Runeless Chapter 1130

Runeless Chapter 1130

Jian Chen's heart had skipped a beat when he heard that. "Even Saint Rulers wouldn't dare fight? Is Mercenary City truly that terrifying?"

Seemingly as if he had lost all his energy, Jian Chen fell down to the bed below as if he was a pile of mud.

Noticing that Jiang Chen was showing interest, the Great Manager tried encouraging him some more.

"Jie Kaxi, who's the one that hurt you?" A horrified voice could be heard as a scarred middle aged man came running forth like an arrow to the man with a furious face.

Xuan Ye praised Big Yellow as well.


"Elder, this Chen Jiang is ridiculous, I don't believe he has 300 million in wealth!"


Ye Wuyou had died. Although this mighty genius from the Invincible Sect had just made his debut, he had instantly been killed by Jiang Chen. No doubt, this was truly ironic. An unsightly expression emerged on Ye Hui's face, as well as fear. His cousin was a Fourth Grade Combat King, and he never dreamt that Ye Wuyou would one day die in this Chaotic Ocean, killed by a young man who was just a First Grade Combat King.

"It should be here. Let's go then!" Uncle Tian spoke before waving his other hand. Jian Chen could only feel a tremendous amount of power envelop him without any resistance before independently shooting him through the space along with Ming Dong.

After that, Jiang Chen entered a room and started closed door cultivation in order to absorb the Earth Fruit. Yan Chen Yu and Big Yellow were both standing guard in the courtyard, protecting Jiang Chen from any disturbance.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. Right now, there was no longer any need to hide his identity. With Wu Ningzhu's excellent judgment, she would be able to immediately recognize Jiang Chen.

But at the same time she spoke, the men who were outside all piled into the room, each one of them had a smile on their faces. One after another each person began to congratulate the woman on the bed.

But even when suffering such a severe injury, Firethorn Savage would not die so quickly; his bloodline was simply too strong. Even when he was at his weakest, even when he suffered such a severe injury, he was still able unleash a powerful combat strength. A ferocious demon beast like this was most frightening when he was struggling for his life.

"Bi Hai, after this matter is over, why not come to my Sect of Dragon and Tiger." Situ Qing asked expectantly.

Without even looking, Jiang Chen knew that it must be Jiang Zhen Hai.He hurried over to the door only to see a worried look on Jiang Zhen Hai's face.

The chattering conversations reached the ears of Kaizer whose eyes immediately lit up. Concentrating on Dugu Feng, he coldly smiled, "Wu Yun, no matter how much you change your face, you cannot hide from these old eyes of mine. Last time you were lucky to survive, but this time, you will not escape these hands of mine. Your life is mine!" Kaizer gave up the idea of waiting for the people of the eighth booth. He immediately flew at Dugu Feng with his Saint Weapon in hand.Chapter 565: Mistaken Identity

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