Rise of the Phoenix Chapter 1629

Rise of the Phoenix Chapter 1629

"This is something that could not be changed, nothing worth crying about. When you were little, we'd play with monkeys, catch birds, pick fruitsĄ­at that time you were about the same age of Yan`er and now you're a big girl."

Back when he had been a prison guard, it had been impossible to seek revenge, and even less so after he became a prisoner. But now things were different. He was Majordomo Bai of Giant Ghost City, acting on behalf of the king.

This let Qing Shui recall the time when he used it at the Black Champion Monarch Falcon; it actually succeeded with one try. Now that he thought about it, luck played a large part. Experimenting it several times more, Qing Shui discovered that the success rate was only twenty percent, with one success in every five tries.

He was heaven, he was earth, he was the will of all creation.

In that instance, the whole place was in ruins and a bloodied fog spreaded out!

"Justice from the heavens! The weaselĄ­ is finally gone! Who was it that told him they saw an immortal in the area? Whoever it was, I'm going to give you a huge reward on behalf of the village!"

Bai Lin seemed to be very pleased at the reaction his words were getting. He had been equally shocked when Chen Hetian gave the news to the generals. However, the reason for his shock was not the value of the soul itself, but rather, some further information that had been provided by Chen Hetian.

Nature Energy was formidable but it still wasn't strong enough. At the very least, the sixth grade Nature Energy was incapable of resisting the venom that had intruded into his body. The other thing which worried Qing Shui was the icy nature of her body. The chilliness was a lot stronger than Qing Hanye's. This reminded Qing Shui of the Extreme Yang Body.

"Wuji, why are you so free to visit this old man today?" The old man's voice was crisp and clear, filled with vitality.

Then, Qing Shui punched out again!

When Qing Shui saw the old man's reaction, he laughed. "She is my daughter. If she has killed someone from your clan, it's because the person deserved to die. You guys should be clearer than me over what people from your Baima Clan have done. To think that you guys have come knocking on the door even though I didn't go over to demand an explanation."

Gongsun Jianwu was silent. Her eyebrows were slightly knitted, as she frowned!

Bai Xiaochun's expression flickered at the terrifying power he sensed in the sea of flames. Without any hesitation, he spun, clenched his hand into a fist, and unleashed a punch!

This increased the Fire Bird's flying speed to be two times faster. The rapid progress was very comfortable. This should be the feeling of exhilaration. It feels good to have speed.

As he held it, he could sense an incredible, shocking power inside of it. Unable to contain his excitement, he snapped it open.

At this moment, the elderly's palm had also landed on Qing Shui's back!

She also remembered that he was called Qing Shui. She thought about him in the Heavenly Palace when his name was brought up, but she thought it was just a reused name. Moreover, both of them did not have much interaction with each other. So until now, that name still rang around her ears as the Qing Shui beside her was still covered in wounds.

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