Tales of a Seductress Chapter 2181

Tales of a Seductress Chapter 2181


Under the quick killing pace that Jian Chen was setting, the Xia clansmen's numbers quickly dwindled down, and not too long after, not a single one remained.

Boom! Followed by a deafening rumble, the sword and the several Heaven Tier Battle Skills collapsed together in the middle of the sky. The powerful energy ripples wreaked havoc on the surroundings, lifting up the water below to a height of a dozen or so meters. Even the ferry was greatly affected, with huge cracks appearing on the deck. It soon covered the entire ferry, while the bow of the ferry was essentially destroyed.

Chapter 111 ΓΏ Another Fight of Fame

"I'm just joking. There are so many Divine Core demon beasts out there, and once I enter Inferno Hello, I won't have to worry about a lack of demon beasts. The Firethorn Savage's demon soul will be used to concoct the Profound Six Solar Pill which will save Little Yu."

"This guy has given birth to a good daughter!"

"Take a look here, there's a cave." An elder pointed in a certain direction in amazement. Turning to look at the pointed direction, they discovered that there was a cave around three meters tall with a pitch-dark entrance.

While the first two snakes had been stopped by the Guan Dao, the third snake had become like a fierce tiger, increasing in temperature as it traveled through the air towards the man.

Once again, Jian Chen placed the Class 3 Monster Core in Changyang Hu's hands, "Big brother, this Class 3 Monster Core would be best with you." This time, Jian Chen really wanted Changyang Hu to accept the monster core.

Now, not only had Jiang Chen broken through to the Late Mortal Core realm, he had even formed 80 Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea. Combined, both of them gave him an incredible combat strength. Early Heavenly Core warriors was nothing much in front of him, he could kill them with a single strike without even wasting too much of his energy.


The paper fell from Jian Chen's hand as he bowed his head to think.

By now, the price of the Geofruit had already skyrocketed to almost two million purple coins. While it looked like the only difference between a thousand year old heavenly resource and a ten thousand year old heavenly resource was age, a ten hundred thousand year old heavenly resource was able to prolong the life of the one who ate one. With just this one factor alone, a ten thousand year old heavenly resource was far better than a thousand year old one.

"Seniors, what is the result of this matter?" Jian Chen couldn't help but ask. In this group, only he had an identity high enough to speak. If it wasn't him that did, then it wouldn't be suitable.

"My great-grandson is not here. If you're looking for him, perhaps you've made the trip in vain." Bi Hai said with a deep voice. The five people did not come with good intentions, so he knew they were not friends but foe.

The crowd started whispering amongst each other, but Jiang Chen just kept smiling. He didn't mind what other people said about him. As long as it could be useful for Big Yellow, he would spend everything he got for him.

Although this matter regarding Jian Chen and the Tianxiong clan was completely unrelated to this magical beast wave, this was still a crucial moment where the lives of tens of thousands of citizens were at stake. This wasn't a time for them to be sloppy, the entire defense force had to be one cohesive unit in order to help defend Wake City. Whether it was Jian Chen or the Tianxiong clan, they were still one of the bigger powers of Wake City. With this hatred between the two of them, it would bring about a huge headache for Yun Li since he knew that the two were like fire if put together. He was afraid that if they were to get too close to each other, then there would definitely be huge losses for everyone. If this was any other time, Yun Li wouldn't have cared, but at this moment where a wave of magical beasts would be coming soom, he definitely wanted to avoid the explosion that would happen in between them. At the very least, until the magical beast wave was over, he could not let Wake City lose any more power.

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