Another God Rejected Chapter 1170

Another God Rejected Chapter 1170

Since Bai Xiaochun and the others were observing through the copper mirror, it was impossible to see through that mist unless they used some special techniques. Considering that, Master God-Diviner, Song Que, and Chen Manyao were all extremely curious about what was happening.

Usually, Mistress Red-Dust was beautiful, with a curvaceous body, the fairest of skin, and entrancing eyes. But right now, she was bedraggled, shaking, and seriously injured. On top of that, she was furious. Never before could she possibly have imagined that Bai Xiaochun would turn out to be so difficult to kill!

Qing Shui knew that he couldn't argue against the wordplay that girls of her age often used. With a forced smile, he shook his head. "I still have things to do. I won't chat with this little girl anymore. Let's talk next time!"

Any alchemists, no matter if they are high or low ranked, even if they failed a thousand times in pill concoction, they would still be revered and venerated by the masses! Pill concoction also requires luck. Who knows¡­ that lowly ranked alchemist which you snubbed yesterday may produce an immortal-grade elixir today.

The lands began to quake physically, and within the city, everyone looked up in shock. The six heavenly marquises exchanged glances but didn't say anything to each other, and instead just kept looking up into the sky.

She seemed like she wanted to evade Qing Shui's touch, but ultimately, she didn't.?

Bai Xiaochun was completely focused on the furnaces. Even as they continued to heat up, he unhesitatingly began to put the medicinal plant ingredients inside, following the formula that currently existed in his head. Because this was his first test, he was careful with every action, hoping to prevent any failures from cropping up at the end of the concocting process. He even put all the ingredients into the furnaces in very careful order. In this session of concocting, he was at his peak state, whether that meant his thinking, or his actions.

At that point, cracking sounds could be heard from inside the patriarch, almost like bones grating against each other. Then, all traces of withering on his body vanished, and he became a middle-aged man.

As that happened, Bai Xiaochun laughed heartily and began to close in on Ghostfang, building up power to unleash the Throat Crushing Grasp again.

Even if it was because of his face, hopes or expectations. Even if it was because of his mother, the girls that followed him, or his children. He could not easily speak of dying, he did not even have the right to die.

As all of the various details had been revealed to him, he collapsed a bit inwardly, almost unable to believe everything he had seen.

Including Di Chen, Di Xuan had a total of five sons and two daughters. He also had three grandsons and two granddaughters. At present, Di Xuan had three wives. In total, there were only more than ten members in his family branch.

Only the Celestial Sky Society, with their deva clan background, could do such a thing. Many people had thought of trying to take similar advantage of the ruins, but the Celestial Sky Society wouldn't let them.

However¡­ not only did he feel pressure pushing at him from above, but the lands below also tugged him down. It was actually impossible for him to even get close to the vortex!

Immediately, the crowd of people realized what was happening, and the sound of their panting grew even louder.

"He really died?" Bai Xiaochun was having trouble controlling his breathing, especially when he realized that the corpse itself actually looked very familiar. Before he could put much thought into it, the faces of Master God-Diviner and Song Que drained of blood, and looks of fear began to shine in their eyes.

"Canghai, this move of yours was the only thing i'm afraid off. But since you already used it, i want to see how long can this skill of yours last, and how many strikes it can defend." The attacks of the old blindee abruptly became razor sharp, as he smashed his staff forward, each blow filled with incredible strength.

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