Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists Chapter 922

Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists Chapter 922

As the group waited, Bai Xiaochun's heavenly airship appeared off in the distance and then floated toward them through the air. When it came to a stop, Zhou Yixing flew out, landed on the ground, and then looked around vigilantly, the way that a loyal attendant would. When his gaze came to rest on the brigade of 3,000 men, he looked surprised.

Just then, he recalled hearing the voice of the Five-Headed Demonic Spider during their telepathic communication with each other. The spider had the voice of a little girl, which caused Qing Shui to think that this Five-Headed Demonic Spider was different than the common spiders one would encounter almost anywhere in dangerous areas. Just as he was about to delve into his nonsensical thoughts, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant began to emit a golden halo once again.

"If you don't hurry up and fix this, Giant Ghost King, then my poor little life is going to be over!" He was shrieking inwardly, and sweat poured down his face. He couldn't have been more aware that if he was even the least bit slow, then that nine-fingered hand would close around him!

It was at this moment that Qing Shui became suspicious about this woman.

Indescribably powerful fluctuations spread out, causing the river to tremble, and sending innumerable water droplets flying out into the starry sky!!

As long as he could reach a strength of 5,000 stars, after using his Emperor's Qi to weaken his opponents, they would have a strength of 4,000 stars or even weaker. The difference of 1,000 stars together with his Nine Palace Steps and formations would allow him to really do things the way he wanted to in this world.

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At that point, a fiery gleam appeared in his eyes, and he said loudly, "Patriarch, you really are brilliant to have anticipated that the traitorous Giant Ghost King would have a secret plan at work. Well, I've accomplished my mission. I followed your orders, enduring all sorts of humiliation, even betraying the clan, all to earn the trust of this traitor. And now, I'll hand him over to you alive and in one piece!

Song Clan Patriarch - Patriarch of the Blood Stream Sect, adoptive father of Bai Xiaochun

"It's noon, can I treat you to a meal as an appreciation?" Qinghan Ye held Qing Shui's Bluebronze sword and said casually, giving an unconvincing excuse.

It was an extremely exhausting process to help someone strengthen their meridian channels. Usually, most people would not do it unless it was for someone very close to them. The reason being that, while it was exhausting and depleted a lot of energy, the one on the receiving end would benefit greatly from it.

"My daughter. Yes, I still have a daughter. She already is pitiful enough, if I were to leave her againˇ­" A slightly strange and pained look flashed across Lady Duanmu's face.

Qing Shui thought back about Jin Guyao's words. No matter what happened, he would still have to rely on himself at the end of the day in order to solve the problem.

Ka Kaˇ­...

"How are you planning to take care of the Baima Aristocrat Clan?" The two snuggled up to each other for awhile before Di Chen gently pushed Qing Shui away.

"Something big is about to happen!!!"

"Acquaintance? Why didn't you greet him?" The girl asked curiously.

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