lord of lust Chapter 2469

lord of lust Chapter 2469

After exchanging several words of greeting to Chang Wuji, the elders left while the hundreds of soldiers under Changyang Ba scattered as well. In a flash, the entire place grew quiet with only the scattered remains of the courtyard being seen.

She wasn't in her usual mermaid form right now, she looked like a perfectly normal human. When the girl saw Jiang Chen, she quickly walked in front of him, and a smile blossomed onto her face.

"No need, I like this place."

The smile that had been on Yun Li's face had finally disappeared now that he was exasperated with Jian Chen's actions. Staring hard at Jian Chen, he said with a low voice, "Jian Chen, just what are you doing? Explain your actions."

The fact that Jian Chen had killed three Earth Saint Masters with a lift of his finger was an extremely jaw-dropping experience to those who witnessed it. It was so utterly inconceivable and mind-boggling that they couldn't help but look at Jian Chen in a radically different light. Originally, they had all thought that Jian Chen would be as strong as he was two years ago, and that there wouldn't be any major changes since then. Even if he was a talented genius, becoming a Great Saint Master would be an outstanding feat, but becoming an Earth Saint Master was just impossible since Jian Chen looked far too young.

Jian Chen stood on the arena while breathing heavily. Since he was constantly using his entire strength, he had exhausted his supply of Saint Force, to the point where had had almost none left within his body. If Ka Di Yun did not accept defeat here and now, then Jian Chen would not be able to maintain his odds of winning for long.

After saying that, Jiang Chen attacked the Sixth Grade Combat King like a sudden clap of thunder. In an instant, his claws pierced through the guy's Qi Sea and pulled out all the treasures stored within. At the same time, a destructive force burst out from Jiang Chen's dragon claw, shattering that senior disciple Huang's Qi Sea.

However, although Jiang Chen had showed his incredible strength, Nangong Wenyang still didn't think he was fit to represent the Nangong family in the third fight, because the mighty warrior Nangong Yunzheng had hired would definitely be much stronger than Zhang Feng.

"Don't be surprised, older brother. Let me explain how it happened."

"6600 purple coins££"

Taking out a few materials from his Space Belt, he fashioned a torch and walked straight into the cavern. The passageway was very narrow; only one person would be able to walk over the uneven surfaces. Traces of handprints and footprints could be seen all over the place, showing that this cavern had been artificially expanded.

"This Class 5 Quick Cloud Beast has been offered to the Youlan clan for 70,000 purple coins, does anyone wish to bid even higher££?"

"Is££ is this truly the Changyang clan? What has happened?" The light in Jian Chen's eyes was quite dull as he muttered to himself in an absent-minded manner. Even the joyous feeling he had felt after receiving the Saint Ruler's skeleton had been completely obliterated.

A battle between Saint Rulers was far more powerful and devastating than a battle between Heaven Saint Masters.

Han Yan gazed at Jiang Chen, he immediately understood what Jiang Chen was trying to do. This guy wanted to ramp up the price, causing either the Myriad Sword Sect or Shangguan Clan to start bleeding. They had after all become his enemies, Jiang Chen didn't need to be nice to them.

"Of course I know the competition there will be fierce. If you do know however, where Mercenary City is, please tell me." Jian Chen answered them all calmly. After Qing Yun had informed him about the Gathering of the Mercenaries, Jian Chen had made up his mind. He absolutely had to go to this event. The allure of a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was far too tempting.

Shangguan Wei had no choice but to bet on his background, he wanted to make Jiang Chen feel afraid, and then let him go.

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