Thriller Paradise Chapter 2655

Thriller Paradise Chapter 2655

Inherent technique: Divine Armor, Can defend against 50% of the opponent's damage for 1 hour.?

Utilizing this secret magic caused Chen Heng to sag again in weakness, and he was forced to reach out and support himself on a nearby tree. His face was ashen, and some of his hair had even turned white.

Qing Shui liked to see her beautiful and embarrassed look, do the most embarrassing act with her. It was a visual impact, a deep connection between their souls, especially when it was with such a graceful lady like herself¡­

Mixed emotions soon swirled within her eyes, and she sighed. However, even in the middle of her sigh, her expression suddenly flickered, and she walked over to stand next to Bai Xiaochun.

Qing Shui could not help but be surprised, the Qi of Life in his Dantian had already condensed into a white ball the size of a grape.

The force of the Mighty Elephant Stomp had created a mist of black cloud in the center, blocking both the path and view of the three old men on the other side. It was only for a moment, but two corpses had already fallen from the sky towards the ground.

Extremely fast!

This expression of Qing Zi only lasted for a second before it changed back to his normal amiable look. This action of his made Qing Shui tense slightly, the normally honest looking Qing Zi actually had such a expression on his face? It appears that Qing Zi was not as simple as he looked.

Just a plain shirt had taken Qing Shui half a month to make but it had been worth it. The Quad-color Rainbow Art of Forging had caused the attribute it bestowed to undergo a major increase, it also resulted in the attribute being changed. This was very useful to those who were strong but useless to regular people¡­

He spoke so strictly that the guards were very nervous, and instantly agreed to follow his instructions.

Madam Cai was literally shaking, and began to scream, "Bai Hao, you little son of a bitch, you deserve to die! Damn you, you deserve to die!!! Men, get in there and kill him! Kill him!! Kill him!!!"

Qing Shui grabbed onto her little hand, and felt very itchy inside since there was only her around, and Huoyun Liu-Li exuded her intoxicating charm.

He would massacre everyone in Xiao Clan. That way, that man would show himself.?

"It's like when you are eating the black fish, but you are only allowed to look, but not eat. It's that type of unbearable feeling." Qing Shui seriously explained.

Qing Shui knew that it wouldn't be that easy for Qing Yi to believe in it.

It was different for Bai Xiaochun. He didn't fight with the reckless madness of the Mortal Renegade. He had started out that way, but as the fight wore on, he realized that doing so would have a negative impact on him. At that point, he considered trying to draw out the fight longer. However, that was also when he noticed something unusual. As his Dao clones died, and the fight went on, he actually was able to sense the Essence of the Eternal even more clearly.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant constantly attempted to coordinate with Qing Shui. Feng Shamo was forced to confront Qing Shui. If he kept on retreating, he would give an opportunity for the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and Qing Shui to attack him from both the back and the front which would result in his death.?

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