Omniscient Reader Chapter 73

Omniscient Reader Chapter 73

Qin Yunlong traveled through the imperial palace, and with each step he took, he traveled a few dozen meters. In a flash, he arrived at the other Qin Heaven Palace.

Jiang Chen said.

On the way, Jian Chen's eldest aunt, Ling Long, looked at the scars on Changyang Hu's face with eyes wet with tears that never seemed to cease.

Although Chen Shuang was a Mid Mortal Core warrior, if the toughness of bodies was compared, he was far away from Jiang Chen. Big Yellow could barely hurt Jiang Chen with his bite, but he could easily kill Chen Shuang with his bites.

In order to protect the tiger wrapped around his chest, Jian Chen had smashed into the ground with a miserably pale face. This strike from the Heaven Saint Master had taken a toll on him.

After Wu Jiu learnt the fact that Jiang Chen originally came from Mount Origin, there was no reason for him to try and stop him any longer. Although he hadn't spent too much time with Jiang Chen, he knew this young man was a man who cherished his friends and family. If something bad happened to them, Jiang Chen might instantly go on a rampage.

Jian Chen circled the students at high speeds. The Light Wind Sword in Jian Chen's hand slashed at their bodies continuously, causing splashes of blood and torn pieces of clothing to fly out in the air.

"If you kill me, the Tianqin clan won't let you go." Tian Zhou began to show a sliver of fear.

"Brother, I never could have imagined this! The speed of your improvement is just like a dream! Your brother never though that you could break through to the Mid Combat Soul realm in such a short amount of time! Not only that, but you can actually fight a Combat King warrior with just a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base! This is an unprecedented miracle! If I hadn't witnessed it with my own eyes, I never would have been able to believe it!"

Tian Yishan asked as he furrowed his brows.

Seeing this entrance, Yun Li's face seemed to be stricken with fear, and his body went slack.

Ming Dong's mouth raised up by a small amount as he smiled, "My uncle Tian is extraordinarily strong. However strong he is, I don't know, but I did hear that 5000 years ago, uncle Tian was a Saint Ruler."

"Haha, brother Jian Chen. These monster cores belong to you, so don't try to get out of it and just accept them." As soon as his laugh ended, the two white robed Katata and Katafei swiftly entered, with Katata speaking out kindly.

This middle-aged man looked to be around forty years old and wore simple clothing--a cheap azure robe--and his hair was tossed freely behind him without anything to dress it. It had given him a sense of being a messy person, and there was not a sense of aura coming from him. From what it looked like, he looked to be just the average commoner.

"A Late Divine Core crystal beast."

Hearing this, the elder's eyes narrowed as he looked at the guard with an annoyed look, "Don't you know that it is prohibited to disturb me as I play chess with another?" The elder spoke with anger.

"This is the Asura Palace's matter, we don't need your help."

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