Lord Xue Ying Chapter 902

Lord Xue Ying Chapter 902

There was none present who weren't shocked! A fight between a Divine Core warrior and a Combat Soul warrior was shocking enough, but an existence like Jiang Chen who possessed the strength to kill a Combat Soul warrior while only at the Peak Mid Divine Core realm££ It went against the common sense of everyone present!

Within the Nangong family's main hall, Jiang Chen had been given a seat at the same level as Nangong Yunfan and sat on the front. In this world where strength meant everything, as long as you had formidable strength, you would receive a high status and be respected by the people.

The time before the first round of the competition was about to end in less than two months. Jian Chen had been cultivating while waiting for Ming Dong to return, but by this point it was far too late for him to continue waiting. The remaining amount of time had to be spent trying to collect tokens.

Big Yellow was jumping up and down while spitting smoke out from his mouth due to anger. How dare this old bird think about cooking him? This was unbearable!

Jiang Chen knew what Nangong Wentian wanted to ask. This was the first time that the broken sword had flown out by itself. Not only that, Jiang Chen was also able to produce so much Nine Solar Holy Water. Therefore, even an idiot would be able to tell that there must be some unusual relationship between Jiang Chen and the broken sword.

"Jian Chen, let's go and find you a new room." The fatty spoke as he walked away.

"If the Class 5 Monster Cores aren't enough, then I'll use Class 6 Monster Cores then." Jian Chen muttered.

Right as Firethorn Savage was going to attack the formation, Qing Styx's expression changed, and he suddenly thought about the golden egg.


It was a plain eye-sore for all the spectators to see this situation. In their minds, this young white-clothed man was unable to appreciate favors, and didn't know his own limits.

"What?! He destroyed Luo Song's Qi Sea?!"

Blood shot out from Han Yan's mouth, together with some tiny pieces of broken internal organs. Since Fan Kun's force was so powerful, the broken house behind Fan Kun completely shattered, and turned into ruins.

"That's right, we'll follow senior disciple Jiang! From today onwards, if no one looks for trouble with us, we won't be looking for trouble ourselves! But if someone tries to mess with us, we won't be scared of them either!"

Jian Chen took Dugu Feng into his own room and began to talk with him. From Dugu Feng's own mouth, Jian Chen had already known that Dugu Feng had left the Dugu clan. From that moment on, he was no longer affiliated with the Dugu clan, and whatever he did now, would not affect the Dugu clan in any way.

Suddenly, Jian Chen thought of something. He asked, "Uncle Xiu, will anyone recognise the white tiger?"

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. Those who wanted to achieve great things had deep plans and distant thoughts.

In the eyes of others, perhaps Big Yellow was just a mere demon beast. However, in Jiang Chen's mind, Big Yellow was his best friend; the brother who he could risk his life for. Although Big Yellow knew that he was going to face inevitable death, he still showed up without hesitating. He knew he was going to face two Combat Emperors, but he still stood out. Not only that, he even used his blood essence, as well as a forbidden technique that would bring him great harm; he showed up like a savior. This was because Big Yellow treated Jiang Chen as his very own brother as well, and he couldn't let Jiang Chen die without doing anything; he just could not do that. Therefore, he showed up, even though he had no idea what kind of ending awaited him. Perhaps it would be death, perhaps he and Jiang Chen would be killed in this place, and he came here to be buried with Jiang Chen. Big Yellow knew these things were most likely to happen, and yet, he still showed up by his own free will, knowing that it would most likely cost him his life.

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