passed by in a flash. During that time, the forty-nine streams of energy inside of the emerald zombie seemed incapable of fusing together. Every time they were about to, they would spontaneously separate. The emerald zombie's body was beginning to shrivel, and some parts of it even seemed to be hovering on the verge of collapse. As it struggled, its fangs, claws, bone spurs, and green hair all appeared in full, and began to distort. However, it seemed impossible to restore them to their original condition.

As Bai Xiaochun arrived at the Chen Clan, the glowing shield sprang up, preventing him from entering. Then, a voice echoed out loud and clear.


He seemed to be quite knowledgeable regarding spirit enhancement theory, prompting Bai Xiaochun to listen to what he said with some curiosity. So far, he hadn't met anyone in the Eternal Immortal Domains who knew as much about the subject as the Vile-Prince.

If he was able to push through the last set of waves, then perhaps the Sword of Fifth Wave might be able to see through the next realm.

"Grandpa Ling, are these the things that are going to be used for talisman drawing?" Qing Shui looked at Ling Zhanhan with a strange expression. If this were in his past life, Qing Shui would definitely think that he was a priest who deceived other people. However, Qing Shui did not have even an iota of such a thought in mind now.

At the same time, his qi passageways, and especially his soul, were violently shaken and ripped away from that which was mortal!

The second morning, Qing Shui opened his eyes, a cheery smile hung upon his lips.

"How... how is this even possible?!?!"

Having reached this point in his train of thought, Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath, clasped hands and bowed to the Grand Heavenmaster.

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