"This is Old Devil Zhou," the captain continued. "Not only is he a cold-blooded murderer, but he's addicted to eating children. A hundred years ago, he ate so many children it was impossible to count. However, because of his connections to the Cai Clan, one of the three great clans, he managed to get spared from the death penalty!"

That was why Qing Shui let them kept watch beside the coffin.

Qing Shui could feel that there was a little change in his body in that instant. It was as if a fish leaping into water. Qing Shui was astonished that his own Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique did not travel in parallel with the "Diamond Qi". Instead, the muddy gold colored Qi enveloped the strand of yellow Diamond Qi. ? ?

Fairly certain that he had come to the right place, Bai Xiaochun replied, "I believe this is my shop."

Two of them were still gasping for breath, one of those two beingĄ­ Song Que.

Qing Shui heard Qing Yi say that recently the Hua Clan's Clan Leader, Hua Sui Yun, had managed to break through to the fabled realm of Xiantian, further cementing the Hua Clan's status in Heavenly River City. To think that back then, his strength was equivalent to Qing Luo, but now there was a world of difference between them.

"Hehe, of course I didn't treat you as my friend. I've long treated as one of my own. I didn't inform anyone because I didn't want to bother you guys." Qing Shui lightly spoke, as he unconsciously took advantage of her, and started rubbing Wu-shuang's head.

From the bloodshot state of Bai Xiaochun's eyes, Xu Baocai could tell that now was not the time to chat idly. Shooting to his feet, he immediately began to explain the situation.

Vajra Subdues Demons!

They weren't the only shocked ones. The Giant Ghost King was equally stunned.

Bai Xiaochun was both very pleased and also quite enjoyed hearing her talk to him like this. However, he maintained his aloof expression.

In addition to Bruiser, Song Junwan had performed spectacularly. Although she wasn't in the Nascent Soul stage yet, only the great circle of Core Formation, she had wielded the Middle Peak blood sword with precision and valor. She had surpassed the leaders of the other mountain peaks to become a virtual blood fiend, leading the entire Blood Stream Division in their fight against the enemy!

Maybe it was because Qing Shui's gaze was too obvious, but it provoked Yiye to the point where she cast sidelong glances at him. While Bali Jingwei only felt surprise and joy upon hearing that Qing Shui was the mysterious alchemist.

His emerald zombie let out a similar howl, causing countless green hairs to shoot out into the surrounding zombies. In response, the other zombies' pupils dilated, and they suddenly turned on their masters in the Blood Stream Sect!

"Hehe, Qing Shui you must work hard. I hope to see you entering the ranks of Protector soon, and allow this Master of yours to be happy." Yiye somewhat teasingly said, while Qing Shui almost fainted at her request.

The hammer's damaging prowess was very strong but it was slightly slower. Moreover, Qing Shui's Nine Palace Steps was best matched with agility and thus, after over ten rounds of exchanges with Gu Wu, he changed to his Violet Jade Sword.

Be Donghe was full of regret and grievances at this moment, that strange rope was actually able to bind up, causing him to be unable to move. Out of nine elders, four died in an instantĄ­...


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