Alif Chapter 834

Alif Chapter 834

The people who first saw the youngster carry the coffin toward the gates witnessed the youth kicking and injuring one of the guards, and also watched the very same youth be bowed down to and waited on like a dog by the commander of the city guards for forgiveness. Everyone could only try to guess what powerful status the youth held for the commander to fear him so much.

Seeing Jian Chen come toward them, the observers immediately awoke from their stupor and scrambled to get out of the way for Jian Chen to pass through.

The sword was far too fast, and in an instant it was already right in front of the man's eyes. The strong amount of Sword Qi flicking off the tip of the sword was already starting to bite into his throat.

She who was clean like jade was unwilling for her body to be contaminated even in the slightest. Even with death, she would protect her sanctity.

Jian Chen also felt slightly unnatural from being stared at by the young lady. He smiled slightly, but just when he was about to say something, a hubbub rose up from close by.

The Nine Stars Killing Formation had been activated, and all the energy was being channeled into the Third Emperor's body. Right at this moment, the Third Emperor felt as if his body was about to explode because of all the powerful energy. He raised his head toward the sky and let out a loud roar. This powerful feeling really amazed him.

Blood-curdling screeches filled the scene, and it was just like Tian Yishan had said. Although these men were very strong, they didn't have any synergy. Even though they had now grouped together to attack, they still couldn't unleash their full strength. Jiang Chen was moving around the battlefield with his amazing movement skill, and these men just couldn't find the chance to attack him.

"Look, something is emerging from the ocean far into the distance!"

Jian Chen slowly pulled out his Light Wind Sword. His brows knit together at the sight of the scorpion's bright green blood and white fluid covering his treasured sword. With a single thought, the green and white fluids covering his sword slid off the blade, and it instantly returned to its original appearance.

The rumbling thunder grew louder and louder, and the dark clouds in the sky continued pushing down. Followed by another explosive roar, a red lightning bolt as thick as a dragon's body struck onto the giant serpent. The valiant lightning appeared similar to gigantic waves as it struck toward the giant serpent's body.

Jiang Chen nodded his head in agreement. The bronze plate could only let him vaguely sense the location of the Island of Ice, and he needed to travel to it before he could open up the entrance to the Island of Ice. Yan Chenyu's Black Ice Talisman was more powerful. No matter where they were, it could instantly bring them to the island.

The kindly envoy nodded his head with yet another smile before increasing his output even more. In a moment's notice, the perilous situation Jian Chen was in had suddenly intensified.

"Lian Ming, I wish I could."

"Right, I also need to ask my sect to give up on revenge. With the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan both aiming at Jiang Chen, I'm sure he won't have a peaceful life. From now on, the resentment will only exist between the two superpowers and Jiang Chen. We can only step aside and watch the show from the sidelines."

Inside the bank, Jian Chen converted all of the copper, silver and gold coins on him into purple coins. Only a few of the coins were left unconverted for him to use for daily expenses. Most of the money he had converted came from his time in the Magical Beast Mountain Range where Jian Chen had taken all of the money from the dead mercenaries bodies and Space Belts.

With over ten thousand people, there was not a single vacant spot left open. As far as the eye could see, only a sea of heads could be observed. At this current moment, the entire auction house was still as everyone stared with pointed eyes at the stage where the Class 5 Monster Cores would be displayed.

There was cold spark in Lee Chang Ming's eyes. The look on his face expressed that he wanted to jump onto Jiang Chen and rip him into pieces bit by bit.

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