Demon Child - Awakening Chapter 698

Demon Child - Awakening Chapter 698

Everyone in the Martial Saint Palace thought Jiang Chen was just making up an excuse, and it was a really bad excuse. Even in Wu Jiu's mind, it wasn't a wise decision to offend the Imperial Emperor because of a broken Emperor Weapon.

The Light Wind Sword in Jian Chen's hand was still dripping with blood as he strode out of the crowd. His presence was so terrifying that anyone within his vicinity hurriedly scrambled away as far as possible. Despite Jian Chen's young appearance, nobody dared to underestimate him.

There was a grim expression on Kaizer's face as he stared aghast at Dugu Feng. The fact that Dugu Feng was an Earth Saint Master was surprising enough, but he didn't think that Dugu Feng would also be stronger than him by a decent amount.

"Dad, this isn't a dream."

"Give me all your belongings, and I'll spare your life. If not, I'll just kill you."

Seeing that Jian Chen had been trapped by the Saint Ruler, everyone from the Qinhuang Kingdom grew indignant. Xiao Tian himself immediately shouted, "Senior, what is the meaning of this? Could it be that you wish to make our Qinhuang Kingdom an enemy?"

Without saying anything else, Manager Liu simply delivered another slap to the guard's face. The guard let out a miserable shriek as he was thrown onto the ground; his two front teeth being broken by the slap. He felt really depressed now, as he thought his savior had arrived, but instead, the savior had teamed up with the enemy to slap him another time. He felt like killing himself right now.

Many people burst into a joyful laughter as they sprinted toward the stone door and entered the pagoda.

"How can you be so rude, can't you see we are in the middle of a discussion?"

Everyone here was a cultivator, so sleeping on the streets did not bother them. With the protection of their Yuan energy, the freezing night meant nothing to them.

"All of you bastards, are you going to submit now?"

A disciple walked up to Jiang Chen and whispered to him.

Standing to the side of Jian Chen, Yun Zheng tried to breathe in and out in order to calm himself. Although he knew that Jian Chen was already an extremely terrifying Earth Saint Master, he didn't think that the two men that were chasing after him would be dealt with in a single strike.

Another man said.

"Of course, have you forgotten that his name is Jiang Chen?"

Afterward among the astonished stares of everyone else, Jian Chen and Duo Li left together toward the city gates.

5 kilometers away from Jian Chen, a middle aged male dropped down onto a tree branch. When he heard the howls, his face changed. His previously closed eyes opened as he stared off towards the direction of the sound.

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